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We went to King Richard's Faire today, and finally, FINALLY, it was delightful and West was whimsical and fun through the whole thing. Victory! Four years old is already so much better than three! OMG. He is back to being adorable and actually kind of reasonable sometimes!

Also, I bought a corset. I have a serious Outlander problem. Like, really, I am not thinking about much else. I am on Tumblr. Constantly. I watch each episode at least twice, ideally thrice. I am re-reading the series AGAIN. And now I have a corset that looks vaguely like the garb on the show and I am going as Claire for Halloween. I'd say send help, but what I really mean by that is JOIN ME IN MY MADNESS. Also, Drew & I are blogging about the show here.

This weekend we also went up to Exeter, NH for a UFO festival. It was a ton of fun, and Exeter is a really cute little historic town that looks like it would be nice to visit for a day trip some other time. People kept giving West little plastic aliens, and some nice volunteers set up a big area outside for kids to make their own spaceships out of recycled stuff. After that we got back into town in enough time to join a housewarming party.

Yesterday we went on a hike in Beverly, and as usual, around the 3/4 mark I started getting worried that we were lost and we were going to have to live in the woods as lost hobos for the rest of our lives. Because my brain doesn't really work right. Luckily Drew doesn't listen to me when I'm like "we have to turn around and retrace our steps!"

I should also write about our New York trip last month! I meant to, then time kept passing. So, at the very end of July we went to New York again! It was much fun!

The Wednesday we got down there, Drew had a Liverpool game to catch, so he went to that with [livejournal.com profile] gatz and [livejournal.com profile] bunnyroo and I got dinner and drinks. After all that, we managed to get to a Metafilter meetup for about an hour. Drew got to bask in accolades and people leaning over to me fangirling and being like "I can't believe [Drew's Metafilter username] is here." I was like "yes, and I get to live with him, ha ha!" Not really, but I thought it.

The next day we walked for hours, as we do when in New York, and we went to SoHo so I could pilgrammage to the Birchbox store. I got my makeup done there by an actual professional makeup artist, it looked pretty awesome. We then took the LIRR out to, well, Long Island, to visit [livejournal.com profile] gatz's brewery. The evening was tons of fun, of course.

Friday we did this in the afternoon. It was fun, I think it would be lots of fun in a group of just people you know. As it was, were in a group of 10, which included one large-ish family and a girl visiting colleges with her mom and boyfriend. So, in a group of people trying to figure out clues and follow maps, it's hard to tell someone you don't know that they are dumb and reading a map wrong, and we did a lot of aimless wandering due to one guy reading a map wrong. Anyway, it was entertaining. After that we met up with a couple of non-LJrs for dinner and drinks, had a great night, and that was the cap on our NY trip.

Whew. That's everything!
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