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In a rare parenting win, I may have stumbled on something that seems to work. Lately I've been asking West once he's all tucked in bed if he has any questions. Like, about life or his day or anything. And he's had a lot of questions about evolution and sciencey things, and a couple of questions about why I don't like guns. I wanted to do something to encourage us having a little chat after story reading time, and he never remembers much about his day, or doesn't have anything he wants to tell me about it, but he always has a million questions.

Of course, I temper that by sucking sometimes, and I got super annoyed with him tonight when he hurt his hand because he was fooling around with a stepstool while I was trying to wipe his butt tonight. OMG. I am so tired of butt wiping. When will it end?! He does a passably ok job of it when he has to, but we are not at 100% independence there yet. Anyway, I try to apologize to him after I've failed at being a reasonable adult, and I explain how I should have been more patient or whatever my failing du jour is, and that I'll try harder. I don't remember my parents ever apologizing for a parenting mistake, so I hope maybe it's ok to at least show him that hey, we're humans, we screw up, we try to do better next time. Maybe? I don't know what I'm doing here, who put me in charge of a human anyway?
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