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West, on history: "The asteroid crushed all the dinosaurs. Except for the one in the pond."
Drew: "You mean the Loch Ness Monster?"
West: "Yes."
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We had a mini vacation this weekend! Friday we took off to the northern climes of the White Mountains. Left around 10 am, stopped in Woodstock NH for lunch at a brewpub that turned out to be really awesome. It's a brewpup attached to an inn, in a cute little town at the foot of the mountains, Woodstock Inn, and I would love to go back for a night sans-child, that would be fun. So then we moseyed up to Jefferson, checked into our motel room, and then went off for Super Fun Times.

We took West to Santa's Village, a magical wonderland of whimsy and joy. Ok, I am laying it on thick, but I went there a handful of times as a kid and really loved it (though, to be totally honest, Storyland was always my favorite, and Santa's Village was my brother's favorite... so we went to Santa's Village more often). Went into the park for a couple of hours at the end of the day so we could do a few rides and get a return pass for the next day free. We returned to the motel, which was just a two minute walk down the road, hopped into the car, and drove for miles in search of decent food. The closest we could come to decent food was Pizza Hut, which tells you the dire state of culinary opportunities in that area. Got back to the motel and let West run wild in the playground for a bit, then the motel had a scheduled camp fire with smore's. West was running on fumes at that point, it was past his bed time, and he barely kept it together for whimsical marshmallow roasting and eating.

The next day we took one look at the motel's free breakfast and made a break for a local diner instead. After breakfast we drove north for a while in a vain attempt to get West to nap a bit because he was already cracked out from not sleeping enough during the night. Drove into Vermont, saw plenty of creepy broken down barns, and then it was time for Santa's Village Round Two, with [livejournal.com profile] incandes_flower's family. We had a great time, and the kids had so much fun together. Of course, wrangling two 3 year olds is not exactly a picnic, and there were plenty of tears and pointless struggles and West refusing to do things he would enjoy if he would just try, but overall, I think he's going to have very fond memories of the trip. It is a lot of thankless and difficult work for parents to manage a day like that. I actually have some serious gratitude that my parents took us to so many amusement parks and little vacations when we were kids, because now I know it was probably mostly annoying and exhausting and exasperating to deal with my brother and me probably running around being cranky/tired/ungrateful/fighty. At least with just West we don't have to listen to two children fighting all the time.

This morning we all went back to the Water Wheel for breakfast, then hit the road. This afternoon I went grocery shopping and realized that was a BIG MISTAKE because apparently Market Basket employees are protesting the shenanigans going on among the family that owns the stores, so their food trucks made no deliveries this weekend to their stores. The produce and meat shelves were literally barren. It was a kind of scary reminder of just how much we depend on a potentially precarious food supply chain. So groceries took like two and a half hours today because I had started my shopping at Market Basket in Danvers and had to go to Beverly to actually get all the perishables goods I needed. Sigh. Now I should really go to sleep, but I have a new Maggie Stiefvater book and if I start reading I will probably stay up way too late.
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Sometimes West is just so freaking cute. Yesterday his class was doing a camping day (they were going to bring tents & sleeping bags out to the Common, but it rained, so they set everything up in their classroom instead). In the morning West got all big-eyed and said "we'll have marshmallow sticks and tell imagination stories!" OMG so cute.
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Ugh, three year olds. When he good, he's awesome, but when he's not he finds my last nerve and tries it to the end. And it's only 10 am!
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Tonight West spent 40 minutes crying hysterically about dinner. He wanted a grilled cheese, you see. And dinner was quesadilla. Attempts to explain that they are essentially the same thing fell on unwilling ears. He finally gave up and ate the damn quesadilla when I was about to haul him upstairs for bed without dinner (as it was bed time by the time he was done carrying on, not that I am that punitive, it's just... natural consequence of not eating dinner is bed time eventually comes and it's either eat cold dinner or go to bed hungry).
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West now has a long-running, elaborate fantasy about a pet store he works in / owns. He loves talking about it and remembers weird details from one telling to the next. First it was in Boston next door to my work, but he had to move it to Beverly (because he "built roads to get to it"). Tonight he was vetoing all my book suggestions for his reading time because he only wanted to read books about his pet store. Then he added "it's in space." Thinking aha! I pulled out a book about space, but nay nay, he said "it's not in that space, it's in different space". He can be pretty darn cute.
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I... clearly have an online commerce problem. I just discovered Fortune Cookie Soap, which looks a lot like Lush at a lower cost. Plus, they have subscription boxes, $20 for a quarterly box of soapy products. I just really like mystery boxes of goodies delivered to me. So of course I signed up.

Today it was actually sunny and nice enough after I picked West up from daycare, we got to make a stop at the playground for a bit before heading home. He actually departed from the playground with no tantrums. Then he ate dinner with no arguments and took a bath with no fussing, and during the bath he actually declared his need to do a #2 and successfully did it ON THE ACTUAL TOILET. OMG. Seriously, I am, like, overcome with joy about how well this evening has gone. I mean, my bar is set pretty low at this point, but I'll take what I can get. I am going to do the dishes, eat some ice cream, and catch up on The Americans.
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Walking home from the Y in WEATHER at three year old speed with constant three year old commentary about the need for water and snacks and a bench was... not my idea of a good time. (But the bit about "ooof, I need a bench!" was kind of cute, admittedly I could have used a bench at that point too)

I never understood the appeal of sensory deprivation tanks until motherhood. Silence! I want to pay money for silence!
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West: You can't go in a mine, that's where the mummies are!
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Tonight we walked in the house and West said "this house is stupid." Not, like, meanly. He just learned the word stupid. It was pretty hilarious. I told Drew this when he got home, but I spelled out "stupid" to try to not encourage West with that word. West turned to me and said "No! I said this house is stupid. Listen to the words I'm saying!" *snorfle*
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West now lives a rich fantasy life with his stuffed bunny. Last night at bedtime Drew heard him say in bunny’s voice “it’s dark in here.” West replied to bunny “I should open the door some more.” Bunny replied “yes you should.” So West hopped up to crack the door open some more and scuttled back to bed when he saw Drew watching him from the stairs. Ha! I love this kid.
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I think we are in the midst of the transition out of afternoon naps. Noooooooooooo! I need the two hours of quiet. Home with a semi-sick kid (just sick enough to not feel guilty taking a day off for him to rest and recouperate, except he's not actually RESTING, and he's not so sick as to cause worries). He has been talking nonstop and sometimes singing Call Me Maybe for the past two hours. The kicker is he will be exhausted and want to nap around 4, which is not happening. And he has been waking up too early in the mornings, too. OMG. Children and sleep/food/pooping. The easiest things in our lives, they make complicated. In my twenties I never thought I'd be running into a room randomly hoping to catch a person before he poops so I can sit him on a plastic bowl and encourage him to poop.

I have pumpkin gingerbread man dough chilling in the fridge, and actually managed to get some Christmas shopping done (I am on the freaking ball this year) and a bunch of errands completed today, so it's definitely been a good day.
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I speak in internet memes too often. West has started saying "it's getting spoopy!" every time it gets dark. Heh. It's actually kind of hilarious.
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It is so funny the things West notices. Little things like while I was folding laundry the other day, he sat down to “help.” I was throwing some of the towels & sheets behind me on the couch to deal with last, so he took things from his little pile, threw them behind himself, saying “I throw it behind my shoulder.” At first I was like “what are you doing child,” but Drew pointed out that’s exactly what I was doing. Errr. This morning West got all excited on the walk to daycare, he was pointing at the sky, and saying “it’s so pretty! It’s so pretty!” The sunrise was indeed awfully pretty.

And he’s picked up a bit of a Welsh accent on some words. I was wondering why he was rolling some of his Rs all funny, then I tuned in to some Fireman Sam and realized he is picking up the accent from Fireman Sam. So much Fireman Sam. Ooops.

All the tantrums and craziness of being 3 years old is totally worth it for the little moments of noticing things. And the hugs and the whispered "I love you Mommy"s at bedtime. But 3 years old is totally crazy, yo.
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What a fantastic weekend!

Friday night my brother took me to see NIN and Godspeed You Black Emperor at the Garden. It was a great show! Though I'm old and I wish I could just watch a show sitting down in my hundred dollar seat. Everyone stands up when the show starts, and sometimes I am still 16 years old at heart, so I stood because I didn't want to look like a poseur. Though given that I haven't really listened to any NIN albums after The Fragile, I am probably now the definition of a poseur anyway. Do people even say poseur any more? Is that a relic of the 90s? Anyway, we put rock music into our ears. I really wanted to catch a glimpse of Trent Reznor in town before the show, mostly because I just want to see him wrangling a toddler or holding a baby. Dude has two kids now!

Saturday West had swimming in the morning, there was a crazy street fair in Salem to check out, and there were bouncy houses on the Common in which he bounced delightedly. That night we went down the street to a neighbor's house for a pumpkin painting party for the kids. I need to get my act together and put more effort into making parent friends in the neighborhood, we have so many kids around West's age on our block.

Sunday I took West to the Franklin Park Zoo to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] incandes_flower's family. West had tons of fun (and I did, too, but damn that kid is exhausting!). He has been ENRICHED this weekend. That afternoon we made a second foray to the bouncy houses. This time West beelined to a giant bouncy slide that he totally went down several times on Saturday, but on Sunday he got to the top and just... sat there. For like 15 minutes. While we cajoled him and tried to convince him to come down, other children also tried to get him down, and eventually I had to go up and go down with him. Otherwise he'd probably still be there right now. Sunday night we had one of his daycare teachers come over to babysit, and we went into Boston for a live show of Comedy Bang Bang with [livejournal.com profile] starflow and [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent. It was super funny, Paul F. Tompkins is hilarious.

Yesterday we kept things low-key. [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo came up for lunch. I discovered I am seriously lacking in crafting skills and slapped together some Labels for Education collection boxes for daycare that look like a five year old could have done a better job. Whatever, I am not a crafty person. I am a get-it-done person, and that's gonna have to be good enough.
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West has started asking to look at books once he's tucked into bed for the night. I'm a softie so I lift up his curtain so there's some light and let him read himself to sleep. When I go in later to make sure he has a blanket on him I usually find a book tucked under his arm. That's our boy.
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This morning West sat down on the couch and said "I run on Dunkin." Ha!
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Vacation! We got back yesterday from a fantastic friends-group vacation in NH. It was as exhausting as I thought it would be, but West had such a great time, it was totally worth it.

For his birthday, we brought up a cake from our local bakery that we had special ordered to look like Captain Hook's birthday cake in one of West's books, and we had an Elmo pinata that was a big hit.

Monday morning we took a ride on the Conway Scenic Railroad. Monday afternoon we spent a few hours at Storyland. One of the reasons I wanted to have a kid was to take them to Storyland. Seriously, I have been talking about Storyland since before we got pregnant. Going to Storyland is one of my most cherished childhood memories. So we went, and West really loved it. We rode a ton of rides, he got to shoot water from pirate cannons (his "gun shooters" that he was way too excited about), I got to ride the log flume and relive the childhood terror of the Los Bravos Mine and pass on that terror to West West. Storyland gives you a free return pass if you enter after 3, so we got a return pass and went back the next day, to break up the trip into manageable chunks. West's face of excitement on the teacups and some of the twirly rides was so priceless. So we made some childhood memories for him.

Wednesday we went to Echo Lake in the morning, which was absolutely gorgeous and relaxing and fun. I love a nice shady lake with a sandy beach. That afternoon we headed to Diana's Baths, a waterfall area in the White Mountains National Forest. It was a nice gentle not-quite-a-mile hike through some pretty woods. Pretty, but we only spent like a minute looking at the waterfalls, because what else are we going to do with a three year old there, and then headed back to the hotel.

Yesterday before heading back home we detoured through the White Mountains to get to a UFO abduction site on the other side of the mountains. The drive was stunning, just beautiful trees and mountains all around for about an hour. After seeing the UFO site (which, incidentally, is right at the Indian Head Resort, which I nominate as a contender for a nice place to stay for a future Santas Village trip, because it looks like a nicer resort than the Red Jacket we stayed at this time). After that we stopped at Clark's Trading Post for some more whimsy before a long drive. Their bear show is pretty cool, I had read a good article about how well they take care of their bears, so it was not sketchy in terms of animal welfare, they really love their bears. We thought we'd have a nice gentle train ride on their little train and it would be fun times and smiles for West. Unfortunately, their marketing provides little detail about the "wolf man" portion of the train ride. They have this guy dressed like a homeless old timey prospector carrying a (fake?) rifle yelling jibberish at the train for most of the train ride. He follows alongside on foot, and for part of it drives an old jalopy with a (fake?) machine gun mounted on it. He's mic-ed, so his yelling comes through the train loudspeakers. There are some loud bangs from the guy's "land mines." There are some nice set pieces of a fake mine and fake crazy homestead for the wolf man, I don't see why they couldn't have just had animatronics for their little fake mining setup for the train to go through, that would be cute. Poor West was traumatized for life, he was so scared he was just curled up on Drew's lap with his hands over his ears. It would have been kind of cute/fun for older kids, I think, but I was so uncomfortable with the pretend schizophrenic yelling, it just squicked me out so much that this was supposed to entertaining. Looking up reviews online, I guess I'm in the minority because people seem to love this wolf man schtick. Anyway, it was an interesting stop on the road but we are allll set with that tourist attraction for the future. Drove through the NH lakes district on the way to drop West off in Maine, those lakes look amazingly beautiful, I totally would love to do a lake vacation up there sometime.

So that was our vacation. Yay!
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Tonight West lied to me and later said "I'm a big boy and I don't love you anymore." Both of these were actually pretty funny to me. It's really fascinating to watch him grow up and assert his independence. And he seemed to like me ok by bed time. =) Also, things at preschool seem to be going better, which is a huge relief. It's a bigger transition than I'd thought, even though it's the room right next door to the room he was in for a year or so.
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Couple of cute West things:

Last night at dinner he tried to grab my cell phone and said "yoink" while doing so. Ha!

Yesterday I asked him if he knew how much I love him and he said "this much" while giving me a big hug. Awwww.

Today we took him to Boston Common for a swan boat ride, a peak at the subway, and then, uh, lunch at the Pru food court, 'cause by that time I just wanted lunch to be fast & easy so we could get back to the car before tired toddler meltdown hit (and hey, there's a Chacarero at the Pru now, so I got a tasty Chilean sandwich). I love that it's summer and all, but damn I could do without the oppressive heat we've been having.

Also, I am now obsessed with the show Scandal on ABC.


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