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I need new hand lotion, my hands are officially a mess. Does anyone have any recommendations for some heavy-duty lotion?

I’m finding that Vaseline/Jergens doesn’t cut it, and the Burt’s Bees I recently tried has mica in it, which is kind of annoying. I don’t need Edward Cullen sparkly hands!
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So my contract with Verizon is finally up, and I desperately need a new phone. One that I can, like, hear things on when I'm on the phone. And one that my big sausage fingers can text on without a lot of swearing and hitting the delete button a lot. I'd also like to have the Internets on my phone, but I'm not sure if I really want to spend the money on that.

I'm considering the iPhone or the Google phone, but there are also a lot of Blackberry/Sidekick things that look like they could potentially get the job done.

Question: Do you have a phone that does the internet? If so, what kind, and do you like it??
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Hey Boston-area car owners! Do you have a garage/mechanic that you use for mundane stuff like oil changes? I'd rather not drive to Weymouth anymore to get our oil changed, and the Mitsubishi dealership on Mystic Ave. is only open 8-5, only on weekdays, which doesn't really work for me. I'd also like to not get ripped off by sketchy dudes. So anyplace that is actually open during times that aren't work times would be nice. Suggestions?
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I am addicted to Anonymous Lawyer. Though I'm reading from the beginning, once he got a book published earlier this year it seems like he's writing more for an audience.

Also, note to the writers of Veronica Mars: libraries are not boring! *hrumph*

The Office this season is kicking ass, but I need some Pam/Jim interaction sometime soon! They are killing me. Ed Helms' character almost completely makes up for it, though, because he is hilarious.

Finally, folks in the Boston area who wear glasses- any recommendations for places to find cheap (I'm talking $150 or less) but cute frames? I struck out at Costco, but want to find frames elsewhere and have Costco make the lenses, as they are cheap. Finding new glasses sucks, glasses that look awesome on others look freakishly weird on my face. I still have too much of an eye phobia to think about contacts, though.
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It turns out I'm going to have to spend a crap load of money to change my passport because I neglected to change my name on it within a year of getting married. Which begs the question- if I have a valid passport in my maiden name, do they really have any way of knowing that my name is now different? Would I really be held up at customs and not allowed back into the country? I still have a valid drivers license in my maiden name in my possession, if that makes any difference.

I'm leaning more towards the better-safe-than-sorry side, but it's going to hurt to pay $160 to get a new passport.

Thoughts? Opinions?
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Good morning lovely people of the LiveJournal!

I seek recommendations from you! Your favorite places to eat and drink in Manhattan and Brooklyn, pretty please.

Because we are creatures of habit, and without some ideas in mind we're likely to end up at the Heartland Brewery and the place with flaming chili again. Oh, and Waikiki Wallys, because this time I'm not coming home until I have gotten my tiki on.

So glad this'll be a short week. I love my job, but I'm past due for a vacation. Off to bang out a bunch of market intelligence research, catalog the twenty books that have been waiting on my shelf for over a week, and pay the libes bills. Woot.

Oh, and The Office season finale? AWESOME.
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There's an interesting article in Harper's this month about archeological stuff, and I know there are couple of you out there who would be interested in it (although it might be kind of pop-archeology... if that exists, but I guess if there's pop-psychology and pop-sociology then there must be pop-any kind of study). I really need to spend the $12 to get a subscription to that. I think I also need to break down and subscribe to a couple of the completely trashy magazines I'm always buying for the gym, I'm just embarrassed to get something like In Touch delivered to my house. Shut up! I can't read the small print of smart magazines and books on the elliptical machine!

So this month is quickly filling up with lots of fun stuff to do, and I've been meaning to organize a trip to the Nashoba wine place, but am wondering if that will end up being a long-ish drive for us to just stand around for 15 minutes while we sample little cups of wine. That might not be so worth it. There's also the People's Pint, but I can't really organize a trip to someplace that I then have to beg a ride to get to, right? So, my masses, what say you? We should have some Summer Fun some weekend day coming up, but I'm not sure what exactly the summer fun should entail. Ideas? Anything?
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Oh man, I am so confused. I think I require [livejournal.com profile] komos's help, but maybe someone else knows the answer. So, I thought that an "applewood smoked ham" does not need to be cooked, given that it has been smoked. My Google-fu is failing me on the subject, some appear to need cooking and some don't. I made a German potato salad with a smidge of ham that I just cut up without cooking, as it seemed fine to me. Will we get horribly ill if we eat it?
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I am taking care of lots of business. Set up a haircut appointment for Sat., doctor appointments for the yearly check-up things, and am hounding the woman at the Hilton (who hasn't returned several phone calls I've made) about blocking off rooms. I blame Paris Hilton!

A question for you all: I need to make a dentist appointment, but have no idea how to find one. I've been told that my insurance will be good almost everywhere (Guardian). Anyone have a recommendation for me? Ideally, I'd like someone who's either in the Financial District/Downtown Crossing area or the Davis/Porter Square area.
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I am the Savings Queen! I just lowered our bill with RCN by about $60. Sweet.

Hrm. It's been a while, hasn't it? Thanksgiving was nice, went down to Maryland to see Drew's fam. There was pie. Pie is good. Spent time this weekend hanging about, eating and drinking with folks, and visiting The Tomb.

Now I have a question for any of you who may be handy (or who may have handy dads- [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo, I'm looking at you). I've gone and warped the bottom shelf of a cabinet pretty badly. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to salvage it without having to replace it, but am not coming up with much. Any hints? My bright idea is that since I warped it by putting wet glasses on it, then if I get it all wet and put a big, heavy, flat thing on it, then it'll warp back into being straight, but that kind of sounds like it could spell disaster. Help?
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I have a question for Boston-area folks- do any of you use a bank that's not Fleet/BoA or Citizens? I'm growing weary of Fleet's nickel and diming fees for everything, but don't know if the convenience of the ATMs is worth the fees here and there.
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I'm trying to get back into the indie rock more lately. Problem is, I'm having a hard time remembering some of the music sites I used to frequent to stuff my head full of useless knowledge. Is there really a good reason for me to know that prior to being in Built to Spill, Doug Martsch was in the Treepeople? Naw, but that nugget, and many like it, are stuck in there for good. But I'd like to update my knowledge base, as it's kind of stuck in 1992-2001 right now.
I've got Pitchfork, Insound, Epitonic, Brainwashed, Magnet, and Nude as the News.

Are there any sites/blogs/internet zines that any of you indie rock folk check out?

I wish I still had the free time and free cds that I had as music director at the radio station, music just surrounded me all the time then. I am right checking out the latest release by Low, and it is just as amazing as all their earlier stuff.
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I want a news source that is really unbiased. Is there no media that doesn't have an ideological stake in their product?! While I love my ranty leftist material, I'm well aware that they have their own agendas. Right-wing, Fox-type stuff makes my ire rise just thinking about it. The Boston Herald's headline a few days ago was something like "Herion is killing children! Yours might be next!" or some such nonsense. The New Yorker is as close as I've been able to find to at least printing columns and stories by both liberals and conservatives. Meh.
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Ok, so any of you tech-savvy people, I've got a question for ya:

[livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent told me that it's possible to set up something like an RSS feed so that your friends' entries can be sent to you over email (the way that comments are sent to email). How do I do this??
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This weekend was very nice. Getting out of bed was extraordinarily difficult this AM, due to the presence of brand new flannel sheets that are soooo amazingly comfy.

So now, my friends, I have a mission for you. I am going to buy one new cd every time I get paid (maybe more when I can clear some bills away). Suggestions? It doesn't necessarily have to be "indie rock," just name me one or two of your must-haves or current favorites.
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So I've gotten about half of the stuff I need to do today done. But, [livejournal.com profile] komos, where is the magical place that has Somerville visitor parking things?? I looked high and low in Davis and couldn't find it.
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Despite the constant sound of sirens, it's actually really pleasant right now to just sit here with the windows open, a breeze coming in, and sangria in hand. As I've said before, there's a really pretty tree outside my window and I like it. I may even make use of my window seat.

So yesterday involved a whole lotta girl-on-girl action filmic adventures. Really, I mean a lot. I met up with Rachel to catch "The Politics of Fur", part of the MFA's Gay and Lesbian Film Fest. It was ok. Not the greatest, and would have been a lot better if they had cut out the last 20 minutes. The short film before it, though, "Truckstop Binge Babes" (or something like that) was great. I think it was either German or Swedish, and was really hot. Then I headed over to 2nd Circle where we watched some Rebecca Rojmin-Stamos movie (dunno what it was called) that seemed to have a vaguely exasperating plot, and then "Bound" which is one of my all-time favorite movies.

So, on an unrelated note, we appear to have an ant problem in our apartment. I remember my parents using bay leaves to combat ants when I was little, and am trying this rememdy. Anyone have any other suggestions? We can't use chemicals, as we have critters that sometimes wander and it would be unfortunate to kill the guinea pig or bunny with ant poison.
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i am profoundly bored. or at least i think i am, since i am Antsy. antsy, antsy. i feel like Tweek on South Park. my job is boring, classes are boring. i feel like i need a change of scenery. this could just be that the weather is gorgeous and there are like 5 million places i'd rather be than here and then in class later.
well, as for change of scenery, at least tenille and i are popping up to L-town for the day on saturday (and freeport...mmmm...bargain shoes) i need to see something other than boston! Gah!
alright, enough of the complaining. it's beautiful outside. instead of studying for the exam that promises to kick my ass tonight i took a walk down to the square (i did study last night...during my other class. also completed a fun, fun crossword puzzle. i've given up listening altogether in that one). so, tonight my ass will be kicked (metaphorically). tomorrow night my ass will be dancing (literally). good, good.

now, a question for boston ladies: can anyone recommend a good place to get a haircut? i haven't liked the results from the last couple of places i've tried, and desperately need to find someplace, as my hair is outta control.


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