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The Silver Jews were pretty great. I say "pretty great" because the sound mix could have been better, but then again we could have been sitting in a better place for more optimal sound. I was surprised to hear a handful of songs from American Water- I've been listening to that album for so many years, I figured it was too old for them to play anything from it. But I heard Smith & Jones and Random Rules, and I was happy.

We're currently waiting for Broken Social Scene's annoyingly long sound check to finish, but to be fair, De La Soul's set went about a half hour longer than it was scheduled for. We caught the tail of them, and I was really shocked to see the place completely packed- poor Animal Collective must have been lonely playing at the same time. We spent most of De La Soul's set finding some decent dinner that was not fried (and succeeded).

So this is probably my last ATP post, because I'm already sleepy and kind of drunk, so we'll be done with music after Broken Social Scene. But I have to say, this festival has been immensely enjoyable. Lots of great music, enough day time diversions. I'll be happy to get to London tomorrow to take an actual shower, since our 2-person room here at Butlins only has a bathtub. Washing your hair in a bathtub? It's difficult.

Oh, and yesterday we caught the last two songs from Okkervil River's set, and they were so good. I really wanted to check them out, but couldn't miss what was probably the only chance I would take to see Ghostface Killah. But I will definitely check them out when we get home.
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Sitting and listening to Polvo at the moment. They are totally rocking- it's kind of amazing that so much sound can come out of guitars, bass, and drums. I've always loved how percussive their sound is- lots of big drums and feedbacky, angular guitars.

Before this we heard Jens Lekman, which was just awesome. Trumpet, violin, keyboard, guitar- soaring orchestral indie pop. It was very bouncy and happy, and it gave me much joy.

The general spirit of the crowd today seems much more subdued. I think the kiddies' 3am bedtime last night, coupled with actual sunshine outside today, is making things a bit sparser in terms of show attendance.

After this we have Silver Jews and probably Broken Social Scene (I want to stay as far away from Animal Collective as possibly, otherwise some egregious hipsterness might rub off and I'll start popping my collar and wearing sunglasses inside).
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Saw The National a little while ago- so awesome!! Whenever I start to despair that indie rock isn't interesting anymore, I discover bands that create amazing sounds. Fuzzy guitars, a little violin to add some depth in the background, lots of quiet-loud-quiet. So good!

It has been a long day and Arrested Development is on ATP tv, so this is probably it for tonight. More music tomorrow!

Also, there are a lot of characters here. Officer Mancuso from A Confederacy of Dunces would have a field day here. Seriously, when did the indie rock ensemble change from retro ts under shabby cardigans to costumes?
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Blogging from the music festival, because I am a huge nerd.

We are currently watching Iron & Wine, they are really good. The acoustics here are surprisingly good. Very pretty and melodic.

J Mascis has been wandering around here all day.

Earlier we saw Ghostface Killah. I don't think I've ever been to a hip-hop show, as sad as that sounds. It was interesting... I'm not used to that much audience interaction, I'm used to shy indie rock boys staring at their feet while they play sensitive guitars.

The ATP/Explosions in the Sky tv programming has been really good, too. We caught the movie "King of Kong" today, a documentary about dudes trying to break world records for Donky Kong scores.

Alright, Iron & Wine is really good, and I keep accidentally deleting this entry as I type, so that's all for now.
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OMG. Paying for wifi at ATP was an excellent idea. The Cotswolds are awesome and adorable, but we've been pretty cut off from the intarwebs for the past week. As Drew mentioned, the accommodations at Butlins in Minehead are miles better than Camber Sands in the way of choices, but there is a certain intimacy that's sacrificed. And with the increase in people,there is a concommittant increase in egregious jerkdom from fellow festivalers.

Today we saw: Mono- Japanese instrumental rock band. I was expecting something totally different... I neglected to do my homework on the band and was expecting something more angular and aural---assaulty. Instead, it was beautiful swirls and stacks of sound. Gorgeous and exhilerating. Jenny says: Two Thumbs Up!

Next, Dinosaur Jr.- classic indie rock. Lots of fuzz and distortion, big wailing guitars. I could have used louder sound on the vocals, but the massive guitars were what the people wanted anyway. Lou Barlow was rocking the hell out, and it was awesome. As we sat drinking beers near the main stage later in the evening, Drew pointed out that J. Mascis totally walked right by us. INDIE ROCK!!!

Explosions in the Sky- instrumental atmospheric rock. They did not play the Friday Night Lights theme song. But it was still awesome. Sonic architecture that soars around you and then crashes with big drums and guitars. Very nice.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and hoping that this laptop can hold enough of a charge for some live blogging from the concerts!

Also- the roads to Minehead suck with an unholy passion. Tiny windy roads should not involve trucks with houses on them coming at you from around a bend! I love England so much, but after a week, I do miss tap water that tastes like chemicals, and straight roads. I'm sorry England. Pasties and Cornettos pretty much make up for it, but I love the taste of chlorine in my water.
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In gearing up for the Slathered-In-Awesomecakes that will be All Tomorrow's Parties, I'm starting to download some albums by artists who will be there that I've never heard before. So I got the latest Animal Collective (Strawberry Jam), because Pitchfork has been creaming their pants over this band for years, and I gotta say, I just don't feel it. It's interesting, and I can appreciate that they're doing something unique, but I don't feel like they're writing songs so much as crazy aural architecture. It just feels kind of pretentious and cold to me. But they do sound like they might be a really great live experience. And they sound like maybe they'd blow my freakin' mind if listened to while stoned

I am hoping that Stephen Malkmus actually tours with the Silver Jews, because, um, Stephen Malkmus and Lou Barlow at one festival? Indie Rock Gods!!

I've been slowly getting some vinyl converted into mp3 (technically, I guess it's mp4s or whatever the iTunes format is). I can't stop listening to "On Avery Island," it's been so long since I last heard it, and it's still one of my all-time favorite albums.

Also, we have been researching haunted pub/inns for the one night in England that we still have unscheduled. I'm getting scared just reading about some of these places, I won't get a wink of sleep! But it's too neat to pass up the chance.
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We're back! We have consumed much beer and indie rock goodness.

An account of London & All Tomorrow's Parties )


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