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West has taken his first steps all by himself, not holding onto anything! What a big boy.

We've been having some decent success with a new sleep routine. It's not ideal, but it's better than listening to screams for an hour and a half. Drew puts him to sleep in the pack & play in the living room and pretends to go to sleep on the floor next to it. West is a little copycat now, so he lies down, and falls asleep super quickly. The key appears to be that I can't be anywhere near him for this to work. We get a few hours of him sleeping there, then he wakes up around 9-ish and I take him upstairs to bed. Once we get this sleep routine down a bit more I'm thinking we may invest in a second pack & play and see if we can get him out of our bed and into a pack & play in our bedroom, then eventually end up with him sleeping the night in his crib. Whatever works, right?

On the food front, he now chows down on Cheerios and basically anything carby just fine at home. I tried to give him pieces of strawberry last night and he was all "no no!" So we are still working on finger food. I still really have no good idea of how hard/chewy things can be for him and what size things should be cut to. This is one area where I really wish we had a set of grandparents close to home, I feel like having someone with more experience around would make this so much easier. I totally understand the "it takes a village" thing now, it's pretty hard to parent with no experienced help on a regular basis.

Now that West is walking I think I need to change my "baby stuff" tag to "kid stuff." He's not really a baby anymore. Wow!
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Well, that's one way to start the day. We usually try to buy some extra sleep on weekends by putting West in his crib with a bunch of toys, so I did that at 5:30 this morning. A short while later he started crying, so I went to check it out, smelled poop, and did a diaper change. It was one of those escaping the diaper, smeared onto his clothes and backs poops. Ok, no problem, cleaned him up and put clean clothes on him, mental note for a bath before we leave the house today. Went to put him back in the crib, and lo, there was a giant pile of turd in the crib. Yuck.
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Daycare has made up for its crazy price increase- yesterday they brought in an animal guy, West got to touch an alligator and a boa constrictor! So cool! I'm really happy that they do all kinds of neat things with the kids.

Tuesday I fulfilled an emo dream and saw My Chemical Romance and Blink-182 play at Great Woods (I just can't be bothered to keep up with the corporate renaming). It was a great show, even though I felt like a super old lady there amongst all the teens. Seriously, I was expecting a better showing of 20/30-somethings. It was a total corporate rock ad fest, there were so many companies shilling their skater boy lifestlye products, and the tour is sponsored by Honda Civic, so we were treated to intermissions full of Honda ads. One of the guys in Blink wore a t-shirt for a shoe company that was shilling products in a booth on the tour (ok, after a quick Wikipedia-ing I now know the shoe company was actually started by two Blink guys and is currently solely owned by one of them.... and the shoes are kinda cute). I guess I can't be that surprised that Blink-182 are corporate sellouts. Anyway, they both played almost every song I wanted to hear, so it was worth the ridiculously long drive to Mansfield.
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Grar. So daycare is raising its rates by a significant chunk of change. Just when I thought that modest raise + cheaper daycare would give me the ability to restart my student loan payments, I get this wrench in the works. Back to the money worries tummy aches! You know those surveys that always find that parents are, like, the least happy people in the world? Yeah. Now I have money woes, worry that I've totally and irrevocably wrecked my son's sleep habits so he will never sleep peacefully EVAR, and worry that I'm Doing It Wrong with solid foods and he will never be able to eat normal foods without gagging horribly and I'll be spoon feeding him baby food when he's 5. Woe.

I do have a couple of sleep training books arriving from Amazon today, so there's possible hope on the horizon. At least, it can't get much worse than what we've got going on now. And he did eat two small bits of watermelon last night with minimal gagging. I don't get it, this kid eats goldfish, nutrigrain bars, graham cracker, and cheese crackers at daycare just fine, but try to give him a Cheerio at home and it's the end of the world.
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First: Teething sucks. I loathe teething with all my heart. Our boy has been all out of sorts the past few days and is just dripping with drool constantly, it's like a leaky faucet. One more tooth erupting up now, and possibly two more on the way.

A year ago today I went into the hospital for "monitoring." We left a few days later with a baby! This past year has been the biggest rollercoaster of my life. Also, I haven't had more than a few hours of sleep at a time now in a very, very long time. He has slept through the night exactly zero times, though we've had a few nights here and there of him sleeping until, like, 4 am. I guess that counts? Anyone out there with babies who sleep through the night: I am very, very envious of your situation. I've been contemplating busting out the Ferber/modified Ferber approach because seriously? I need to frigging sleep at some point. We're not convinced it will work on West, because this kid will cry himself hoarse and just keep going, but the Dr. Sears approach is totally unrealistic for this two-working-parents household. I need to get this baby staying in his crib all night sometime soon.

Some parts of this year have been extremely hard, but hey, we got through them. I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, and probably never really will. But he's healthy and happy, and he now comes over to us to give us big hugs, and those baby hugs (and the drippy wet baby kisses, he kind of just leans in with an open mouth and gloms onto a cheek) are the best parent rewards ever.

Oh, and he has new words! He says "ball" in the correct context. We think he says "thank you." He has said "ok" at daycare, but we haven't replicated it at home. And he thinks a bunch of things in the living room are called "no no"s. He managed to climb a stair yesterday, and he's cruising around while holding onto furniture.
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So we've been having a bit of trouble with finger foods for West, in that he gags disturbingly when he tries to eat most finger foods we try (Cheerios, Happy Baby puffs... that's about it. He does ok with Baby MumMums). Daycare has been giving him graham crackers as snacks sometimes, and I had a hard time believing that he could actually eat graham crackers. We picked him up today and they told us he's been trying to grab snacks and sippy cups from the big kids. They gave him a Ritz cracker, and what do you know, he just casually started munching on it like it was no big thing. He chomped away on the cracker without any weird gagging. So awesome! Our little guy is not so little anymore. We're going to start transitioning him to milk in sippy cups at daycare, he's pushing away his bottles of formula and getting about 10 ounces, sometimes less, of formula there, so I think it's time.
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Ok, seriously, I want to eat all of the sandwiches in this grilled cheese blog.

West's latest new baby trick: he waves and says "bye bye."

So I'm coming to the end of the line on making my own baby food. West's consumption level is rising, and it's becoming more of a hassle to get food ready for him in the mornings- for breakfast and to pack his daycare lunch. I'd rather have that morning time to snuggle with him and let him romp, rather than confining him to the pack & play while I putter around defrosting and mixing up food (I've tried getting that stuff ready in the evenings, and am sometimes successful, but adding yet another chore to my night list is not happy-making, I already don't sit down to relax until 8:30/9:00). I'll continue to keep some simple fruit purees stacked in the freezer just in case, but I'm realizing that there's really nothing wrong with the packaged baby food. Heck, I'm a sucker and I'm buying Earth's Best organic stuff, and it's not like I actually buy organic fruits & veggies to puree on my own, so maybe the packaged stuff is going to one-up my homemade stuff. Anyway, I'm letting go of the idea that it's somehow better or makes me more of a super woman to make my own baby food. I think there's a fairly strong meme in modern motherhood that doing things the hard way is always better and means you love your baby more. And you know, if disposable diapers, packaged baby food, and plastic toys means life is a little easier and more pleasant for all of us, then it's a path I'm happy to take.
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So psyched that the farmer's market in Salem is back! Yesterday was the perfect evening for wandering around and checking out all the vendors.

West has been refusing his bottles of pumped milk at daycare lately. He's been eating so many more solids (we are officially on three "meals" of solids a day now) and decreasing his milk/formula intake, I think we're on the road towards weaning. I'm planning on pumping until he's a year, then stopping that (yay!). I'll keep nursing for a while, hopefully it'll get down to just twice a day once he's a year. I will miss nursing, though, mostly because it's been the easiest weight loss plan in the world. I'll have to start actually thinking about what I eat again. Man. And somehow I need to make time for exercise, I just have no idea where I will magically come up with an extra half hour a day. Too bad there's no market for wet nurses these days, I'd totally feed other people's babies for some extra dough and the ability to eat cupcakes whenever I want.
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We think West did the sign for "all done" tonight! Holy crap!

This weekend was exactly what I needed- took Friday off to head up to Maine for our 10 year Bates reunion. It was lots of fun, and I got in some good family visits, too. Today I had jury duty- I was almost impaneled, but was excused during a round of attorney challenges. Good thing, too, because it was looking to be a week long trial, and I would have had to do work from home in the evenings to catch up, so now I don't have to worry about that.
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Mondays are hard. I usually have a strict "don't look back" policy at daycare drop off, once I'm at the door I keep moving, to minimize the chance of West being upset at the transition or me being sad. Today I totally looked back, and he was sitting on the floor looking at something, then he looked up and looked right at me. And now I've been missing him more than usual this morning. Some days it's easy, some days it's hard. It probably doesn't help that I'm a sleep deprived zombie today, last night did not involve nearly enough sleep.

But hey, we had a great weekend! The butterfly house in western Mass. was a hit, and we had a fantastic lunch at the People's Pint. Good food, good company! Showed [livejournal.com profile] thiswakingdream & wife around Salem yesterday. Everything a weekend should be. And next weekend is reunion! I'm wicked excited for the trip to Maine. The book I just read had a few oblique Bates references, as the alma mater of the main character.
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Recipe for being kind of glad to get to work in the morning:

1) Morning poop: Baby should slam one meaty little calf directly into the poopy diaper, mushing poop all over his leg. While you mull over your cleanup approach, he should then drag the opposite foot into the leg poop, because double poop where it shouldn't be is obvs. the best way to start a day. Wipe poop while attempting to keep his hands from straying into his poopy junk.

2) Discover that baby has become Wolverine overnight and needs a manicure lest he gouge people at daycare. While attempting to cut his nails baby should scream and flail at maximum volume and flailage because otherwise it's not challenging enough to trim tiny razor sharp nails.

3) It's hot and sunny, so let's get some sunscreen on that baby! You're a responsible mom! This will result in tears, kicks, and wails for Baby Face should never be touched for purposes of cleaning or skin protection. I suppose he'd be happiest if we let baby food crust onto his face, thus getting rid of the need to wipe his face clean and then later slather it with lotions and sunscreens.

4) Wrangle baby into stroller for walk to daycare, decide that the slightly brisk breeze coming off the water warrants a sweater, wrangle baby into sweater while hoping the neighbors can't hear his wails of protest.

I need some coffee.
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Operation New Daycare went off without a hitch this morning. West was all smiles when I left, happily playing with toys and surrounded by the other kids.

He has been so incredibly adorable lately. Last night he sleep babbled a bit, then was half awake, looked over at Drew, and went bananas with glee. He reached his little arms out and went "Da da da da." So cute! He also met a doggie yesterday and it really sounded like he was trying to say "hi dog" a bunch of times. That may be a bit of parental projection, but whatevs, it was adorable. He also says hi to the bunnies all the time and is super into Grendel.

I am loving this 10 month old baby phase. He's so interactive, curious, and fun to be with.
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So West came home from daycare on Friday with a new trick- he can wave! He is a waving maniac now. Also, we think he said "hi" yesterday. OMG, a word! Possibly! Ok, it could have been a fluke, but it really sounded like hi, and he was waving while saying it. My baby is going to talk and have opinions of his very own! It is really weird to think about that. It really seems like it was just a few weeks ago that he was just a pooping, crying, closed-fist wee little guy. Now if his next new trick could be "sleeping through the night" that would be awesome.
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So Target can add fancy flavors to medicine, and it turns out this is the Best Thing Evar. I got the pediatrician to reissue the prescription for super Amoxicillan so we could take it to Target, and had apple flavor added to it. No more puking up the medicine, and West was actually opening his mouth for his dose and not screaming about it. Yay. So word to the wise to the moms out there- totally worth getting prescriptions filled at Target (and the extra flavor is free!).
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Today's routine 9 month checkup involved finding out West still has two ear infections and he re-acquired conjunctivitis. Still has bronchialitis, too. So he's on super Amoxicillan, and immediately threw up all over himself and me tonight when we got about half a dose in him. Ugh. Waiting to hear back from the doctor's office about what to do, though baby is now sound asleep. It has been A Day.
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This morning when I was getting West settled in at daycare one of the toddlers bonked him on the head with a toy, and he started wailing. It's hard enough to walk away from him every day when he's happy, it killed me to leave him this morning. Our daycare opens at 7 but only has one person there until a second shows up sometime around 7:30, so it's pretty much always chaotic when I drop him off, and there are way too many kids in the infant room because all the older kids have to hang out in there until another staff member comes in. It's supposedly temporary until one of their staff members comes back from maternity leave, but I'm getting pretty close to complaining about it to the director. It can't cost that much more money to have two staff members in when the place opens. I feel like on one hand, we pay too much money for me to be this unhappy with the morning situation, but on the other hand, these people are with my baby all day and I don't want to rock the boat at all and potentially impact the way they interact with him. Other than this, I'm perfectly happy with the place, but it seems crazy to me that they are so understaffed for such a busy time of day.
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Why are baby teeth so razor sharp?! We'd had a bit of a respite from biting for a while, but now that the two top teeth are in they want to get in on the biting action. Seriously, this needs to stop right quick.
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West is totally into clapping, it's super, super cute. Yay for cute baby tricks!

We had a really great long weekend- visit with the fam in Maine, a dinner out with friends at The Liberal Cup in Hallowell (with free babysitting from Grampy, woo-hoo!), and lunch with [livejournal.com profile] thiswakingdream & wife in Portland. Portland is so cute! We really need to get up there when the weather is nice to walk around.

So West officially became too big for his infant car seat (he still is under the pounds limit, but is too bulky for the seat to be comfy), we moved him up to a Britax convertible seat. I miss being able to pack him into the car seat inside the house, though- it's a bit of a pain to wrangle him into the rear-facing seat in the car, and to dig the straps out from under him once he's in.

Last night I made salt-free baby chicken stock (because a bunch of recipes in my baby food books call for it), but it was kind of a pain to do it, so I think any other stock making is going to be veggie stock. I also tried giving West some frozen blueberries in one of those mesh feeder thingies, but he is not a fan of frozen things. He makes some hilarious faces when presented with food he doesn't like.

Also, yesterday I lost my wedding ring and spent a while searching for it and being glum about probably having lost it forever to the wilds of the Market Basket parking lot or something. In the late afternoon I remembered that I needed to feed the bunnies (sorry, buns!), and lo, there was the ring, sitting in the bunny food drawer in the fridge. Must have fallen off when I put the groceries away. Or it was Grendel's psychic revenge for having such a late breakfast.
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Ok, seriously, you guys need to be watching Adventure Time. It is awesome.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: this horse is wack with poo brain

Also: West can clap!
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Amazing. West slept from 7:30 pm to 4 am without waking up at all. I don't even care that I've been up since 4, that was awesome! Poor guy has been teething something fierce and has an upper tooth coming in, he slept terribly all last week and spent most of Sunday night crying. Baby Motrin works some wonders!


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