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Ok, I am legitimately psyched about my Birchbox this month. Onward. click )
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I got lazy over the winter and neglected to take pictures, but I'm back on the Birchbox bandwagon.
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I almost forgot, it's birchbox time )
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First, I just read an awesome book, Book of Blood and Shadow. It's like a YA DaVinci Code (I know, a lot of people make fun of the DaVinci Code, but I unabashedly liked it), except instead of making me want to get engaged in Westminster Abbey (which I DID), this book makes me super want to go to Prague.

I don't know if it's due to him not getting enough sleep, being 2.5, a regression because of potty training, or just my sleep deprived nerves being on edge, but man, West has been pushing my buttons this week. It feels like he is testing every single limit possible and then losing his marbles when that brings about consequences, and he is doing everything so impulsively. It is probably just "being a toddler." This morning before I could even blink he grabbed a towel and threw it in the toilet. Yesterday morning after being told repeatedly to not press buttons on the dishwasher he pressed buttons again and turned it on. o_O Add in some random hitting walls with a hammer, hitting us, freaking out about being given grapes with breakfast (I know, we must be out to get him, giving him fruit he has clearly enjoyed many times in the recent past).

I don't want to toot this horn too quickly, but potty training has been going pretty well. He had a completely accident-free day Wednesday. Yesterday he had a couple of accidents that were related to not being able to get his pants down fast enough or get to the potty fast enough, but he's doing a great job identifying the need and telling us & his teachers when he needs to go.

Finally, on to November's Birchbox )
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Sorry, I'm a Posty McPostALot lately. Anyway, I got my October Birchbox and figured I'd share.

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So I signed up for Birchbox, which is a sample service that, for $10 a month, sends you a mystery box of some makeup/beauty samples. I like makeup but am too cheap to spend big bucks on the quality stuff. Birchbox has a points system that gives you discounts on the full sized products, so I'm hoping if I discover good stuff I can dip my toe into the higher end beauty product market without it being too hard on the wallet.

There's a bit of a blogging community devoted to reviewing these monthly sample services, so I thought I'd give this a whirl this month.

September 2012 Birchbox )


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