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Hey LJ, it's been a while! I thought I'd do a round-up of the best kids' books we've read recently.

First is The Book With No Pictures. Written by The Office's B.J. Novack. I was not expecting this to be as big a hit as it is. The first time I read it West laughed so hard he peed his pants, and he regularly laughs so much he falls over on subsequent reads.

The Rabbit Problem is gorgeous and also math-y. It has lots of little fiddly bits in the book that West loves, and the Fibonacci sequence running through it makes me feel like a smarty-pants mom even though I didn't actually realize that was a thing in the book until someone else pointed it out. I still feel kinda smart about it.

My First Book of Girl Power. I am not a huge fan of West seeing all the scantily clad lady superhero outfits, but I like the message, and I am really trying to make sure he has plenty of books about girls that he likes. In the vein of girl power, I also really like these books: Rosie Revere Engineer, The Most Magnificent Thing, The Three Ninja Pigs, and Ninja Red Riding Hood. There are so many books where the default is BOY, or if it's about girls, it is marketed solely to girls and is covered in pink, making it hard to get West interested in it. I like the Olivia books because they aren't always pink to the max, and he likes the stories.

Anyway, Christmas was whimsical, we had a really nice day and West was really cute and loved his presents.
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Woe! We are now done with the Arbitron ratings. No more meter wearing, no more $25 checks every month. It's been a year and a half, I've gotten so used to wearing my meter and looking for it when I lose it and checking my pockets to make sure it's there. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted! I really liked making my tv watching count for something. But Vampire Diaries continues on, meter or not, thank goodness. Bring me some more vampires and witches in 1994 for *reasons*. Also, the newest Raven Boys series book is sooooo good. Also, Drew is reading a book with West right now and West is kinda getting some of the words, or at least the letters. It's hella cutes.
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Well, apparently an oven can decide that when you turn it off you really mean CRANK IT UP ALL THE WAY AND LOCK THE DOOR. So, our oven is broken. The soonest a new one can be delivered is Friday, so this week's dinners will be interesting. I have a freezer full of food, but most of it requires the oven. Hopefully I have enough leftovers tucked away in there to tide us over.

Anyway, I'm feeling chatty and listy, so I'm going to talk about my favorite children's books. Also, I had already typed up most of this post this afternoon, so might as well, right?

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OMG, I am making tyrannasaurus arms of excitement! Casting has begun for the Outlander series on Starz! They have cast Jamie Fraser and it actually appears to be a good choice! My thirteen year old self is very happy that this book is finally going to appear on tv.

Speaking of books, I tore through The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer in like two days and I can't shut up about it. That book was so good.
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I stayed up too late last night re-reading a book I've read twice already. D'oh. It's Divergent, this book seriously makes me want to write. I am just enamored with the tightness of the plot. I actually had a nerd conversation on the train today- the guy next to me wanted to know about the Kindle I was using, then he showed me he was reading the 3rd Game of Thrones book and we nerded out about GoT, then he was saying that he was going to read Wheel of Time next. I love cultural touchstone books.

West is now tall enough to actually open doorknobs. The other morning I heard him over the baby monitor say "oh, they're gone," I went up to check and he had opened the door between his room and ours and he was standing there clutching his snuggle doggie.

Also, I really need to stop making Youtube playlists. Here is my ridiculous 80s playlist.
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First, I just read an awesome book, Book of Blood and Shadow. It's like a YA DaVinci Code (I know, a lot of people make fun of the DaVinci Code, but I unabashedly liked it), except instead of making me want to get engaged in Westminster Abbey (which I DID), this book makes me super want to go to Prague.

I don't know if it's due to him not getting enough sleep, being 2.5, a regression because of potty training, or just my sleep deprived nerves being on edge, but man, West has been pushing my buttons this week. It feels like he is testing every single limit possible and then losing his marbles when that brings about consequences, and he is doing everything so impulsively. It is probably just "being a toddler." This morning before I could even blink he grabbed a towel and threw it in the toilet. Yesterday morning after being told repeatedly to not press buttons on the dishwasher he pressed buttons again and turned it on. o_O Add in some random hitting walls with a hammer, hitting us, freaking out about being given grapes with breakfast (I know, we must be out to get him, giving him fruit he has clearly enjoyed many times in the recent past).

I don't want to toot this horn too quickly, but potty training has been going pretty well. He had a completely accident-free day Wednesday. Yesterday he had a couple of accidents that were related to not being able to get his pants down fast enough or get to the potty fast enough, but he's doing a great job identifying the need and telling us & his teachers when he needs to go.

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Ok you guys I need to talk about books! I have been reading some seriously great YA books. First, I just finished The Fault in Our Stars. This book just shattered me. Wow. I'd read some serious hype about it, and I did not at all believe it could really be 5 stars worthy, but, um, it was. I haven't read such meticulous prose in a YA book ever. I'm actually suffering from post-book-itis where whatever I read next is just not going to come close so it's going to be a massive letdown. Anyway. Earlier this week (the drawback to YA- finishing a book in two days) I read For Darkness Shows the Stars, an eminently enjoyable YA dystopian future rewrite of Jane Austen's Persuasion. Before that, of course, was Divergent and Insurgent, which, OMG, if you at all enjoyed Hunger Games you need to read these books! Now I'm pretending like I'm going to read Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine but it's already kinda depressing, so I'll probably just read the third book in a pretty crappy YA series about fallen angels being all broody and having problems.
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You know what's nice? Private car service to/from the airport. OMG I felt like a movie star. Went down to our DC office yesterday and came back yesterday evening. I think I'm still exhausted from all the travel.

Ok, so [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo recommended a book to me, and she never fails to knock it out of the park when she recommends books. Divergent is totatlly going to be the next Hunger Games. Action! Dystopia! Romance! It is pretty much everything I want in a book, and the writing is actually good!
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We must get these baby lit books, stat!

As for what I'm reading, I just finished 50 Shades of Grey. If you know what it is, I can assure it is exactly as hilarible as you think it would be. If you don't know, wait until you are not at work to google it. And now I'm cleansing my mind palate with an actually well-written, gripping, young adult dystopian future book called All These Things I've Done. Yes, the Killers reference is what sold me on it. That, and it has an awesome cover. I really would love to have time in my life to start writing again.

West is all "myself, myself, I do it self" now. It's pretty cute. I thought we'd turned a corner on the sleeping stuff, we have some good weeks now, but the past couple of nights have been not-great. I think he's pretty much night-weaned, at least. I give in sometimes if he calls for a milk break after 4 am because I hope against hope that it will make him sleep a bit longer (not sure that hypothesis is proving true or not).
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I’m re-reading A Wrinkle in Time. Man, is this book WEIRD. I don’t remember it like this at all. Space? Jesus? Where’s my time travel? I thought there was something with ancient Egypt? What is going on? I know there’s weird Biblical stuff in the later books, I wasn’t expecting it in this one. Also, it is like painfully dated sounding (written in the 60s). I guess some books are meant to be consumed in childhood before your book taste gets set in stone.
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Not to be "that mom" or anything, but West is really getting into gear lately. This weekend he added a bunch of new words- diaper, Elmo, cracker, banana (said as "nana!!" with the biggest smile ever because this kid loooooooves bananas). He also claps and says "yay!" at the end of songs and is generally just adorable. It is fascinating to watch him become a little person. Finally got him trying a bunch of new foods, too- apparently watching other people is the key, he sampled a bunch of stuff from our plates at Gulu-Gulu yesterday.

Drew's mom was up this weekend, so we had a lovely visit with her, and we had an amazing night out in Somerville sans-child. I really needed that. Sometimes Old Life seems so far away and impossible to get back. It's so nice to have some moments of not being on mom duty.

Also: A Feast For Crows... wtf, that is not a way to end a book! So glad I don't have to wait 5 years to read the next book.
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Augh, that's what I get for snooping on the internet about a 5 book series when I'm only in book 2. Just read a fairly major spoiler for Song of Ice and Fire. Oh well. I am totally loving this series!
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Phrase I am so, so sick of: congress critter. OMG, stop it, internet!

There is a truck commercial that drives Drew & I bonkers, but now that I've noticed it I can't get its jingle out of my head. And I mishear the jingle as "bus stop living" instead of "push the limit," which makes me giggle every time it echoes through my brain.

I'm currently a pretty interesting book on baby brain development. It's more heavily scientific than I'd expected, but a surprisingly engaging read. I'm remembering vast stores of stuff I learned when I was on track to be a neuroscience major. Neurons and cells are pretty neat. It's kind of strange to think back that Immunology was one of the best classes I took in college, along with PoMo Lit and various gender classes.
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Oh man, there is definitely a teeny bit of white tooth poking up out of West's lower gums. I don't know who I feel worse for, the ouchy teething baby or future me when I get chomped on.

Drew bought me a copy of Wuthering Heights The Wild & Wanton Edition for the kindle. I am super excited to read it. I wanted to get through the book I'm currently working on first, but the book I'm reading is written Super Passive Voice and is getting kind of annoying. Too bad, it's a great premise (supernatural mystery and romance in Cornwall!), but it's so unexciting to read passive voice.
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Wow, it's been a while since I've posted.

First, politics. I can't believe now is when the Democrats decide to grow a spine. Like the caving in to Republicans on the tax cuts (I refuse to call them "the Bush tax cuts" because I am so sick of hearing that phrase) was never a foregone conclusion. According to the NYT, there's some muttering about a Democrat challenge to Obama in the next primary. Also, it irks me that the news insists on calling him "Mr. Obama," which I know is generally a NYT convention, but I don't recall hearing "Mr. Bush" for the previous 8 years, I heard a whole lot more "President Bush." Anyway. Grar.

Also, I am reading a totally entertaining book. Fluffy historical thriller/romance for the win!

So my days are going by in a blur lately. Here's the basic structure of every weekday:

Wake up between 5:00/5:20. Feed bunnies while Drew changes the first diaper of the morning. Put West on activity mat, eat breakfast while hanging out with him. Feed baby. Shower. Pack bottles, change of clothes, daycare accoutrements, pack lunch and whatever else I need for the day. Change diaper, dress baby for day, sing goofily and play peekaboo. Feed baby. Trundle baby into car seat. Drop off at daycare at 7:30 on the nose. Pull into commuter rail station just as a train is leaving, wait for next train. Get to work at 8:45. Half hour lunch break at noon- spend 20 minutes of it pumping. Leave at 4:15, walk as fast as my little legs can go to make the 4:45 train home. Get home around 5:30, feed baby who is usually on the verge of total hunger breakdown (Drew picks him up from daycare at 4:00, deals with daily screaming baby meltdown, then entertains baby into adorable baby laughter). Make dinner while West either plays in living room or sits in kitchen listening to me narrate the dinner-making (vocab building!), eat dinner (usually interrupted as soon as I take a bite by West deciding it's time for more breakdown, one of us holds him while the other eats, then switch off). Play with West. Bedtime ritual begins around 7:00/7:30 (bath on some days, change diaper, put jammies on, stories, feed, bed, hope he doesn't flip out upon touching the mattress). Drew does dishes while I get West settled to sleep. Wash bottles and pump pieces. Make lunch for next day, set coffee up for auto brewing next am. Possibly do a load of baby laundry. By then it's usually about 9:00. Collapse on couch for some tv, give up on being awake, go to bed. Get up several times in the night to feed the baby. Being working parents is exhausting!
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Ok, raising a baby is really hard work. I am starting to look forward to returning to work because being a librarian is easier than 24/7 child care. At least at work I know what to do! We're working on the transition to daytime bottles & formula, and it is not going super well. I feel bad enough about the formula,the nonstop sad baby crying does not make this any better. Between that,too many wet diapers, and mystery fussiness, West has been crying almost all morning.

On the librarian front, I'm happy to present the new website for my librarian association that I was in charge of getting off the ground. Yay, professional development!

Also, the public domain characters and vampires trend is getting out of control.
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There is a Little Caesar's opening soon in Salem. I seriously can not wait. Pizza pizza! My favorite author is coming to Danvers for a literary festival, but I'll be in Maine for a wedding. I am totally psyched for the wedding, of course, but man, I wish the festival was a different day. That's alright, I think the author will be doing a bigger book tour when the next book in the series comes out in the fall (Victorian lady solves mysteries with mysterious handsome gentleman who often stalks around like a panther, what's not to love!).
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So I spent pretty much all of this snowy weekend on the couch, tearing through a couple of books. I'm happy to say that 2010 is starting off super well on the reading books front. There's a series about a lady partnering up with Sherlock Holmes to solve mysteries (and maybe have a teensy dash of romance), the first book is The Beekeeper's Apprentice, a title that almost made me neglect it entirely. But it's so delightful! So if you're looking for something to read, and you like mysteries with a strong heroine set in the past, check it out!

Had a very fun New Years Eve evening with friends (wherein I was lame and had to take a nap on the couch sometime after midnight... it had been a long day!).

I'm vaguely thinking about starting some sort of bloggable project for this year, but I'm not sure how much time I'll end up having to devote to something like that. Something to do with reading, maybe?


Dec. 31st, 2009 08:35 am
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Last year's book post was an effective way of keeping track of what I've read, so I'm doing it again this year. Of course, my resolution to read "smarter" books is pretty quickly going out the window, but hey, reading is reading.

Onward! )
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This book ("Soulless," by Gail Carriger) looks like it might hit a good reading nerve for lots of my friends. Described by the author's agent as "if Jane Austen were to write a Victorian Steampunk fantasy, this vampire/werewolf comedy of manners...". It lost me at steampunk, which I just personally abhor, but it otherwise sounds like a delightful romp.

Also, I caved and bought myself a Snuggie at Costco this weekend, after jealously watching how comfortable Drew is in his. And my god, is it comfortable. I feel like a sad American stereotype in my blanket with arms, but it is like being wrapped in a soft cloud of comfort. Perfect for watching dvds of some dude on PBS travel to Europe and stay in fancy hotels. How can I get that job?


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