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Is it wrong that I really wish I had $750 laying around so I could go to PaleyFest to see a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion? NERD!

Also, for Wire fans: What Do Real Thugs Think of the Wire Part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

Tenillypo found those, so credit to her. Spoilers for Season 5 of The Wire (for episodes that have already aired, not future spoilers).

I voted this morning, being a good civic-duty-er. Edwards was my horse in this race, and I'm disappointed he's out of the picture, though I hope for VP-dom for him. After waffling with strong amounts of indecision on my two remaining candidates, I took one last look at the "issues" on Clinton and Obama's web sites and went to fill in the blanks on a ballot. I went with Obama, because while I'm not convinced that he could govern right off the bat the way Hillary could, I do believe he will honestly try and that he'll put a really good-faith effort into sticking with the view/ideas he has expressed. A lot of my support for Hillary really stemmed from my reaction to her nay-sayers and critics, because I truly think a lot of the flak she's gotten has been misogynistic, and that really bothers me. But she's espoused views that are too centrist/conservative for my taste. I actually don't think she truly believes some of the middle of the road things she says she does, but all I have to go on is what she says and how she's acted in the Senate, and that doesn't warm the cockles of my commie lefty little heart. So that's that. Secret ballot my ass, I have a blog! My voting record, let me show you!
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I was going to rant about the This American Life Episode I listened to on my commute this morning about the separation of church and state, but quite frankly, it's too early in the morning for me to get my outrage out in coherent words. Just... I can't begin to fathom how Christians could possibly feel persecuted in this country. Roe v. Wade is not Christian persecution, the government is not forcing ladies who don't want 'em to get abortions. Telling churches that they can't give money to political candidates is not persecution. Dude, you want your church to give money to candidates? Fine by me, just give up your tax-exempt status and any other governmental goodies you get as a nonprofit, re-form yourself as a business, and I won't care. Grah. Sorry, that was more rant than I was aiming for. This stuff just blows my mind.

Anyway, onward to fluffy matters! I'm going to start a "Thoughts on Buffy The Vampire Slayer" filter to track my re-watching of the show (a new blog is too much work). If you want to be in on the filter, just check the checky box below. Easy!

[Poll #1030866]

Now on to thoughts on 2x1, When She Was Bad )
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Last night I finally did it. I cooked a dinner that was so thouroughly inedible that I threw it away and went out to buy us something from the place down the street.

I'm not sure if it's a testament to his memory or my "familiar face," but the guy who works at my gym said "4 times in a row this week, that's awesome!" to me when I went in today. I'm walking tons more lately, but need to keep toning with weights. My calf muscles are insanely toned by now, but I'd like my arms to catch up to their buffness.

As others have mentioned, I'm a little sad about the end of the Buffy era. I never got into Angel, and stopped watching after Buffy itself ended, but still. It's rare that I'll enjoy a tv show that much, but those were some well-written/acted programs. Heh. Though I did have a little bit of a sniffle at the Las Vegas season finale this week (stop laughing!). Sometimes I'm just a sentimental sap.
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After last night's little cell phone debacle, I feel so much better. All that stress and worrying, not worth it. I remembered that really, not much has ever come easily for me, but I tend to get what I want when I try hard enough. So, meh, if this job thing doesn't come through something else will. I like a good challenge anyway.
And as for Buffy: I laughed (Trogdor the Burninator), I cried (Spike!), I felt very satisfied. A good ending to a great thing.
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purity test that's going around )

Ok, and Buffy was soooo good. So, so good. Tenille and I were crying like the sappy girls we are at one point. And so much hotness. I am pleased.
My bunny is the cutest critter in the entire world.
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Well, yesterday was an excerise in Murphey's Law. Just about anything that could go wrong did, culminating at 11pm, as Tenille and I sat down to enjoy Buffy, the fire alarm in our building went off. Luckily, she had the foresight to start recording it as we scurried to put our contraband pets in bags so as to take them with us without anyone seeing them. By the time we got back in we figured it wasn't worth watching the show if we had missed some of it, so tonight we will have Buffy goodness. I also saw a fight between two subway musicians on my way home from class. Weird.
Today will have to be a better day.
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i'm still debating whether i should even bother posting about this. but i'm a bit irked.
i didn't really need another reason as to why we didn't work. those are some harsh words.
at any rate, any residual post-breakup guilt i may have had is so absolved.
i know i shouldn't have even read it, but i'm nosy as all get-out.
sweet! faith is coming back to angel -and- buffy!!!!!
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"liberal wackos"
on north korea and why they should only get our libes' crappy used books: "they're in the axis of evil anyway"


buffy was soooo excellent last night. stupid ninjas, though, all interrupting good parts. or rather ninja-esque guys.
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i just watched last night's buffy, and the subject line sums it all up.
although i do approve of mixing ninjas with buffy- two great things that go great together.
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Which Buffy Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

oh yeah. willow's always been my favorite, it's the red hair, the penchant for geekiness.
so upon stumbling home sometime fairly late last night, my roommate made me watch buffy- it involved a lot of "what??no!!" moments. so dramatic.
i think i need some fanfiction....


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