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West likes to chase Grendel around the living room yelling "Gentle!" It's kind of hilarious.
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When I'm really stressed I dream about the bunnies getting loose and being hard to find/catch. Last night involved such a dream, not only did Robocop escape, but Grendel was hitting Beef Wellington on the head with a briefcase. The briefcase was actually Drew's thingy that he keeps his Magic cards in, which is actually pretty proportionally correct for a Grendel-sized briefcase. I find that oddly hilarious.

So yes, I am a wee bit stressed about the house buying stuff (working around lawyers all the time has made me totally paranoid). But also excited!

I just read what might possibly be the worse book ever: The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires. I can't explain why I bought it other than 1)it was on display in the bookstore in Salem, and 2) it promised a nephilim that gets turned into a vampire with sexy results. The thing makes Twilight look like a piece of art.
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Happy new year everyone! It's been a while since I've updated, let's see... we did Christmas in Maryland, which involved a super awesome ghost tour of Annapolis. Ghost tours are the best! Saw Joel McHale on New Years Eve, then made it to a very fun party afterwards. The rest of this weekend so far has been extremely lazy, which is a good thing. I'm pushing through my first edit of my crap NaNo story, and incubating an idea for a new story which will hopefully not suck as bad. Drew got me a thingy that will plug into the computer and convert my old tapes and minidiscs to digital, so that will be a project that will take me a while to get through. Grendel is acting very weird, she wasn't eating for a good portion of the day yesterday, but is nibbling a bit today, though not with her usual gusto. She is being a sullen bunny.

2008 was... weird. But it did involve the best vacation ever, and successes in my hobbies, so hey, that's something. Here's to 2009!
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What? How is it possible that Kickass Cupcakes is expanding? I do not support this supporting of crappy cupcakes. Speaking of cupcakes- a few weekends ago I tried cupcakes from Patsy's Pastries in Somerville, and I am somewhat happy to report that they were not that good. Lyndell's still wins, which makes me happy because I walk to Lyndell's from home, and I kind of fear finding the Perfect Cupcake someplace outside of reasonable walking distance. I guess if this is one of my concerns in life I'm doing pretty well.

I'm getting weirdly excited by the prospect of shopping at local farmer's markets this summer. I also think that once it gets nice, we may be able to obtain hay within a 30 minute drive for much less than the $50-60 a month we currently pay to get it shipped in from the midwest. But then again, it may not be early cut western Timothy hay, and I can't be serving lame hay to my bunnies. They have discerning tastes.

How much did The Office rock last night? Answer: So much! I want to host a dinner party. But a remarkably less awkward one.
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I learned today from the Boston Globe that I am wasting my life. There is a community access tv show in Cambridge called Adventures with Jenny, and it involves a girl named Jenny talking about stuff while her pet rabbit, Banana, sits there with her. Grennie and I need to be staaaaars!

Also, Freezepop is playing the Middle East tomorrow night.
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Tonight's kung-fu class was awesomely hard. I have not exerted myself to the point of wanting to puke before tonight. Well, maybe back when I played field hockey, but that was a lifetime ago. Sunday night the German au pair in my [kung-fu] class and I went to see a band that a couple of guys in our class are in. It was what you'd expect from a band playing at All Asia, but it was fun and a very enjoyable time. I'm almost making friends in class! It's only taken a year!

Good god, the bunnies are going insane tonight. Beeferton kocked a baby gate over onto himself and it scared the ever living crap out of him. Now Robo is doing lord knows what, but there are suspicious sounds of a bunny getting into trouble in the other room.

I'm starting to get more psyched for my trip to DC for work/conference, as a plan is forming to meet up with some college friends and catch up. Hooray for having something to do after enduring a day of conferencing/working like crazy out of our DC office to catch up on the reference requests that are sure to build up. And hooray for seeing old friends!

Other news: Guitar Hero II rocks my socks, but I really suck at it.

Oh, and also: Book Club: put it on your radar for Saturday the 28th starting in the afternoon. Unless I hear objections from the peanut gallery. I'll send out an official notice soon. The book is World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.
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Crap, I think I'm an indie yuppie. Oh well, it's not like I'm even trying anymore.

Feeling much better from the woes of this weekend (I was all like this), got my voting done this morning, and am ready to compulsively check political blogs all day for election results. Mmmm...election results. I love politics.

Drew got Beef Wellington a little critter hammock for his cage. Bunny in a hammock! It's the cutest thing ever.
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I have a confession. For the longest time after reading Beowulf in high school, I thought Grendel was a big old dragon. Then the dragon idea was deflated by "English majors" who apparently have better reading comprehension skills than I. So I then thought Grendel was a big old hairy monster. Imagine my disappointment when watching Beowulf and Grendel and finding out that Grendel was just a lame troll.

Man. My bunny's name isn't as badass anymore.

And, um, wow. That movie was a big old turd. In fact, it is on my list somewhere between the Star Wars prequels and The Mexican, though not winning the Worst Movie Ever award, as that is held by Unbreakable. Inappropriate colloquialisms, unmatching accents, Sarah Polley's wretched "performance," and Grendel peeing on a door for some reason. Ugh. I'd like those two hours of my life back, please.

Anyway, so that happened this weekend (sorry to the folks who saw it Friday, my logistics for seeing it couldn't work until later in the weekend).

But my weekend also involved ice cream filled cupcakes, so I can't complain. Science has proven that they are delicious. And the store has a variety of other pastries that can be injected with soft serve.
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Shameless begging for a bunny sitter:

We'll be in Maine this weekend for what promises to be an ever-so-much-fun time getting drunk at my Bates reunion. This means, however, that we'll have some hungry bunnies on Saturday.

Is there anyone who would be able to come by at some point on Saturday (June 10) to feed the buns?

There's booze and cookies in it for you! And the love of three adorable bunnies.
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Kung fu class has suddenly turned into Teen Girl Squad. By "teen girls" I mean "female Tufts students," to be fair, but they were giggling and whispering. I think it's the nice weather that turns young one's minds to things other than their studies. Of course, back in my day, nice weather meant our minds turned to drinkin' more. If anyone ever wants to be my kung-fu buddy, well, I'd welcome some company. Though I did make acquantainces with someone in class, so at least I have one person to smile and say hi to.

I think I neglected to mention last week that I totally got a raise. And some awesome performance evaluations, because I rock the librarianship.

The new bunny is being just the cutest and sweetest little bunny in the world. I am filled with bunny-love. It's good.
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So, uh... we welcomed a third bunny into our little bunny family last night. The other bunnies totally know something is up, and Robocop is super needy right now.

For those who don't read [livejournal.com profile] c_m_i's journal, you can see a picture of the little guy here. He's such a cutie!

ETA: We finally settled on a name: Beef Wellington, M.D.

Because we are very odd people. "Banquo's Ghost" just didn't roll off the tongue as well.
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We are going to get another bunny sometime, and it will be named "Peanut Butter Cups." And it will love me. Look at this little cutie: cuteness. I think we're teetering on the edge of Crazy Pet People-dom.

Thank You For Smoking is an excellent movie, and I highly recommend it to all of you. Of course, Tivo was still set up to tape Law & Order last night, so I'll have to wait until Sat. for my Veronica Mars fix. Curses!

And, um.... I've discovered West Wing fanfic. *headsmack* I have a problem. Send help. Now I need to watch all the earlier seasons that I've missed.
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Time for us to start begging our friends for bunny-sitting whilst we're off in sunny, balmy Maryland!

Poll behind the cut! )

So, I was asking for book recs a little while ago, and now I have a book to recommend to you all. The Areas of My Expertise, by John Hodgman, is just about the funniest thing I've ever read in my entire life. You would do well to pick it up if you end up with any bookstore gift cards as part of your holiday loot!
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We have invented a fake alter-ego for one of the bunnies. It is Brendel the bunny, and he's always causing trouble.

What? Is that weird? It's just not enough to make up fake jobs for the bunnies to go to, and fake parties for them to throw.
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Nooooo!!! Friendster now has a feature where you can see who looked at your profile. I may or may not have been known to occasionally look up acquaintances I've long since lost touch with, out of sheer nosiness. Y'all know how nosy I am! Damnit. I only like to satisfy my boredom-nosiness under strict anonymity. I call shenanigans, Friendster!

Edit: I see that you can enable anonymous viewing, but that in turns means that you can't see who looked at your profile. Hmm.

Finding leftover Reeses' Pieces in your bag from Friday's movie-going = Awesome.

Oh, and Robocop has started humping Grendel's face on a regular basis now. That's great. Bunnies are strange little critters.


Oct. 11th, 2005 07:14 am
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Hello my friends.

Would any kind, kind soul/s be willing to come feed the bunnies later this week- specifically, Friday and Saturday? We'll be in loverly Quebec City being all French and stuff, and the bunnies will have a mighty hunger brewing in their little tums.

In return, we offer: full access to our keg o' Sam Adams Black Lager while you're here, some cookies, a six pack you can take home with you, and the love of two cute little bunnies.
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Why, oh why, did I ever doubt Joss? Sure, the concept of "space cowboys" is downright silly, and sure, I'm very skeptical of enjoying any show that takes place in space, but hot damn, Firefly is a good show. Sign me up for Serenity on Friday night!

Went over the Second Circle yesterday for a Firefly marathon. [livejournal.com profile] mrs_muffin brought over some cinnamon muffins that must be laced with crack, as they are the best freakin' muffins I've ever had. I'm almost drooling thinking about them right now. We got home in time for our Sunday night cartoons, and I would just like to point out the power of the OC, as it was featured in jokes in both The Simpsons and Family Guy last night. I think the Simpsons won, with the California song playing over a clip of teenagers having fun and getting mugged by Snoopy. Mock all you want, the OC is a Pop Culture Phenomenon.

So, Saturday [livejournal.com profile] ayelle put together a fantastically fun outing to Nashoba, for apple picking and wine tasting. And wine purchasing. I left with 4 bottles of wine... Drew got another 4 bottles and a barleywine, I think.

And Friday involved terrorizing the poor bunnies with nail clippings, and then tasty dinner at Christopher's, followed by meeting up with the Neil Gaimen crew for drinks at Grendel's Den.

So that's that, and it's another regular old week at work. Last night I had a horribly vivid dream about Grendel dying. It was very unpleasant and gory.
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I'm considering starting a second blog for my cooking endeavors. I have a scary obsession with cooking now. But I'm pretty darn good at it, well, at least in my not-so-humble opinion. I've been cooking from Weight Watchers' Take Out Tonight cookbook this week, and it really is fabulous. Last night I made Greek meatballs with a cinnamony tomato sauce, over orzo, with a side of steamed broccoli. And it was tasty. Yesterday I made chicken chow mein, and it tasted exactly like the stuff you get at Chinese restaurants, except it was all healthy and stuff. I think tonight I have to make more Alton Brown cookies, as we have promised some to the Dot in exchange for her clipping the bunnies' nails, for lo, we are too scared and wimpy to clip them ourselves. Poor little Robo gets all aflustered when we try to hold him down, and Grens just gives up and resigns herself to imminent death, which looks very pathetic.

We've been watching a lot of OZ these past fews days, as Drew went out and got the dvds, so my dreams this week have been about being in prison.
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Quick bunny update: We did do a midnight vet run. Of course, as soon as we got into the waiting room there, Robocop started to munch on some hay in his pet carrier, and by the time we were ready to go, he was even nibbling on some lettuce. So we got some bunny meds to get things moving, and the vet felt his tummy to be sure there's nothing big sitting in there.

So, it's almost 2AM, but we have a bunny on the mend. Lucky little guy gets to sleep in the air conditioned room tonight, and we're too tired to even care if he makes noise in the middle of the night.
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Robocop looks like he might be sick (or rather, impacted). The little guy was fine last night, but he doesn't want to eat today. We set him up in the air conditioning upstairs, but if he hasn't touched his food by the time we get back from Maine we may be making a midnight run to Angell Memorial.


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