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We are back from Montreal! Canada is expensive. But it has lots of tasty beers. It took an hour and a half of crawling stop & go traffic to get across the border today. Go freedom plus! The trip was tons of fun, and I am exhausted. Also, my rusty French skills are still embarrassing when I try to speak it, but I can read more than I expected to be able to read. I'm not going to be able to catch up on Ye Olde Friends List, so if there's anything super exciting that went down in the last few days let me know. Oh, and Tuesday night's evening at the People's Pint? Rocked my socks. That place is the best.
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Vacation starts today at 2:00! We head out to Greenfield, Mass. for a night at the People's Pint and a stay in a B&B, tomorrow we head up to Montreal for a few days! Sweet, blessed vacation time. Have a good 4th folks, see ya next week!
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So, a few words on Quebec.

One- my French sucks so, so much. It's really sad that my high school created a French 5 class for me senior year, and I was reading actual literature in French, and conversing somewhat fluently, and now I get a deer-in-headlights look when a salesman tries to sell me three pairs of socks for nine dollars. I can give a convincing bonjour, merci, and s'il vous plait, but anything beyond that and I'm toast. At least I could still read signs and stuff passably well. I really need to work on getting that language back.

Two- Having a sandal strap break while walking around a soggy zoo in the rain is sucky and amusing. We strapped the shoe together with some of [livejournal.com profile] c_m_i's ingenuity and a piece of his umbrella. The bears looked very soggy and out-of-sorts to be hanging out in the rain. Poor bears!

Three- I am, um, fat and weak? Hee. While I totally don't believe that, I had some amusing Quebecois encounters that were, quite frankly, a bit baffling. We were eating in a too-expensive pasta joint, and I was about halfway done with my delicious, delicious tiramasu, when some dude came over and started to just take it away from me! He said he thought I was done... and I was so perplexed that I didn't really know what to say. This guy wasn't even our waiter- nor was he a waiter in our section of the restaurant at all. I have no idea what was going on, but I finished my damn tiramasu, thank you very much. I only ate half my dinner expressly to save room for dessert! I really don't think I'm that fat! After this, we went to a little grocery store to grab some beers, and I paid for said beers. The guy bagging them refused to give me the bag, even after I made a grab for them, and instead, handed the bag to Drew, while making Popeye biceps motions. *snort* So that was one interesting night. WTF? I'm still baffled, but I think it was all part of Grendel Bunny's cunning plan to get rid of me for good while I was away.

So that's that.
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I just drove us all the way to and from another country without incident! Ok, one small scraping of the side mirror incident when in a parking garage, but no noticable damage done

So: Quebec is hella, hella expensive. Seriously. $20 panini sandwiches are good, but not -that- good. And the dollar is only about 12 cents stronger than the Canadian dollar. But we had fun, and just returned from the longest drive Ever, and it was worth it.

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w00t. Heading up to Maine today, then Canada tomorrow. Even if it is going to rain all weekend while we're there, it'll still be a nice vacation. Quebec City, here we come!!

Catch y'all when we get back!

[livejournal.com profile] komos, huge thanks for taking care of the little ones- we're going to be on the lookout for some exciting and different Unibroues to bring back!

There are a lot of unnecessary exclamation points in this post!
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I miss England. British Airways is again running their $500 for airfare and 3 nights in London at the, um, lovely Royal National hotel. If we had the time and the money... Instead there's a chance we can throw together a weekend in Canada next month, maybe, it seems like it could be pretty cheap. Quebec City!!! I *heart* Quebec City. There are ponies and cobblestone streets, and I could practice my rusty, rusty French.

So on Friday we finally checked out Jake Ivory's, which was The.Best.Thing.Ever. One of the piano guys even bought us a drink for requesting the crappiest 80s songs ever. I scared impressed Drew with my knowledge of most of the words to Paradise By The Dashboard Light. There was much drunkenness and singing. Apologies to J., A., and T. for my patented Money Freakout at the end of the evening. Sometimes, when I am reminded of the soul-crushing burden of debt I carry, I freak out. I should have waited until we got home, though. But I think the drunken singing was still worth it.

Spent the rest of the weekend lazing about, watching some really crappy and some really scary movies, and reading (I started Freakonomics yesterday and am almost done). Oh, and last night- out of curiosity, I watched The War At Home, which is on after the Simpsons and before Family Guy. Holy Crap. I thought Reunion was bad, but no, The War At Home is seriously the biggest slice of suck ever. I'm actually dumber for having wasted half an hour of my life with it. I don't know why I kept watching it after the first horrible couple of minutes, but I did, and I am sorry. American Dad seems to be redeeming itself, though.


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