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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is hilarious. Seriously, folks, if you do Netflix you must watch this show.

This weekend went by too fast but involved hanging with the marvelous [livejournal.com profile] doplar, hiking in Northfield, dinner at People's Pint, watching tv with Miss [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo, and discovering that the Arsenal Mall has an Ann Taylor factory store, and subsequently purchasing some work clothes. I feel very old for enjoying Ann Taylor, but I'm hoping that the expensive clothes hold up better over time than my usual H&M stuff.
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Ack! I just spilled a bunch of White-Out on my black pants. Googling presents a cure of spraying said pants with WD40. I question that, but apparently a damp paper towel only makes the situation worse.

So this weekend involved admitting to myself that I often have truly terrible taste. For instance, I think I might enjoy My Chemical Romance as much as I enjoy Dashboard Confessional. Not as much as I love Blink-182. I may actually be a 12 year old boy.

In other questionable taste news, I discovered that I could really like Supernatural. Or at least the fanfic written by Supernatural fans. I also enjoyed an episode of Battlestar Galactica, so I'm not writing off the show entirely just yet. It's really Baltar (sp?) that makes that show.

Also, Achewood is utterly hilarious.
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Good lord. First, the internet is full of crazy people. Srsly.

Second, I'm not sure that it's a auspicious start to the day to look in the work bathroom mirror and realize there is a sizable button gap through which one can clearly see boob. I will now walk around all day with my little black sweatshirt on over said gappy shirt. Stupid button down shirts! They always look so cute and professional on store mannequins, but they never quite look right once my rack is situated inside them.

Third, I totally rockzorred the kung-fu last night and learned the second half of Southern Fist 1 and the first half of Southern Fist 2. All in one night! This is quite an accomplishment, as it took almost a year for me to learn to the first half of Southern Fist 1. Learning! Progress! I'm totally pleased with this. I'll also be attending a kung-fu seminar on Saturday taught by my instructor's instructor. I'm expecting that to completely kick my ass.
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Ugh, Atlantic Ave. is freakin' Waterworld today. I am soggy.

So, yesterday I picked up my wedding dress from the cleaners, and nearly had a heart attack from how much it cost. Is it normal for it cost $130 to clean a dress? WTF, if I had known it would cost that much I would have just let it sit in my closet with grass stains, it's not like I'm going to be wearing it out ever again. I'm convinced that the minute anything has the word "wedding" attached, dollar signs light up in people's eyes. Rawwwr. So I had my semi-quarterly freak out about money last night, as is my wont, and I think I've decided that I need to put one of my student loans back into forbearance for a year (where it can join the grad school student loan, which I'm not touching until the credit cards are paid off). Debt totally sucks.

But, to end the entry on a high note- Friday I get free sushi. Free! Sushi! I mean, vegetable sushi! Who doesn't like the sound of that?!


May. 31st, 2005 05:45 pm
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Yikes. So we've been planning on walking "down the aisle" to the String Quartet Tribute to Nirvana version of All Apologies. Only it turns out we can't find a frickin' mp3 of it on the 'net at all. However, we don't have any file sharing programs, so we're wondering if any of you kind folks out there have a file sharing program you could use to see if you can find this song for us. We'd be forever grateful! Here's a link to the album on Amazon so you can see the info about it: click. Of course, since we're leaving on Thursday it's also way too late for us to buy it on Amazon.

Also, of course, turns out my dress definitely was not bustle-ified. I just pulled the stressed out bride routine (aka Bridezilla Cries), and they should get it done for me by 5:00 Thursday, so I can grab it on my way out of town. 'Course, it'll cost me extra. Gah!!!!!
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The new Sleater-Kinney record is so good! Drew picked it up for us last night. I like the Sonic Youth-esque jamminess, which is apropos because S-K and the Youth are the only bands that I've loved since high school who are still putting out great music. The abstractness of the lyrics will take a little getting used to, though, I'm not sure how I feel about "The Fox."

Ok, so a question for [livejournal.com profile] mrs_muffin and [livejournal.com profile] kayranord (and anyone else, too, but you two are the only people I know who had Maggies): I asked the seamstress who hemmed my dress to add whatever is needed to bustle the train up. I tried the dress on last night, and lo, it appears there's nothing for bustling. There is one loop on the inside of the train, but I think that's more for hanging up the train so it doesn't drag in the closet. So, um, what should I be looking for? When I call the seamstress to complain, I want to know what it is she was supposed to have done so I can explain better than saying "the hooky things for the bustle." As an aside: AARRRRRGGGH. I paid $155 and she didn't even do something I specifically asked her to, after taking at least a week longer to get it done than she originally promised? WTF, I am not some wide-eyed little girl wanting to be a pretty princess, I am an adult, and I want the damn job done right. *ahem* I'm glad I actually checked it out now, instead of waiting to bring it up to Maine.
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So, do I trust the little old Italian woman down the street with altering my wedding dress, for the sake of easiness and less hassle, or should I truck my dress over to Brunhilda? Bridesmaids (and others), I need advice! The little old lady has probably been seamstressing for years, but then again, my luck with little old Italian folks as of late hasn't been too stellar.
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I am deeply cutting this link, as most of you really won't care. *Hangs head* I guess it would suffice to say that hell, it hath frozen over. And when it freezes, it freezes big time.

extreme girlyness to follow )
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Looking spiffy sure is expensive. I'm thinking that I want to wear a jacket-type-thingy to my interview next week so I look all professional and stuff. This, of course, necessitates buying the jacket, a shirt to go under it, and a stylish non-frumpy skirt to go with it. I checked out H&M, which will probably be my best bet, and the one I want (the only jacket that doesn't look straight from the set of Miami Vice) will set me back about $50. Which doesn't sound bad considering that the very cute little numbers at Express are $160. I'll check the Gap, but am thinking H&M is going to be it.

I am very antsy to get out of here today. Luckily, I only have 2 more hours left.

Tiki last night was such a fabulous time! Yaay for tiki!!! Drew's sister got me a little tiki god wall hanging from the MFA. TIKI TIKI TIKI! Ahem. I am also totally psyched for the Butterknife show tomorrow, which kicks off a month of indie rock goodness for me.
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Signs that I am, indeed, an adult:

The other day I remarked that Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes fame) isn't very attractive, as he "has too much baggage."

I don't really mind working overtime so terribly much, as it means extra cash, and I'm thinking I need to start putting into a 401K.

I actually dressed for the weather all winter. Seriously. Last night was the first time in months I've been able to wear a tiny skirt and go-go boots.
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Sooo bored.

So these pants that I got at H&M last year didn't fit when I bought them. I tried them today and they fit! Hooray for small victories!
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Yaay! I just bought the cutest black & white polka dot skirt at H&M. As I left the house this morning I forgot that there's semi-fancy holiday party-age tonight at my former place of employment, and I want to look classy and successful from my new job, so I got a spiffy little ensemble.

I think possibly the run of this week's suckiness may be over. It's nice out.

My dreams about bunnies are getting odd and out of control. Last night I dreamt that we had 2 Grendels, 2 Robocops, and 2 of this little lop bunny named Pepe who was a potential suitor when Grennie was speed-dating. Then I was undercover in a hospital on the lam from someone, and was walking around with an IV in my arm. Then I escaped, or rather was kidnapped, and there was a car chase in Lewiston as some drunk guy in a pickup truck was driving me around. I think I need to stop eating cookies before bed.
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Someone in my class is wearing Airwalks. I haven't seen those since 1995. Ah, the memories.


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