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Ahhh, nap time. Dishes washed, laundry going, and meat sauce for tonight's lasagna completed. And he's still sleeping?!

It has been a while since I've done cupcake reviews. Here you go!

Cakes for Occasions in Danvers turns out some surprisingly delicious cupcakes. I say surprisingly because their Yelp reviews are kind of all over the map, so I went in skeptical. But there was a Groupon for a dozen for, like, $12, so the price was right for a trial. I'm not sure how much they cost normally, which is going to be the tipping point for whether this becomes a mainstay cupcakery for obtaining a dozen. My favorite cupcakery is way too expensive to buy a dozen unless it's a really special party, so I'm hoping this place is Lyndell's level of cheapness. Anyway, great moist cake with just the right crumb, tasty frosting, just the right size (on the smaller side for gourmet cupcakes, but not ludicrously tiny like Kick Ass Cupcakes).

Coven in Salem has also really stepped up their cupcake game. They are a bit pricey and are huge, so I hold myself back from chowing down too often. But around St. Patrick's Day they had Guiness cupcakes with Bailey's frosting, and OMG, those cupcakes were amazing. In fact, Coven now ties with Beverly's Cupcake Cafe for Most Favorite Cupcakes In the World.

Kind of surprised that so businesses actually close for Easter. Tried to go to Market Basket this morning but was denied.

Oh, and The League on FX turns out to be a really funny show. It does not look funny at all from the previews, but we gave it a shot and have been in stitches.
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Alright, the Red Velvet Cupcakery in DC is amazing. Such good cupcakes!!! Excellent frosting, good frosting-cake ratio, cake was very moist (though could have been more cohesive).

Also, I know this will be hard to believe, but I finally made a conference friend! Ok, it was at a bar after the conference was done for the day, but still, I had actual conversation with a stranger! Now I am drinking in the hotel bar and am about to use my kindle as potential librarian friend bait.
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I had a fabulous weekend. Finally! We are officially all moved in to the new place and officially totally out of Somerville. To celebrate, I just deleted all davis square related crap from my LiveJournal.

So Thursday night [livejournal.com profile] cayetana had the genius to set up some drinking at the Burren, and it was tons of fun. Just what we needed after an egregiously hard week of getting up at 4:30 am and doing lots of last minute moving/cleaning chores.

Friday Drew & I headed down to NYC on a late afternoon bus. We were not wowed by awesome on the Mega Bus this time, as the trip down took about 5.5 hours and involved lots of traffic and slowness. So we straggled into the city, checked into our hotel (a great find, too, on East Houston and much nicer than we'd expected from the price tag- the Gem Hotel), grabbed a couple slices of pizza, and went on our merry way to the Metafilter meet up. I maintained the perfect level of drunkenness, something I strive for on New York visits but rarely achieve (mostly I achieve "kill me now" hangovers that last the entire next day). Is it sad that this is an accomplishment? Anyway, we hung out with a ton of really interesting people, had lots of good conversation, and stayed out until 3 am. Woo!

Saturday we got up too early and obtained the cupcakes I have dreamt about for months from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I actually now think the cupcakery in Beverly has cupcakes that are even better than the NY place. Trooped around the city in an exhausted haze, got lunch at Burgers & Cupcakes (I have a problem). B&C has changed ownership and changed both their burger recipes and their cupcakes recipes, and I sadly report that I'm not sure I'd recommend going back. Not as good as the last time we went there. After that we piled onto the bus and headed back to Beantown, where I arrived just in time to make it to [livejournal.com profile] dr_alycat's lovely and fantastic bridal shower. Fun times!

Yesterday we got a lot done on the unpacking front, and now have a living room cleared of boxes (not that the boxes are actually unpacked, mostly they've been shuffled up to the office and drawing room to be dealt with later). The kitchen is, like, half-unpacked at this point.
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Well well. To make up for the crappiness that has been February, today was actually a banner day. Got tickets to see The National in May. We went up to Salem to poke around and get a lay of the land, and while there three marvelous things happened. One: Went to a couple of bookstores with the vague hope of finding a book that I have been hotly anticipating for a year. Since it's not supposed to hit shelves until March 1, I was prepared for disappointment. But lo! One store had it on shelf early. Then we found a cupcakery in Beverly that has amazing cupcakes. Like, better than Lyndell's. And it was supposed to close at 2:00, but somehow was still open when we got there a bit past 3:00. These cupcakes are so good, seriously you guys. And then, on our way back to Somerville, the radio played a brand new My Chemical Romance song (shut up, I love them). Finally, we topped our day with a Metafilter meet-up and the Cinematic Titanic show at the Somerville Theater. Success!
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So much indie rock in one weekend! Saw Dressy Bessy last night at TT's, it was a great show. The Built to Spill Don't Look Back show in NYC was also awesome.

Our New York trip: fun and exhausting.

Thursday we arrived in the city, dropped our bags off at our weird "b&b" (bed, no breakfast, surly owner), and headed over for our long, long wait for The Daily Show. They overbook their reserved tickets, so you're not guaranteed to get in even if you have tickets. We got there wicked early, waited in line for a looooooong time, but it was worth it because we did get in. The actual taping of the show is so fast, it really is just about the time it takes to watch the show without commercials. Jon Stewart is awesome and comes out before the show to take some audience questions. The show was conveniently about five blocks away from the venue for Built to Spill, so we left the taping and went over to the concert. I had been hoping to get there after the Meat Puppets finished their set, but we were early and had to sit through them. Dinosaur Jr. rocked out, and then Built to Spill played Perfect From Now On, and they were amazing, and it was all I hoped for. It's my favorite BtS album. After that we met up with the rest of our traveling group in Times Square, went to a really crappy bar, and headed back to Brooklyn to sleep.

Friday Drew & I went to the Central Park Zoo, it was raining so the giant bunnies were not outside and I felt a little cheated. Yes, the highlight of every zoo experience for me is seeing bunnies, even though I have three perfectly good bunnies at home to see all the time. But the polar bears were adorable. We then hit the Met, which I've been to a couple of times, so I hit my museum tolerance pretty quickly. Since it was raining, I think half the population of the city was hanging out inside the Met, making it kind of claustrophobic. We fled the museum to meet up with friends and commence to drinkin'. Continued drinkin' at Vol de Nuit. Got a tasty late dinner at a place called Acme, and by the time we got to Brooklyn our store of energy was spent. Why does it take so friggin' long to get anywhere in New York?

Saturday we had brunch in Carroll Gardens, waited forever for an F train to take us into Manhattan, scored The Best Cupcakes I Have Ever Had, Ever at Sugar Sweet Sunshine, and went to The Strand for some book action. By the time all this was done, it was pretty much time to catch our bus home. Ok, seriously, those cupcakes? They were divine. They were better than Lyndell's. I would take the 4 hour bus back down to New York just to get those cupcakes and then come right back. Nom nom nom.

So that's that. It was a ton of fun, but involved way too much public transportation. If it hadn't been raining I would have walked much more and probably wouldn't have burnt out so much on getting around town.
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What? How is it possible that Kickass Cupcakes is expanding? I do not support this supporting of crappy cupcakes. Speaking of cupcakes- a few weekends ago I tried cupcakes from Patsy's Pastries in Somerville, and I am somewhat happy to report that they were not that good. Lyndell's still wins, which makes me happy because I walk to Lyndell's from home, and I kind of fear finding the Perfect Cupcake someplace outside of reasonable walking distance. I guess if this is one of my concerns in life I'm doing pretty well.

I'm getting weirdly excited by the prospect of shopping at local farmer's markets this summer. I also think that once it gets nice, we may be able to obtain hay within a 30 minute drive for much less than the $50-60 a month we currently pay to get it shipped in from the midwest. But then again, it may not be early cut western Timothy hay, and I can't be serving lame hay to my bunnies. They have discerning tastes.

How much did The Office rock last night? Answer: So much! I want to host a dinner party. But a remarkably less awkward one.
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So I'm reading Them by Jon Ronson, thanks to Drew's recommendation, and it is awesomely entertaining. I am genuinely surprised by several things: 1) the number of different interpretations on the "New World Order" theme, 2) the number of people who appear to believe that a small secret group is controlling the world, and 3) that people honestly think any group of people is organized enough to actually carry out all the activities that the New World Order supposedly carries out. Dude. Sometimes it's an exercise in futility for a group of us to figure out dinner plans for one night. The book is really quite good, though.

Also, I have the sniffles.

Also, also Drew made peanut butter chocolate cupcakes this weekend and they are delicious. Take that, Kickass Cupcakes! Oh, and a cupcakery review: We tried the cupcakes at Modern Pastry this weekend (from the Medford location). Good, better than Kickass, but not great. The cake was moist and tasty, but the frosting was a bit too thick and definitely too sweet. Good size to price ratio, though. Lyndell's is still the winner, with a close second coming in from Joseph's Bakery in South Boston (my work often gets our cupcake treats for "First Fridays" from there).
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So we're watching Friday Night Lights, and I turn to Drew and say "If I played football, I'd want to be the one who runs into dudes and tackles them! Drew says "You want to be a linebacker?!" Yup. My name is Jennie. I am 4'11.5". And I want to be a linebacker.

Seriously, you guys, Friday Night Lights is so good. *love*

Also, as a cupcake reference, to make sure we were being fair to Kickass Cupcakes, we sampled the chocolate cupcakes from The Spotted Apron in Boston. $2.85 per cupcake, but sized somewhere between Lyndell's cupcake size and a Dunkin Donut muffin. So, not huge, but more than three bites. Verdict: Pretty darn good. The cake was really dense, but it was also very moist and richly chocolately (the kind that makes you go for a glass of milk, if you are a milk-drinker). The frosting didn't knock my socks off, with a cake that dense I would have preferred a very whipped & airy frosting instead of an equally dense frosting, but it was a light layer on top. Very heavy mouthfeel, but you know, for a cupcake that's almost 3 bucks, I want to feel like I'm eating something. In my mind, that was a cupcake worthy of its price tag. Still prefer Lyndell's overall, but I feel like I've judged the new cupcakery fairly and against a more worthy competitor, since the K.C. propriertor keeps posting online about how Lyndell's uses poor ingredients and "you get what you pay for."
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Kickass Cupcakes in Davis Square- Verdict: Fail. Hardcore fail.

Ok, first of all, if I'm going to pay $2.89 for a cupcake, I'd like it to be at least the size of a Hostess cupcake. Or at least the size of a cupcake that fits those normal cupcake paper thingies you can get at the grocery store. Or, at the very, very least, make it the size of something you can bake in an Easy Bake Oven. Smaller than that and you are starting to lose me. Overbake the tiny little cake part of the cupcake and you continue down the path of loserdom. Add crappy frosting and I am gone. Also, the price of a dozen is just absurd. $33 for a dozen pathetic cupcakes is just for suckers, especially when a few blocks away are the tastiest cupcakes on earth that sell for $9.90 a dozen. If you're going to charge such outrageous prices, at least cut people like a $5 break on a dozen, it will make them feel a little less like they're being ripped off.

By comparison, the cupcakery in New York that we tried last year (Crumbs) has cupcakes that are huuuuge, delicious, and cost $3.50, which is reasonable for taste, size, and what I consider to be the "New York City tax" of things being more expensive than necessary in Manhattan. I couldn't even finish the cupcake I got at Crumbs because it was so huge, and those of you who know me know I can pack in some food like nobody's business, and have no shame about scarfing down edibles.

I love the Emperors New Clothes-esque sentiment that so many denizens that bastion of LJ community sanity are spouting. Or maybe they really have never had better baked goods and they love throwing money down the toilet. Whatevs, I give that place 3 months before they've gone under, unless they change things up a lot.

Anyway, I've been "jogging" in the mornings lately, and I'm kind of digging it. Right now the morning temperatures are perfect, and at 6 am, the roads are quiet, it's just starting to get light outside, and it's quite pleasant.
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Ok, so I'm excited enough about a new cupcake joint opening in my neighborhood, but srsly, since when did cupcakes become The New Coolest Thing Evar OMG Tell All My Friendzzz? 'Cause that kind of turns me off.

I'm such a snob.

Besides, it's not likely that they'll be better than Lyndell's. I mean, I travel and scientifically test new cupcakes in exotic locales (such as: New York City), and Lyndell's has yet to be beat by cupcakeries that are far more fancy and expensive. I'm just sayin'. But if everyone and their brother these days is getting into cupcakes I may have to shake my stick at them and go put some vinyl on the record player to remember the good old days. Or something.

ANYway. Today I totally made a Google Calendar for my fall tv line up. Am I a librarian or what?
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Ugh, I know I shouldn't, but every once in a while I drop back in to see what craziness is going on in [livejournal.com profile] davis_square, and get my blood pressure pumped up with the inevitable dumbassery going on in there. Dumpster diving... you know, I don't care if people want to do that themselves, as nasty as I think it is, but the dude who very proudly proclaimed that they dumpster dived and brought the retrieved goods to homeless shelters.... just... dude. If you care that much about feeding homeless people, don't give them food you picked out of a trash bag. Please. Homeless people have dignity, too. I bet the people running the shelter would be pissed as all get out to find out that donated food has been plucked from the trash, I'm sure that violates the sanitary code.

In good Davis Square news, there is a new cupcakery opening soon. Cupcakes!

Also, today I will most likely be voted in as the new chair of the Union List Committee for the Association of Boston Law Librarians. I say most likely because I'm the only person nominated for the job, and I think I'm the only person on the committee, but you never know, some librarian may just start a throw-down with me at the meeting.

ETA: The Tiki Room is closed?! Noooooooo! But-- this summer I am doing this. Tiki Tour!
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So [livejournal.com profile] aphorisic rules because he told me of a magical place in New York. That place is Burgers & Cupcakes, and if that idea alone doesn't fill you with delight, let me just say: bacon and cheddar burger and a chocolate peanut butter cupcake. So tasty I don't think I have the right adjectives to describe it. So we had a great trip to NY, the Metafilter meetup was tons of fun, Saturday we hung out for a bit at Vol de Nuit, and this morning we went to the Central Park Zoo. This week there's awesome sweeps television to look forward to (Veronica Mars and Supernatural, I'm looking your way!), and I should get back into something of a more regular routine with kung-fu. Life is good.

Also, speaking of Metafiter, some of you will find this amusing humorous SNL meme.
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I have a confession. For the longest time after reading Beowulf in high school, I thought Grendel was a big old dragon. Then the dragon idea was deflated by "English majors" who apparently have better reading comprehension skills than I. So I then thought Grendel was a big old hairy monster. Imagine my disappointment when watching Beowulf and Grendel and finding out that Grendel was just a lame troll.

Man. My bunny's name isn't as badass anymore.

And, um, wow. That movie was a big old turd. In fact, it is on my list somewhere between the Star Wars prequels and The Mexican, though not winning the Worst Movie Ever award, as that is held by Unbreakable. Inappropriate colloquialisms, unmatching accents, Sarah Polley's wretched "performance," and Grendel peeing on a door for some reason. Ugh. I'd like those two hours of my life back, please.

Anyway, so that happened this weekend (sorry to the folks who saw it Friday, my logistics for seeing it couldn't work until later in the weekend).

But my weekend also involved ice cream filled cupcakes, so I can't complain. Science has proven that they are delicious. And the store has a variety of other pastries that can be injected with soft serve.
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We're back! The trip was very fun, despite some... adventures. Or near-adventures. Drew will probably write about it in a more entertaining fashion than I can, though.

I will say this- we pilgrammaged to Crumbs, and while they do offer tasty cupcakes, Lyndell's in Somerville (a convenient few blocks from our place!) trumps the fancy NYC cupcakes. I studied this with much science, and empirically found the Crumbs cupcake to be lacking in two key cupcake factors: structural integrity (a must!), and cakey consistency. The frosting was fluffy and creamy, thus gaining a slight advantage over Lyndell's, whose frosting is merely creamy, not fluffy. But the cake portion of the Crumbs cupcake tasted more muffiny than cakey, and crumbled apart too easily. The peanut butter cup cupcake was also a little too densely covered in delicious Reeses morsels, leading to further crumbliness and messiness.

So the verdict was: delicious, but not something for which I wanted to spend $40 for a dozen. After eating the cupcakes we finished our walk from 94th street to 4th street, which had to have been a few miles, thus negating any caloric powers the delicious baked goods may have had.
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Ok, [livejournal.com profile] bunnyroo is my hero.


She has directed me to Cupcake Nirvana.

I have a problem. a delicious problem

Note to [livejournal.com profile] komos and [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo: If you'd rather we bring back cupcakes instead of making you cookies as partial bunny-feeding karma repayment, just say the word. There will, as always, also be booze for yous.


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