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When I'm really stressed I dream about the bunnies getting loose and being hard to find/catch. Last night involved such a dream, not only did Robocop escape, but Grendel was hitting Beef Wellington on the head with a briefcase. The briefcase was actually Drew's thingy that he keeps his Magic cards in, which is actually pretty proportionally correct for a Grendel-sized briefcase. I find that oddly hilarious.

So yes, I am a wee bit stressed about the house buying stuff (working around lawyers all the time has made me totally paranoid). But also excited!

I just read what might possibly be the worse book ever: The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires. I can't explain why I bought it other than 1)it was on display in the bookstore in Salem, and 2) it promised a nephilim that gets turned into a vampire with sexy results. The thing makes Twilight look like a piece of art.
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Why, oh why, did I ever doubt Joss? Sure, the concept of "space cowboys" is downright silly, and sure, I'm very skeptical of enjoying any show that takes place in space, but hot damn, Firefly is a good show. Sign me up for Serenity on Friday night!

Went over the Second Circle yesterday for a Firefly marathon. [livejournal.com profile] mrs_muffin brought over some cinnamon muffins that must be laced with crack, as they are the best freakin' muffins I've ever had. I'm almost drooling thinking about them right now. We got home in time for our Sunday night cartoons, and I would just like to point out the power of the OC, as it was featured in jokes in both The Simpsons and Family Guy last night. I think the Simpsons won, with the California song playing over a clip of teenagers having fun and getting mugged by Snoopy. Mock all you want, the OC is a Pop Culture Phenomenon.

So, Saturday [livejournal.com profile] ayelle put together a fantastically fun outing to Nashoba, for apple picking and wine tasting. And wine purchasing. I left with 4 bottles of wine... Drew got another 4 bottles and a barleywine, I think.

And Friday involved terrorizing the poor bunnies with nail clippings, and then tasty dinner at Christopher's, followed by meeting up with the Neil Gaimen crew for drinks at Grendel's Den.

So that's that, and it's another regular old week at work. Last night I had a horribly vivid dream about Grendel dying. It was very unpleasant and gory.
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Last night I dreamt that we lived with the guys from Stella, and hijincks ensued. Then we had to go see an improv show in which Michael Ian Black was starring, and it was at a church I used to go to as a kid. After the improv, [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo, [livejournal.com profile] doplar, and others did some weird interpretive dance.
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Ah, summer weekends, how I love thee. Thursday night we did Trivia Night at the Newtowne Grille in Porter Square. I seriously thought that the place would be so sketcy and townie that we would have a lock on first place, but alas, for other young post-collegiates also thought the same thing. One of our teams came in 4th, though, which is something. I am so loving the idea of doing our own trivia nights at our place once the kegorator is up and running.

Friday night Drew & I used a gift card we had for Vinny Testa's to get a mostly-free dinner, then we headed to the theater for War of the Worlds. I actually really liked the movie, but then again, most of you know I have horrible taste in movies anyway. I was terrified and clutching onto Drew's arm for most of it. It helps that aliens are my number two fear, second only to spiders (I guess that's good, as spiders are actually real, and aliens areā€¦ probably not all that real. But I'm gullible! And easily led to believe crazy conspiracy theories! It's one of my charms!). That night I had a post-apocalyptic nightmare that the city was burning down, not because of aliens, but because a rum factory in town exploded. I don't even know if rum is even made in factories, but the dream was scary and involved a lot of running around and eventually having to kill a man, 'cause, you know, he was trying to take my stuff.

Saturday we enjoyed a loverly bbq in celebration of [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent's birthday. There were sausages and meats, and some friends announced that they just got engaged. The Old Married Club is expanding. Yesterday was completely given over to laziness and lolling about. So that was that.
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Wow. Is it me, or is it really weird to see 1990 as the year that a livejournaler was born? I need to stop reading the bunnyowners community, as there are too many spacey teenage girls on there who don't know how to (or don't care to) take care of their critters. Don't get a pet if you don't want to be responsible for it! Though I will admit that the idea of a bunny eating an entire box of Girl Scout cookies is a little amusing.

I had such a screwed up dream last night, but it did not involve vampires or silly vampire-puppies. Blade: Trinity was an entertaining romp.
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Uh, still groggy. Had the strangest hard-to-wake-up-from dream this morning. It started with me being back in college, working at the library, seeing all sorts of folks I haven't seen/thought of in so long. But I wasn't me from then, I was me from now, as I was catching up with people and telling them I'm engaged and talking about the bunnies. Then I went home, and it was my old house, where, for some reason, I was listening to a Haitian radio station and drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee. Then I was on a beach with Drew and Jessica Simpson, because Jessica Simpson was trying to show us her husband's new house, which was in a cave on the beach. Um, yeah.

Now I'm reading The Note and The Hill online and thinking too much about politics.

The weekend was quite, quite good. There was a party and some comedy and a movie. Next weekend there are so many movies to see! So many! Who's with me for Bridget Jones? Hugh Grant and Colin Firth! There's also SpongeBob, and National Treasure (which does demand hidden flasks of booze, as it'll be an enormous crapfest).
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Strange dream:

There was a school in Canada that once a year opened its doors to everyone, and offered free 15 minute classes. You had to collect signatures for every class you took, and if you took enough, at the end of the day you got a degree from the school. They were specializing in library science this particular year, so Drew & I decided to hop into the car to get [another?] degree. I kept getting lost and couldn't decide what classes I wanted, so I ended up with just a how-to-use-computers class and a class in advanced Hebrew. I did, however, make a friend, who invited us to a party after classes were done. So we went to this party, and then in the wee hours of the night decided we needed to come back home. For some reason, driving completely smashed didn't seem like a bad idea. Then the dream cut to us waking up on the commuter rail outside of Boston, with one of Drew's dart friends. Apparantly we had driven down to New Jersey, were too drunk and tired to keep driving back, so we had called him for a ride. He came down to get us, but we had to leave our rental car down there. So when we woke up on the train, we had to get out and go back down to New Jersey to get the car, which the cops were just about to tow away. Then we drove back to the school in Canada, because we had forgotten to turn in our signatures for the classes we took. I went to visit the friend I had made, who told me she was a cocaine addict and was having all these problems. Then I woke up.

That is possibly one of the weirdest dreams I've had to date. All the weirder is I know I've had at least one other dream about going to a school in Canada that offers 15 minute classes once a year for free. I think this may have something to do with my liking school but being too impatient with it to deal with it for very long.
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Jumping on the dream-posting bandwagon:

Last night's was...interesting.

I had to take a science placement exam to get into some sort of grad school. So I left work early to go to the place where the test was being held, which turned out to be a small bookstore that was supposedly in Government Center. I got to the mall-type building, but there was only a Barnes & Noble there. They told me the bookstore I wanted was in the basement, so I went down there, only to find a huge porn store. I was wandering around the store, and then ran into someone from high school. I then got directions to the place where the test was, which turned out to be farther away than I had anticipated, so I booked it out to try to make it on time. Then the alarm woke me up, and I groggily spilt water everywhere.
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So yeah, as Drew posted, my beauty sleep was shattered last night by the shrill ringing of the phone. I couldn't get back to sleep for so long, and then I had nightmares about being on a terroist plane. Bah! So in light of my sleepiness, I'm going to stay home tonight, have Tenille and Rachel over so we can watch a truly terrible movie and I can cook dinner for them. Sounds like a good plan.
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Am surprisingly chipper this morning considering I'm operating on so little sleep... it wasn't that I went home terribly late, but I was so wired that I had a hard time getting to sleep, and then I had some bizarre nightmares )

So, Prom Karaoke rocked my socks off. That was quite a lot of fun, and I'm now hooked. You know, maybe sometime if I have enough delicious Pabst in my system I'll even consider going up there to sing (though, really, you don't want to hear that, it's not a pretty scene at all when I try to coax my voice into song). So huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cayetana and [livejournal.com profile] philbot for encouraging me to come out, and for giving me a ride. Also to Mr. [livejournal.com profile] shelbyg for being such a fine prom escort. Others with whom I boogied the night away included [livejournal.com profile] basha, [livejournal.com profile] theamazingjb, [livejournal.com profile] dirtymikesell, [livejournal.com profile] alisonwndrlnd and [livejournal.com profile] cspariah. Met some fun new people. All in all, a very good night.
I do miss the social smoke, though. I miss it quite a lot. Cigarettes are good for bonding, but I'm just totally quit-ified now. You know, since graduating from college, my friends had been trying to get me to a)eat meat and b)quit smoking. I've now fulfilled all of their hopes & dreams. See, guys, I do listen! =P
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Yaay! I just bought the cutest black & white polka dot skirt at H&M. As I left the house this morning I forgot that there's semi-fancy holiday party-age tonight at my former place of employment, and I want to look classy and successful from my new job, so I got a spiffy little ensemble.

I think possibly the run of this week's suckiness may be over. It's nice out.

My dreams about bunnies are getting odd and out of control. Last night I dreamt that we had 2 Grendels, 2 Robocops, and 2 of this little lop bunny named Pepe who was a potential suitor when Grennie was speed-dating. Then I was undercover in a hospital on the lam from someone, and was walking around with an IV in my arm. Then I escaped, or rather was kidnapped, and there was a car chase in Lewiston as some drunk guy in a pickup truck was driving me around. I think I need to stop eating cookies before bed.
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I have got to write this dream down, it's too good.

So, in said dream: Hugh Grant kidnapped me to be his personal assisstant. Now, being a fiesty girl, I told him that if he had asked nicely, I would have said yes, but since he kidnapped me, I had to escape. He took me to my old house (the one in which I grew up), where he then tried to kill me (with arrows!). I took what he was using to tie me up and strangled him with it, but not enough to kill him, just enough to get a head start. I then took off running, but had a hard time doing so, as I was not wearing pants. I had a towel wrapped around my waist that kept coming off, so I kept stopping to readjust. Hugh Grant chased after me. Then I woke up.
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Last night I dreamt that my Academic Libes teachers were chasing me around some university, until I jumped into a room where a group of lawyers were having a meeting. I think I need help.
I've got to say that [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent really has a consummate sense of style.

And, um, whoo-hoo for England!
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Whew. What a morning already. Started by having a group of skanky men outside my apartment make sexist comments about me. I said "that's disgusting" and flipped them off. I am so going to get in trouble one of these days...should probably start thinking before doing sometimes. Anyway, I got an email from one of the jobs that turned me down last month asking if I'm still interested. I didn't answer the email right away, going with the tried and true method of keeping 'em hanging for a bit. I got a phone call about an hour later about it, so I'm thinking they probably really want me. Whoo. Meeting with HR on Wednesday. Happy Jenny!
This weekend brought so much goodness. In fact, it was a plethora of goodness.
Thursday I took off early from work, as I ran out of actual books to work on. Went to Pearl Jam with my little brother. It was an enjoyable show, they played Corduroy, which is one of the best rock songs ever written. It was, however, a giant Frat Party. I felt lost amid so many jocksy guys wearing Abercrombie clothes. But all in all, a good time.
Friday, well [livejournal.com profile] eye_abstains wrote about Friday well enough, so I won't go through everything again. Suffice to say that it was full of warm fuzziness and vodka. Sooooo much vodka. Road trips are fun! Not looking at the price tag on the swim suit you buy, however, can lead to a heart attack when said swim suit is rung up at the register. Wasn't expecting to pay that much for such a tiny piece of clothing. But it was an excellent day. Ooooh, and TIKI TIME was Great. So great. My food was on fire. Hooray!
Saturday brought more excellence, at [livejournal.com profile] ms_ntropy's pool party. A very good time was had by all. I've got to get me one of those old-timey Coke machines.
Sunday: very girly day with Tenille. We went home goods shopping, which was, as always, enjoyable. We then rented cheesy girly movies, had pizza and diaquaris, and giggled a lot. I *heart* our girly nights. I then stayed up way too late to finish Harry Potter, and proceeded to sleep fitfully through dreams that combined Harry Potter with my recent vacation. Very, very odd. I was a really old lady in one of them, and was chased by Portland, Oregon's feral cat population. Hmm.
I am now ready to face this week armed with a boatload of happiness.
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oh, if only my cute, cute shoes did not make my feet burn with pain. every summer it's the same story: girl buys cute new shoes. girl wears cute new shoes out for a night without breaking them in first. girl has ouchy feet the next day.
that said, last night's trip to the pheonix was great! i had a most excellent time.

i had the strangest dream last night: first, my boss and i were hiding from a meeting of all the library higher-ups (like secret-agent style hiding, it was neat). then i had to go on some sort of mission. this mission apparently involved meeting with [livejournal.com profile] eye_abstains and eating burritos, for that is what happened in the rest of the dream.
clearly, this means that i'm avoiding authority and/or think about work too much. and, um, i guess i like burritos. =)
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so tired. had a really graphic dream about a shark biting my arm off. eek.
anyway, i'm so excited, tonight i'm going to see my friend rachel (not wacky-rachel), who i haven't seen in So Long. we spent many a time in college discussing boys. she, and certain other people who shall go unnamed, taught me much in the way of having crushes (hey, it was a small place, it was reasonable to know someone's class schedule, or at least when they would be in the dining hall!) =) good times. so i'm psyched to see her at this softball fundraising thingy.
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i totally skipped on the indie rock tonight. it was snowing too much when i needed to leave for the show. if it had been on the red line, that would have been a different story altogether. stupid lansdowne street.
there is something strange about my room, it sucks sleep away from me. i've got this book on social justice theory that best send me off to sleepy land.
speaking of sleepy land, i find it odd that both [livejournal.com profile] eye_abstains and i both had dreams about taking vacations to thailand (and/or other asian nations?) last night. i think that means i'm overdue for thai food, and will thusly obtain said sustenance this weekend. or it just reinforces my fear of planes, which really didn't need much reinforcing.
i wish i had more wine.
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i'm not all that prepared for my cataloging quiz, but my professor is so erratic (and bizarrely in love with card catalogs) that i'm not really sure what i should be studying anyway.
today feels very surreal. my alarm woke me from a really long, odd dream that began with me being very late for work, so i thought i was late when i woke up. the dream also involved yelling at my mother for watching Fox News and other conservative media. and then a very, very weird college party.
and there's this guy at work who seems to think i'm completely insane. i'm even making a conscious effort when interacting to be normal, but every time i speak i get the strangest looks. c'est la vie.
i need more red bull (and when you need something, that's a responsibility).
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i *love* strong bad.

it seems the not sleeping well lately isn't just limited to me, but hot damn, i haven't slept decently in a couple of months. it's not like anything's wrong, i don't even think i'm worried about anything. things are well, just plain good. so why are my dreams all fucked up and waking me up in the wee hours of the morning?
last night's )
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4:30 am is not an appropriate time to sit in the parking lot outside my window and blare rap.

that may expain some of the truly bizzare dreams i had last night.
one involved: my waking from a fuge state in the airport a year and a half from now. wandering around confused, trying to figure out who i was and why i was hanging around in Logan, i then got a call on my cell phone from someone who was happy that i had been "found" after being lost for over a year.

most odd.


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