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First 5 am trip to the gym ACCOMPLISHED. This is the first time I set foot in a gym since halfway through my pregnancy. It's been a while, but it feels pretty good to be done with my exercise first thing in the morning. I'm hoping this makes my evenings more relaxing from now on. And that it makes my pants fit better.
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I had a bee in my bonnet on Sunday to go jogging, so when West took a nap I went for a couple of spins around the Common. I haven't jogged since before I was pregnant. Ouch. Everything hurts. It did feel pretty nice at the time, though.

Sometimes I like to browse around HomeExchange.com and dream about switching homes with someone in Sweden or Italy... or Spain or Ireland... or anywhere.... for a week vacation. It seems like such a cool idea. I think we need to be pet-less for it to be a possibility, though the site claims that some people are ok with pets.

Also- Breaking Dawn I was just too hilarious. I actually loved the cheesiness of the first few movies, but this one is over the top bad. I will still be excited for the last movie. And for Hunger Games!!
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This morning we went on our first hike in over a year, it felt great to get out and moving. Put West in the Kelty backpack and he ended up sleeping through most of it- awesome! We went to Long Hill in Beverly, the trail was a little over a mile, so it was a good way to ease back into things.
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Ok, I would love to attend this at some point. Judgment free dancing to good music! The only thing is I'm not sure how much dancing falls into the forbidden zone of strenuous activity that my current condition outlaws. Damn, I hate being a delicate flower!
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I won a free personal training session today at the gym. Score! I'd been thinking about buying a session, but have been too cheap to do so. I know this is their way of trying to hard sell you into more, but you can't hard sell someone who has no money! Or you can, but it is not going to work on the girl.

NaNoWriMo update- 22K words, last night I banged out almost 3K in a frenzy of trying to get to my plot. I am really enjoying the process again this year, I really like the structure of having to get something done every day. Though that is also a bit of a curse, because I find myself needlessly drawing out some scenes that are utterly useless because I worry that I'll run out of story before I get to the 50,000 word mark. So there will be a lot of editing to do eventually. But tonight I have to commence with the actual adventure! portion of the story and cease wanking on about music. In my imagination, Neutral Milk Hotel has gotten back together.

Also- I am giddy like a little girl for New Moon.
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Day 1 of this week's experiment in getting gym time over with before work went pretty well. Caught the 6:45 train to Boston, got into the gym around 7:25, easily got a half hour elliptical session done, showered, and managed to get into work about 10 minutes early. Yays! I think I can squeeze a 40 minute session in most days and get in just on time. Not really feeling super energized from the early morning workout, and am now ravenously hungry even though I ate breakfast before leaving home. But I think this could work as a habit! Which is good, because I'd much rather get home around 5:00 than 6:00, and this is the only way to make that happen.

This weekend was fabulous- engagement party for friends and an after-party that was low-key and very fun. Yesterday we hit the Winter Island beach with a few people, and it was totally awesome. Not super crowded, the ocean was only mildly scary, and there was much sun and relaxation. I was never a huge beach person, and tend to pack enough provisions and boredom fighting tools to last me a month in the wilderness, but I do enjoy sitting in sunshine whenever the sun deigns to show itself around here.
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My race results:

Net time: 31:56
Pace: 10:17


Also, I have a Netflix recommendation: Peep Show might just be the most hilarious show I've seen since Black Books. Watch it!
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So this was a busy long weekend. We officially bought a house on Friday, after many headaches and stress. But it is worth it! We got our first Salem parking ticket during our closing.

We've started cleaning/fixing the place up, and exploring the food and drink offerings of Salem. I think this place is going to be our new favorite place ever. Belgian beers! Good vibe! Cheese plates!

And today, thanks to the cajoling of [livejournal.com profile] starflow and [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent, today I ran a 5k! And it was actually fun! Ok, so I did have to break down and do some walking in bits, but I ran more than I thought I would. Yay! What a pleasant surprise, especially considering the terrible night's sleep I got last night because I had 5k-related nightmares all night (yes, I was really anxious and worried about it, even though as Drew pointed out, all I had to do was move for 5 kilometers without stopping, and when you put it that way, it sounds silly to be scared of it).
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The video of Sam the koala drinking water breaks my heart. Sad, hurt koala! The Australian dollar exchange rate is really favorable to our dollar right now, so donating some money to the Aus. Red Cross and the Victoria wildlife rescue is both easy and cheap enough to assuage some social sadness.

So this week I decided to stop going to kung fu. It's been an awesome three years, and I can't believe I actually progressed as far as I have. But when we move in a few months I'd have to give it up anyway, and for the next few months it'll be cheaper and more convenient for me to hit the gym after work, rather than be beholden to a class schedule a couple nights a week. So I've joined up with Boston Sports Club, and am slowly getting back into the gym groove. I'm still a little intimidated by the weight equipment because it's a total dude zone, but I'm hoping it'll be a bit less crowded on the weekend so I can figure out how the weight machines work without looking stupid in front of too many people. You know I'll totally be getting into the ab machine thingy all backwards and upside down.
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So yesterday I decided to start the 100 push ups routine, since everyone else is doing it, and I would like to eventually be able to do 100 push ups. Ha. It does not seem possible, but it can't hurt to try. In the initial test I was actually able to hammer out 20 at once, which was surprising because in kung fu class I am usually dying at the end of 10, but in class we do them faster and I think my form is rather poor when doing them fast.

Also, we finally joined Netflix, and I forsee an overconsumption of media in my future. Which is dangerous, because I have not been reading much lately, for want of finding anything that fits the very particular book craving I've been having. I just want a good Victoria era story with a mystery and a dash of subtle romance. But written recently, not written back in the actual Victorian era. And without too much dialect. I am having a really hard finding books that meet my criteria, and have not been feeling the love for anything else. Blerg!
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I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. I was mistaken. *sigh*

So, this weekend Drew & I watched "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," and it was immensely enjoyable. Fast-paced, bantery, and hilarious. Are there other movies out there that are similar in style? I have so many questions for you lately, my awesome friends-list!

Kung-fu tonight (Monday's class was all kicks, I'm hoping we go over some forms tonight). I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I've started dabbling in running/jogging on some non-kung-fu nights. It feels like it's getting a bit easier, or at least, yesterday I didn't feel like I was about to keel over at the end. I hate running so much, but I figure I need something aerobic to do a few times a week along with the yoga/pilates/weight training. You'd think I'd be in better shape than I am with all this working out. Someone needs to forcibly remove the peanut butter cups from our house! Save me from myself and my love of Reeses.
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Well, 2005 was a pretty fantastic year. Went to England for indie rock, got hitched, went back to England for castles and narrowboats, went to Canada, and had lots of fun with many of you.

In my quest to learn some grace and stop clomping around all clumsy-like, I think I'm going to learn kung fu. I was pretty hell-bent on karate, but the martial arts place in Davis looks like it focuses more on kung-fu, and, well, being able to say I know kung-fu would be pretty darn sweet. It's $145 for 3 months of once a week classes, which seems pretty reasonable, and they even have a Saturday morning class that would be easy to fit into my schedule. I'm gonna do it!
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So sore, but in a good way. I rediscovered my workout dvds, since I'm not going down to the Financial District just to exercise. Just did an hour of aerobics and weights, with 10 minutes of yoga thrown in at the end to stretch out. Next on my lazy day agenda is lunch at Kelly's, then laundry. Oooh, M2 is doing a countdown of the 25 greatest videos. Sweet. Have I mentioned that I found a new magazine that is even better than the New Yorker? Harper's Monthly is fantastic! It has comedy, news, liberal rants against neocons...
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Last night I finally did it. I cooked a dinner that was so thouroughly inedible that I threw it away and went out to buy us something from the place down the street.

I'm not sure if it's a testament to his memory or my "familiar face," but the guy who works at my gym said "4 times in a row this week, that's awesome!" to me when I went in today. I'm walking tons more lately, but need to keep toning with weights. My calf muscles are insanely toned by now, but I'd like my arms to catch up to their buffness.

As others have mentioned, I'm a little sad about the end of the Buffy era. I never got into Angel, and stopped watching after Buffy itself ended, but still. It's rare that I'll enjoy a tv show that much, but those were some well-written/acted programs. Heh. Though I did have a little bit of a sniffle at the Las Vegas season finale this week (stop laughing!). Sometimes I'm just a sentimental sap.
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*contented sigh*

Just went to gym and flexed my all powerful muscles with weights... or at least am trying to get rid of my batwings. Also got to chat with Nat, who is my quasi gym buddy. Yay.
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Wow! I just found a gym that's not only closer to work (by a smidgen, but still), it's also half the price of BSC!! Sweet. Needless to say, I signed myself up. It's the Women's Fitness Center of Boston. Though the biggest selling point was the fact that when I looked around, the Pixies were playing in the workout area. That'll give me an extra $30 or $40 a month with which to play.
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Wheee! I just went to the gym and spent 20 minutes pedaling my cares away. I am so pleased. And I got back in enough time to enjoy my apple and diet Pepsi. AND it's gorgeous out. And I got my interview with my prof ready to go! whee!
oh, [livejournal.com profile] eye_abstains, there's definitely something wrong with yr bike, as the one I was on was wicked easy to pedal.
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I have finally completed my mission! I just joined Boston Sports Club.
The place isn't as daunting as I thought anything involving "sports" would be. The people look like normal businessy people. And they have a set of machines where you just bang your way down the line and get a full-body workout in 22 minutes! I can do it during lunch.
noticing some Freudian word choice in there

I have lots of other things to say, but no time to write now.


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