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Thanks to the loverly [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo, I got a free delivery of Hello Fresh this week, to try it out. So I figured I'd give you all a little review of it here. Why not!

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Last night for the first time ever I cooked fish for dinner. And I consumed a reasonable number of bites of said fish. I cooked up some baked tilapia over roasted tomatoes, olives, and capers, with some roasted potatoes on the side. It was not terrible, but it was not enjoyable. The fish didn't really taste like anything, but I remain not a fan of the texture. I really can't see myself ever saying "that was a tasty piece of fish, which I am happy to have consumed," but I'm going to try to incorporate it slightly more often in our dinner rotations because Drew likes it and it's healthy.

Also, this news story and this one about finding Richard III's remains under a British parking lot is pretty cool. And they used genealogy DNA to back up the find.

I've made some wicked awesome headways into my genealogy research, though a lot of that was finding other people's research, which I need to back up on my own with source documents, but still, I have some lines traced all the way back to the late 1500s in France. Turns out the French Canadians are super easy to research. The Irish I am just stalled out on, though.
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Just made a batch of these avocado chocolate chip cookies and they came out awesomely. Added a banana because the batter seemed really sticky. So good!
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Sunday night baking post! I just made these sweet potato brownies. Verdict: very yummy! I skipped the frosting because I am lazy and I'm not going to clean the mixing bowl just to make frosting. Instead, squirt some whipped cream on these bad boys, eat the brownies warm, and thank me later. Other modifications: I baked two small sweet potatoes instead of boiling one medium. Used a regular muffin pan instead of a mini muffin pan. Then I made banana chocolate chip cookies. Modifications: two bananas and only 1.5 cups of oats. They are really moist and cake like. And tasty. Woot.
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Our weekends tend to be so busy that West's afternoon nap is usually in the car or stroller. When I get an actual afternoon of blissful quiet at home it's really nice. Just made a batch of blueberry zucchini muffins and am ready to get some zucchini raisin cookies into the oven. I know, my baking ambitions a few days ago were a bit different, but this time I wanted to make some things that could be sent off to daycare, so they had to be nut-free, and I wanted at least a pretense of healthiness. Yay, quiet house, yummy smelling kitchen!
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I have a cooking ambition problem. Towards the end of every week I start dreaming up all the healthy cooking/baking/freezer stocking I totally want to do over the weekend. Except, the weekend is only two days long and lately those two days have been incredibly packed with activities (yay, summer fun and socializing!).

So I end up doing things like this past Wednesday evening when I stood over the hot stove for a couple of hours making special hidden veggie meatballs and pasta sauce for West. It was worth the effort, though, he actually ate pasta with the new pasta sauce for lunch, which tricked him into ingesting mushroom, zucchini, carrot, leek, and red pepper! Last Sunday I made these paleo blueberry chocolate cookies (for the record, they are "tasty," I guess, if you ignore the fact that gluten actually makes cookies more cookie-like and almond flour is not quite the same.... also the photo on the blog? no idea how those cookies raised so much, mine were super thin and flat).

Now I want to make zucchini bread pancakes and blueberry lemon cookies and sweet potato cookies. Oh, ambition.
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Such a great lazy weekend. Yesterday we had a West swimming lesson (private lesson for the past couple of sessions because the only other kid in class has a broken wrist, woo-hoo fancytown!), and we took West to the local mall because it was too dang hot outside to do a playground, so he got to run around at Mall Tots (greatest storefront invention EVER), then we rode the train that goes around the mall (seriously, a lady dressed up in a train conductor outfit, a decently sized train with an actual smoking whistle), and we looked at dogs in the dog store. Banner day for West! He was ridiculously cute for all of it. Today we were going to go to Davis Farmland until we realized how far away it actually is. So we found a farm in Wellesley that has a train, a "petting zoo," and a playground, did that for about an hour, then went in search of the Natick Mall for an indoor play area. Got lost, found the mall, got conveyor belt sushi, and West ran around the play area. Got home and West and Drew went to the driveway for some sprinkler and hose water fun. Not a bad way to spend a weekend at all. I am going to ignore the fact that five years ago "not a bad way to spend the weekend" meant I was drunk for most of it. It's a different scale now. Just finished making a batch of hidden-squash mac & cheese for West, which I'm sure he won't actually eat a morsel of. It smells really good, though. Did manage to get him to eat some "pudding" today that was plain yogurt, avocado, banana, and pineapple. Rediscovering my Tyler Florence baby/toddler cookbook and remembering how amazing and easy his recipes are.
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OMG, I am in love with this blog. Around the world in burgers!
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I walk by this place every day, and I am just dying for it to open. I require Belgian fries!! With sauces!

Speaking of food, the Salem Farmer's Market starts up tomorrow, and this year they've expanded quite a bit, there will be meats and eggs and, best of all, When Pigs Fly bread.

So soccer is totally a sport I could get into, were I to get into a sport. It has a time limit! The clock keeps running when the ball goes out of the lines! Plus, it just seems harder than dudes hitting a ball with a stick or tackling each other every 5 feet.

And finally, a blog post that really resonates with me.

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OMG. I know it's unreasonable, but I kind of want to take the bus to New York just to eat food and then come back. Cupcakes and Milkshakes Cart!!!!
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There is a Little Caesar's opening soon in Salem. I seriously can not wait. Pizza pizza! My favorite author is coming to Danvers for a literary festival, but I'll be in Maine for a wedding. I am totally psyched for the wedding, of course, but man, I wish the festival was a different day. That's alright, I think the author will be doing a bigger book tour when the next book in the series comes out in the fall (Victorian lady solves mysteries with mysterious handsome gentleman who often stalks around like a panther, what's not to love!).
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Woe. The Dunkin Donuts triple chocolate muffin was only on sale in February. That thing was like crack. I guess I will have my usual morning snack of cottage cheese and wheat crackers, but a chocolate muffin would be so much better.

Also, the New Moon dvd comes out on March 20th, and Eclipse hits theaters June 30th!
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Tomorrow's menu:

Alton Brown roast turkey
Apple stuffing
Regular stuffing
Green beans with vinaigrette
Butter pecan sweet potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Cranberry sauce (homemade, not can)
Honey glazed carrots
Roasted mushrooms & onions
Waldorf salad
Pomegrante & persimmon salad
Crescent rolls

Seriously, this is probably way too much food. Have been on my feet for hours (with a brief break for pizza and an episode of Michael Palin exploring the Himalayas, I am not a total glutton for punishment).
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Ok, one thing I do miss about living in Davis Square is When Pigs Fly bread. I have a mad hankering for their olive & hot pepper bread, and alas, there’s no way I’m going to get it. We do have an awesome bakery in Salem, but its hours are stupid and foil spontaneous after work bread purchases.
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First- I ate fish this weekend! Raw fish! It was... not bad and not good. It was 100% neutral. But I'm willing to try it again.

Second- this show on CartoonNetwork called Chowder is the weirdest, most entertaining thing ever.

Third- thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cayetana for recommending this week's This American Life. Jerry Springer's life story turns out to be absolutely fascinating. Harvard Law? Really? I would totally vote for Jerry Springer if given the chance.

Off to kung-fu! We've been plunging ahead really fast with some forms, it's been awesome lately.
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What? How is it possible that Kickass Cupcakes is expanding? I do not support this supporting of crappy cupcakes. Speaking of cupcakes- a few weekends ago I tried cupcakes from Patsy's Pastries in Somerville, and I am somewhat happy to report that they were not that good. Lyndell's still wins, which makes me happy because I walk to Lyndell's from home, and I kind of fear finding the Perfect Cupcake someplace outside of reasonable walking distance. I guess if this is one of my concerns in life I'm doing pretty well.

I'm getting weirdly excited by the prospect of shopping at local farmer's markets this summer. I also think that once it gets nice, we may be able to obtain hay within a 30 minute drive for much less than the $50-60 a month we currently pay to get it shipped in from the midwest. But then again, it may not be early cut western Timothy hay, and I can't be serving lame hay to my bunnies. They have discerning tastes.

How much did The Office rock last night? Answer: So much! I want to host a dinner party. But a remarkably less awkward one.
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Why is it not Friday yet? My God this has been a long week. Also, why did I not go outside to get my lunch at that delicious Chilean sandwich place? I have made poor choices with my life.

Speaking of food and poor choices, I think tomorrow night may be the night for a foray into Sushi Town. There's a new place in Allston that [livejournal.com profile] jawalter has noticed, and from Yelp reviews it looks pretty good (it's called Privus). Can I cajole anyone into sushi-ing it up tomorrow? they also have tempura and other non-fishy items

Finally, I really want to have a Sarah Vowell-esque adventure. I want to research some arcane subject and then visit weird little museums devoted to said arcane subject.
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Alright. I have decided that I need to make a valiant effort to get rid of my picky eating habits. If, after a valiant effort, I still don't like stuff, I think I'll have earned the right to not like it. To that end, I made some lamb souvlaki last night. I'll have to give lamb a couple more shots, but there's some sort of weird taste I get from it that is just unappealing. I think I can tolerate mini-lamb chops, so maybe my chunks o' lamb last night were too big and thus too... lamby.

Anyway, so also to that end, I need to make a good faith effort into fish. It would be nice to have some protein options for dinners other than beef/pork/poultry/cheese, and it would also be nice to not have a crippling disgust for a food that's eaten by tons of people in the world. All the advice I'm getting on good old Metafilter is that sushi is the way to go to attempt to get over my fish thing.

So I think sometime soon I'd like to have a sushi dinner at some sort of nice sushi place around here. Because if I'm in polite company I probably won't cry like a baby while eating fish. What? I have a lot of disappointing-others issues tied into eating fish, it's a problem, I know.
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Ok, last week for, like, two days there were girl scouts in the T station shilling cookies. And they were kind of loud and obnoxious, as little girls in groups tend to be, so I ignored them. But now I needs me some peanut butter chocolate girl scout cookies. And there are no girl scouts to be found. I actually went onto the web site and entered my information into their cookie finder database. I have no pride left.

And it reminds me of

this (TSFW, too stupid for work )
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Dunkin' Donuts Milky Way Hot Chocolate? Verdict: delicious

I'm glad I got a small, though, it is super rich, I wouldn't need more than this. Friday morning sugar high!


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