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Yikes. Apparently waking up unable to breath is a big enough problem that the doctor makes time to see you the day you call. If it's sleep apnea and I have to get one of those stupid gas mask things to sleep in I'm gonna be pretty ticked at my body.

Had a lovely Saturday in Monmouth at a great housewarming party, and as a bonus, it was about 10 minutes from my dad's house. And there was a roasted pig!

West is definitely smiling now, and is the cutest baby ever.
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pregnancy whining )

Time to look at some pandas! I can't believe that link doesn't have this guy.

Ok, and also this story by the guy who wrote Battlefield Earth is perking up my day.
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So I was getting a little scared by how quickly my waistline is expanding. This week I skipped dessert (I know, I know, I probably should skip dessert as a general rule, it's just... chocolate, I needs it) and have been doing moderate cardio in the mornings and gentle yoga or pilates after work, and I swear, these new pants fit even more weirdly than they did at the store last week. I need lots of room in the waist but don't have the hips and thighs to fill out the rest of the pants. I look like I'm wearing MC Hammer pants. And because they aren't being held up well up top, I had to self-hem the bottoms with safety pins. I am the picture of class and elegance!

Also, I think we are now on the waiting list for daycare at the local Y. I think because I haven't actually gotten any confirmation back from the Y lady, but hopefully my email of "please put us on the waiting list" was good enough. I seriously fret a lot about affording daycare, but it doesn't come out economically feasible to consider staying home.
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Who has two thumbs and came thisclose to passing out on the train this morning? This girl! Honestly, I don't how anyone actually enjoys being pregnant.
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I am broken. Went for my yearly check up with the doctor, and while my blood pressure was a little too high last year, now it's officially prehypertensive. Which has sufficiently puzzled my doctor, as I work out faithfully at least 4 times a week, eat decently well (so I like cookies, but I eat my fruits and veggies), have cut my drinking down dramatically, and am in generally pretty great shape. But I've also gained a couple more pounds than I should have, which can probably be blamed on aforementioned love of cookies, but she's now checking my thyroid to see if there's some sort of problem. How is it possible that I'm in best shape I've ever been in, and I'm now developing an old person disease? No fair! Shenanigans. Now I'm all paranoid that in a few years I'll be stuck taking blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life.

But I have developed a theory, which is totally grounded in no science whatsoever. Maybe drinking more was actually helping keep my blood pressure down. Because booze constricts blood vessels, doesn't it? That's my theory.

Now I need to see the comic about Mickey Mouse pancakes again. And I will share that with you: funny!
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So I'm debating whether or not I can go to kung-fu with a rattling, hacky cough that comes upon me every 10 minutes. I don't think I can. I feel tons better, but I can't shake this cough, possibly because my sinuses are a freakin' mess.

For something a little less gross... I've been meaning to post this for a while, but never got around to it. But I'm posting now. Boston folks, I've been running a little book club thing for the past few months, and it's been a lot of fun. I originally set it up by just emailing the people I thought would be interested, but I figure some of you all may have interest and may want to join in the Joy of Reading. So let me know if you want in! We're meeting up on Friday night to talk about "Life With Jeeves," and next month's book is "A Short History of Nearly Everything" (or something like that) by Bill Bryson. Books!
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Ugh. So this weekend I succumbed to cooties. What had been an unpleasant cold suddenly turned into an inferno of pain in my ear Saturday morning, so I trundled down to the doctor and got some antibiotics. I then comforted myself by using birthday funds to get a shiny new iPod. It plays videos and everything. It's name is Rumpletumskin.

There were a few parties in there, and, um, yesterday I played Magic for the first time ever. [livejournal.com profile] mrs_muffin, I'm no longer allowed to gently mock the WoW, for lo, I really enjoyed the card game.


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