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I think a brief run down of the trip is in order. I took no pictures because I'm just not that into taking pictures; the ones I link to here are all from [livejournal.com profile] c_m_i. Except when they are obviously from other web pages that are not LJ Photo. But I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent and [livejournal.com profile] starflow will have lots cool pictures up sometime.

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We're back!

Ireland was wonderful, but it was an exhausting trip, since Drew & I have must-see-everything-itis, and I know we all could have used a bit more down time. More on the trip when I'm coherent, suffice to say it involved Roof Cat, driving on the left side of the road, lowering expectations to "mayo" when traveling on Aer Lingus, and lots of castles. I'm fine with not seeing another Irish breakfast for a while, and have gained about 10 pounds from drinking every night and not being able to find much in the way of healthy food. But, yay, fun times. I am awfully glad to be home with my snuggle buns right now, though.

In sad news, my grandfather passed away while we were gone. I'm heading up to Maine for a family visit tomorrow. He was a very good man, but I'm glad that he doesn't have to suffer any more bodily and health woes, the last five years or so were very rough on him.
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We are in Ireland!!! It is very neat, but these keyboards are very not-the-same.

Today and tomorrow we're in Cork. We've seen Dublin, Kilkenny, and the Rock of Cashel. And more old stuff. Old stuff is very cool.

Any and all bunny updates are much appreciated, I miss our critters!
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So we are off to Ireland in a matter of hours! Castles! Green stuff! Prettiness! Beers!

I've wanted to go to Ireland for as long as I can remember.

My excitement is only mildly tempered by the heart-stopping terror that flying induces in me. Of course, that terror reared its head from about 2-3:30 am last night, so I'm hoping that exhaustion and sleeping pills will keep me soundly asleep for the ride in the big tin can in the sky.

Up now: finish up a bunch of work projects, kick ass in presentation to big wig attorneys about what I do, and then hop on the Silver Line. I'm sure at some point while we're gone I'll hop online to inquire about how our little bunnies are doing (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo, [livejournal.com profile] cayetana, [livejournal.com profile] bushidokelt, and Dot for taking care of our critters, you guys are the very best).
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Wow. Just... wow. Dealing with the folks at Massachusetts Continuing Legal Eduation is about as much fun as getting a sharp stick in the eye. We received a bill for 2 copies of a book, however, we only received one copy of said book. We also only wanted one copy. So I call and ask how they want me to handle this invoice. First the lady suggests that she'll send a shipping label to me so I can return the extra book. Uh... what extra book? Then I ask if she wants to just issue a new invoice and have me discard this one, or if she wants me to pay half of this one and leave it at that. She replies "that's a good idea." Okaaaaaay. There were two mutually exclusive ideas there. *headdesk*

I promise this is the last time I post about this: Tonight we shall make Ireland trip plans, because if we wait any longer the hotels will be booked and the plane tickets will be expensive. So come on over this evening if you are entertaining any notions of doing this Ireland thing. We've got beer and food to share.
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Ok, today kind of slipped by us pretty quickly, but we really do need to get on the stick and nail down some dates and stuff for the Ireland trip. So- how about:

Meet at our place Tuesday evening to discuss plans. If coming to our place would be horribly inconvenient, please feel free to suggest an alternate place. We do have a keg o' free beer here, if that's a selling point.
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So, Ireland folks, should we get together sometime tomorrow to discuss planning? Do y'all have any free time?


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