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Huh. Lewiston, Maine features prominently on this week's This American Life. Oh, L-town, it's so endearing that you can be a poster child for what's wrong with health care in America.

And oh hey, we had a 3 day weekend. Which was busy. Friday night we had a visit with A-Dot. Saturday I went to a lovely bridal shower, and got back just in time for our next-door neighbors' annual neighborhood party. I was pretty nervous about it, because I don't do super well in crowds full of new people, but being the new kids on the block (you see what I did there?!), we had built-in conversation talking about our house and all the crap we've had to do with it. I was surprised by how our-age-ish our neighborhood actually is. Lots of couples with little kids. So it went much better than I'd worried about, and we chatted it up with a bunch of people. It's nice to know who your neighbors are, and makes our little area feel more homey. Sunday we went to a bbq at [livejournal.com profile] starflow and [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent's place- always delightful! Yesterday I spent most of my day being hassled (where the hell am I living that I can't find chipotle peppers in adobo sauces at any Stop & Shops?) (also: planting tulips is hard work!), but was de-hasslefied for a short beer break. Yay, beer! Also, we ventured into an Irish bar in Salem that I'd never been in before, and it was quite enjoyable. So yay, new bar discovery!
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What's that you say? You want Metafilter meta-wankery about meta-wankery in fandom (with a big article that talks a lot about Supernatural, I only skimmed the article but believe it contains no spoilers, it's about a con). Well, then, here you go.

Along the lines of feminist ranting, I was reminded while re-tagging old entries earlier today of the time back in L-town that I tried to start a chapter of Riot Grrrl. I put up posters around town! I think it was in connection with my awesome thesis about punk girls and... psychology. The only person who ever called me wanting to join was a skinhead named Howard who had just gotten out of jail. Hee. Oh, memories.
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I just dropped a wad of cash for the Bates reunion in June, but it feels nice to not have it hanging over my head. So we are totally set. We will sleep in a dorm room, eat overpriced food, and booze it up at Pub 33 and The Goose for a weekend!

Last night was my second kung-fu class, and I think it went pretty well. The instructors said that I was keeping up well with the rest of class, and they were having me do stuff that was more complicated than what they usually start people with because everyone else is training for some seminar they're having soon. I can do kicks and some arm stuff that looks cool! So I committed to going for the next three months (i.e. I paid up for the next 3 months). Yay!

Have finished the March Book Club book, Forever by Pete Hamill. I liked it, it's a good read. I'm really looking forward to the Saramago next month.
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So, it's really easy to get married in Maine, I guess. I was expecting to have to show some sort of proof of identification, a passport, social security card, or something. But we just signed the papers for the license and that was that. When we got back in the car, the radio was playing my favorite Arcade Fire song. Then it played I Wanna Be Yr Joey Ramone by Sleater-Kinney. It was a beautiful moment. XM Satellite radio now rocks my world.

We stopped at the den for lunch, the lady whose daughter I used to work with remembered me and gave me a hug. It's nice to be remembered. I tried to stop by the libes to say hi to Brenda, but she wasn't there. So we mosied up to Monmouth, filled out our papers, and after about 10 minutes were on our way. We wound our through the back roads to Freeport (which is actually faster than the highway anyway), and shopped. I found a dress for the rehearsal, Drew found a bunch of clothes and shoes. I stil haven't found shoes. Now that the Parade of Shoes in Downtown Crossing closed, I am at a loss. Anyone know of a Parade in the area that's open? We then went down to Portland for a leisurely dinner and walked around a bit. It ended up taking so long to get back here, though, that we called it a night when we got in.

I've already done my grocery shopping this morning. Yes, already. It's actually quite pleasant to do so at 7:30 in the morning, despite being bleary-eyed and unshowered.

PS- Neil Hamburger is tonight!!! It will be awesome. I take no responsibility for anyone's enjoyment of it, though. Be warned: he is so unfunny that he is hilarious. But consider yourself warned.
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Big sigh of relaxation.

I feel like I didn't really have a weekend, but I did, and it was busy. )
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Awesome, I am so taking care of business. Found out that we can pick up our marriage license anywhere in Maine, and the JP can mail it back to them when the wedding is done. This is good, because we need to take a day off to hit Freeport for shoes, and can just pick up the license then. I also called to reserve our sound equipment, and it's cheaper than I expected. It's $75/day, but I think we'll have to pick it up on Friday and probably have my dad return it on Monday. Still, that's not too bank-breaking.

Yay! I'm getting psyched for my upcoming trip to L-town this weekend, too. I believe there will some 'RBC visiting in my future...
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Had an excellent weekend, am now thoroughly exhausted. Went up to Maine early yesterday morning, hung out at my dad's for the afternoon. It was really quite pretty and peaceful. We talked about Plans and such. I then headed to Thai Dish to meet up with the posse (Meredith, Jeremy, Tenille, Meg, Allastair, and Christine) for some tasty thai food and many laughs and stories. We rambled around the Bates campus aimlessly- I actually ran into someone I used to really love working with at the library, we exchanged our what-we're-doing-now stories, he kept saying "you look great!" which was nice. Then we headed down to Pub 33, where we drank some Pabst, but were quickly horrified by all the college kids singing along to the Dixie Chicks, so we fled to La Cage, which was nearly empty and occupied only by townies. Stayed there until midnight-ish, when we ventured to Midnight Madness. Said hi to some folks, stood around and chatted more, then gave in to our old-ness and called it a night around 1:30am- though we had a half hour drive left to my dad's to sleep. My dad totally lives out in the sticks of Maine now, and the drive involves some lonely, dark country roads. When we turned off the main road, a cop pulled us over and asked where we were going. I told him my dad's address and explained that we're from Boston and don't know the way very well (we were going super slowly 'cause the road was hard to see and was twisty). He said ok and went on his merry way. I think he was probably really confused as to why a couple of cars with MA plates were driving through Monmouth, ME at 2 in the morning. Slept, woke up and chatted and sat around, then headed back here.

Oof. A very pleasant weekend. I am very glad to be back and to be able to sleep with someone I cuddle with (and accidentally kick, maybe).

Tomorrow I have a phone interview for that job. Meep!
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Yo La Tengo totally rocked out beyond all expectations. They played for 2 solid hours- started with a great rendition of Autumn Sweater, ended with Damage (which is among my favorites, though not quite on par with Nowhere Near). They even did Tom Courtenay which is 1) my favorite YLT song and 2) something that is so old and popular that I figured they had stopped playing it live long ago. They seemd like they were really enjoying themselves, the crowd was actually really quite good, and all in all I felt thouroughly rocked. It was well worth the $6 for admission and the 3 hour drive up there. This was definitely better than when I saw them at Wellesely freshman year.

The L-town goodness was also quite fun. It was great to catch up with Mere, Jeremy and Andy. We hit the Goose when the only people in there were grizzled old townies, then got Thai food and bowled at a sketchy bowling alley for a bit. We did a radio show and said hi to Anna and giggled quite a lot.
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Alright, reservations for tonight made: check. Movers scheduled (aside to Drew: 29th at 9AM good for you?): check. Lunch obtained and consumed: check.

Lookee how productive I am!

Tomorrow we head north to L-town for some indie rock (It will hopefully be Yo La Tengo the indie band and not "Yo La Tengo" the hippie jam cover band). We will be rocking the Lewiston hard-core, as Tenille & I return to the airwaves with Meredith. If you're sitting around with nothing to do between 2 and 4 tomorrow, tune in to WRBC. I'm craving a departure from this town, even if just for a day. I get wanderlusty when the weather turns gray and seasons get all transitional.

Now I'm ready to get on with my Friday night. Is it time to go yet?

How 'bout now?
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Alright, I'm gonna cut this, as it'll probably be long.
weekend nonsense )
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for those of you who haven't seen this yet.
who says there's nothing to do at Bates?

Bates prof busted for coke

Stupid "war on drugs." Bates always felt like such a bubble, with a fair amount of drug use (being a "chem-free" kid for a year, I feel that I never really knew the half of it, despite a concerted effort to get to know the half of it during those last two years), that it just seems out of place for anyone to get caught.

By the way, if you really want to weep, check out the apartment listings in the classifieds section. $500 for a 2 bedroom apt. with utilities included?!
Oh, Lewiston rents. So, so cheap. So in Lewiston. I remember renting a house for the summer with 3 other people and paying no more than $200 a month for it. Couldn't have been more than that 'cause I wasn't making much money and was spending a lot on pabst and cigarettes. And we had a doggie named Nesta. He was a stupid dog, but very cute.
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alllright. i am in such an Awesome mood. march was pretty much a month-long episode of PMS, and it seems to be officially over. which is good. i felt out of alignment, and i am now back in my game.
first of all: i have another interview this week! hooray!
it's a job i definitely wouldn't mind doing, so long as i can wheedle a raise of a couple thousand in my salary, i will be pleased.
this weekend rocked. it was very fabulous.
Friday: went to [livejournal.com profile] sjc's send-off. not only did i consume sweet, sweet Pabst Blue Ribbon, but i also got others to, um, "enjoy" its deliciousness. i think i made a grave mistake in my earlier swaggering braggartness when i challenged [livejournal.com profile] eye_abstains to a pabst drinking contest. he will wipe the floor with me.
Saturday: tenille and i drove up to L-town. ran into [livejournal.com profile] ishovi. went to Pub 33 for huge $6 mudslides that are the equivalent of 3 drinks in boston. however, since it was 2 pm, there were only 5 middle aged men in the bar watching sports. we stuck out like sore thumbs. visited some people. caught up with my 'lil brother- who, apparently, has been calling himself a libertarian when he really means liberal, and said he's actually a bit of a socialist. *grin* i've taught him well. returned home with a trunk full of pabst. i now have a happy fridge full of beer. rented some movies and had rachel over. (note- The Four Feathers totally sucks and Poltergiest scared the crap out of me)
Sunday: learned how home brewing is done. drank blue beer. and enjoyed it. *sniff* i'll never be a real beer snob. but maybe someday, maybe someday. it was a bunch of fun, though.
So there.
My weekend was so good that i really didn't mind coming back to work today.
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i realized i forgot to recount the fun times of this past weekend's lewiston trip. after the, um, time in north carolina, and a Planes,Trains and Automobiles-esque journey back to boston, i meandered up to my dad's house in maine.

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Monday )

All in all, this has been a pleasing vacation. I am so, so tired. tomorrow i return to work.


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