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I so wish I had read this article pre-baby. It would have probably saved me a lot of angst, though ultimately I'm glad I stuck it out on breastfeeding long enough to be at the point now where our mix of daytime formula/night nursing works well for us. But the guilt! I could have been saved a boatload of formula guilt! Now I just have "I don't spend enough time with our baby" guilt. Poor kid gets nonstop enrichment while he's home.

West is starting to figure out his hands, and also starting to explore everything by very clumsily putting things in his mouth. It might just be the cutest thing ever.

Also, apparently there's a name for the excruciating pain in my wrists: De Quervain's tenosynovitis. Or "New Mom Wrist." Ladies who may have babies, heed my warning: do not pick up babies exactly the same way all the time, you will kill your wrists until you feel like you have two useless claws for hands.

Also, I love it when research that sounds really hard turns out to be pretty easy thanks to the power of books! I always tell my attorneys "why reinvent the wheel when someone has probably written about your topic before." Don't start doing case research until you've checked the books!
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Ok, raising a baby is really hard work. I am starting to look forward to returning to work because being a librarian is easier than 24/7 child care. At least at work I know what to do! We're working on the transition to daytime bottles & formula, and it is not going super well. I feel bad enough about the formula,the nonstop sad baby crying does not make this any better. Between that,too many wet diapers, and mystery fussiness, West has been crying almost all morning.

On the librarian front, I'm happy to present the new website for my librarian association that I was in charge of getting off the ground. Yay, professional development!

Also, the public domain characters and vampires trend is getting out of control.
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I want to go to here.
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Woe. I can't believe we didn't take any pictures of our Halloween party. If anyone else took some pics, I'd love to see them (and possibly post them on facebook). [livejournal.com profile] thiswakingdream, I know you took some, but I don't know if they were digital.

Also, the Governor is talking about closing down the State House Library. This is seriously a really bad idea. How are people going to access legislative materials (historical and current)? Massachusetts is already beyond screwed up with its lack of transparency and acts that never get codified but are still good law, not having access to an organized depository of this information would make legal research in Mass. even more of a nightmare.

Edited to add: So the State Library website is kind of lame, but I want to point out how amazingly awesome the Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries' website is. Free document delivery?! I've already been using the hell out of their free HeinOnline, and that is icing on the cake. They also have free Lexis/Westlaw, but only in the libraries. Still, there are some amazing library resources available, and it makes me sad that so many people don't know about them. You can also get access to the Boston Public Library's databases online by doing a 2 second online registration.
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Alright, the Red Velvet Cupcakery in DC is amazing. Such good cupcakes!!! Excellent frosting, good frosting-cake ratio, cake was very moist (though could have been more cohesive).

Also, I know this will be hard to believe, but I finally made a conference friend! Ok, it was at a bar after the conference was done for the day, but still, I had actual conversation with a stranger! Now I am drinking in the hotel bar and am about to use my kindle as potential librarian friend bait.
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Why are librarians so gung ho on second life?? I don't know anyone who actually uses it.

Just made $50 from Westlaw, so now I can afford to have dinner tonight! Yays. I'm actually spoiled for choice in microbreweries in the general convention center vicinity, which is good. If it were more bearable outside I'd be keen on wandering and exploring, but I can't deal with the outside for longer than 10 minutes. So now I'll visit a few more exhibition booths to enter to win monies and prizes, and then I will wander in search of cupcakes and beers.

Sorry for being Bloggy McPostalot, but I am lonsely here all by myself (and my hotel doesn't free wifi, so I have to get all my interneting out of my system at the convention center)
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OMG. DC feels like a hot wet wool blanket.It is seriously gross, I think I will take our winters if it means being able to function in the summer without sweating gallons. Which is too bad, as I have always entertained the idea that someday we might move to DC, given that all my dream jobs are here, unattainable as they may be (White House librarian, Congressional research office researcher, librarian for a congressional committee...).

Last night I grabbed dinner (sangria and pizza!) with my sister in law, and then we walked around the city-- I finally saw the White House up close!

Today I have a packed schedule, including a "lunch meeting" with my catalog vendor, who is not actually providing lunch because they suck that bad. Now time to learn about web 2.0!
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I am in DC! It is ungodly hot and humid, and my first librarian conference program was pretty boring. But the next promises to be more interesting, and I have been doing research on cupcakeries in DC, so I have to decide if I want to wander lost into Georgetown or Dupont Circle.

Had an excellent time socializing with folks this weekend, though while it's technically Sunday and still the weekend, I feel more like I'm at work. And hey, I think I will be getting paid overtime for being here today.
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Last night I think I successfully networked. Went to Simmons to help represent the Association of Boston Law Librarians at a career panel. It was interesting, but I do wish Simmons students would learn the fine art of looking at the clock and not having the same questions as everyone else when the panel could easily have ended fifteen minutes before its scheduled end time. Some of us have to work in the morning and had an hour commute to get home. So glad I don't have to make the Simmons trek any more.

I made the mistake of getting into a reply-to-all email "conversation" with my mother and now her husband about politics. If you can even call their thoughts politics, as they are both so completely dissociated from reality I'm amazed they can remember how to breathe. Did you know that there's some sort of crazy, paranoid right-wing-nutjob conspiracy theory about Obama having become a citizen of Indonesia under a different name? And how the entire state government of Hawaii is clearly in on the deal, as they have helped Obama forge his birth certificate? What?! I had no idea the extent of right wing lunacy until now, and trust me, it is hardcore crazycakes.

Tonight we see John Hodgman at the Coolidge!! So excited!!
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First, Harold & Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay: I was kind of disappointed. Possibly only because I have been looking forward to this movie SO MUCH since a trailer first appeared on the internet. I felt like the humor was less clever and subtle. But then again, I am talking about Harold & Kumar, and I'm not sure how subtle the comedy really was in the first one. Christopher Meloni's cameo should have been longer. But it was funny. Not as funny as Strange Wilderness.

Second, Saturday was packed full with an amazing engagement party for two very lovely people, and a Metafilter meetup that was tons of fun. Meeting new people is fun! I spent some quality time with Miss T-Po yesterday watching Coupling (the British one), and it was entertaining.

And now, I have a librarian rant. But I'll cut it for you! librarian rant! )
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I am the only person under 30 in my conference about the next generation of librarianship.

But hey, it's a gorgeous Maine day and I sometimes get to come outside and use Drews teeeeny tiny computer for intarwebbing.
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Ugh, I know I shouldn't, but every once in a while I drop back in to see what craziness is going on in [livejournal.com profile] davis_square, and get my blood pressure pumped up with the inevitable dumbassery going on in there. Dumpster diving... you know, I don't care if people want to do that themselves, as nasty as I think it is, but the dude who very proudly proclaimed that they dumpster dived and brought the retrieved goods to homeless shelters.... just... dude. If you care that much about feeding homeless people, don't give them food you picked out of a trash bag. Please. Homeless people have dignity, too. I bet the people running the shelter would be pissed as all get out to find out that donated food has been plucked from the trash, I'm sure that violates the sanitary code.

In good Davis Square news, there is a new cupcakery opening soon. Cupcakes!

Also, today I will most likely be voted in as the new chair of the Union List Committee for the Association of Boston Law Librarians. I say most likely because I'm the only person nominated for the job, and I think I'm the only person on the committee, but you never know, some librarian may just start a throw-down with me at the meeting.

ETA: The Tiki Room is closed?! Noooooooo! But-- this summer I am doing this. Tiki Tour!
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Am librarianing it up at the Computers in Libraries conference. The flight down wasn't as bad as I expected it be, Nor'easter notwithstanding (does notwithstanding make sense in that sentence? I woke up at 4:45 am, cut me some slack). One more session to go, and then I will hanging out in DC with an old Batesie friend. On to learn about social bookmarking! Penntags rule my world. I think that makes me a gigantic nerd.
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Thanks to everyone who had words of wisdom in my last post, sadly,. I don't have time to comment back to y'all, but I feel more comforted. Still embarassed about having a problem I shouldn't have for like 20 years, but maybe if I'm better about watching ye olde salt intake it'll abate by itself.

And I just wanted to add that Westlaw's annotated CFR rocks my world and just saved me from what was potentially going to be hours of work. Yay, Westlaw!

Also, at some point, I need to see Little Miss Sunshine when it hits the theaters around here, and I also need to see the silly scary movie with Kristen Bell. And, um, I kinda want to see The Devil Wears Prada.
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[livejournal.com profile] tenillypo is my librarian hero!!

I'm just sayin'.
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Wow. Just... wow. Dealing with the folks at Massachusetts Continuing Legal Eduation is about as much fun as getting a sharp stick in the eye. We received a bill for 2 copies of a book, however, we only received one copy of said book. We also only wanted one copy. So I call and ask how they want me to handle this invoice. First the lady suggests that she'll send a shipping label to me so I can return the extra book. Uh... what extra book? Then I ask if she wants to just issue a new invoice and have me discard this one, or if she wants me to pay half of this one and leave it at that. She replies "that's a good idea." Okaaaaaay. There were two mutually exclusive ideas there. *headdesk*

I promise this is the last time I post about this: Tonight we shall make Ireland trip plans, because if we wait any longer the hotels will be booked and the plane tickets will be expensive. So come on over this evening if you are entertaining any notions of doing this Ireland thing. We've got beer and food to share.
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I am so demented, and must be stopped. So the links I posted the other day to Fred Fredburger don't work anymore, but this might work for a day or two. I am a helpless pool of giggles right now.

So, I totally love being a librarian, and my job rocks, but why do librarians have to take things that could be cool and suck the life out of them, making them empty, dry, dull husks of what they could be? Seriously, an hour and a half long talk on competitve intelligence could be cool, since it's corporate espionage, kind of, except on the good side of legality. Instead, it felt like a class from library school, except without the crossword puzzles I did in class, and without Tenille or Drew to make faces of boredom with. But anyway, I'm totally interested in learning more about competitve intelligence, as it's rather interesting and involves a lot of Nancy Drew-ing.
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So... Open WorldCat is going to allow anyone to go in and mess around with records with this whole Google project?

My boss forwarded me an article that says basically that, but I read it kind of quickly, and am hoping that they're going to be smarter than that. I mean, I didn't get this fancy old Masters Degree just so any Joe Schmo could log in online and start doing things with bibliographic records. Leave the cataloging to the catalogers! Think of the children!

Oh, and also- apparantly you don't have to be a lawyer to be a judge? Screw legislation, I totally want to be a judge someday!

I just found out that one of the lawyers who worked for the defense in the Sacco & Vanzetti trial was a lawyer in my law firm! How neat.

I'm feeling chatty today!
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So yesterday I was sequestered away in a class about e-resource statistics in libraries. You may be surprised to hear that it wasn't as boring as it sounds!

There was a librarian from Bates there, too! She's a tech services librarian, so I never knew her at Ladd, but we chatted a bit. Then, a librarian from New Hampshire (or Vermont? I'm not sure which) came over and said he had just hired someone who went to Bates... and it turns out that it's Brenda's sister's then-boyfriend, now-husband. And Brenda's sister is apparantly the head of a public libes somewhere in NH or VT, or wherever they are.

Oh, and the other day I made The.Best.Cookies.Ever. Alton Brown is my hero.
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Augh, so much hassle!

Library hassle: So inter-library loan is considered sort of the golden rule of libraries. When people need to borrow something from you, you lend it, and the good karma comes back when you need to borrow from some other library. So yesterday I faxed an ILL request form to a library in DC, adding a note that we need the book by Friday, so could they please Fed-Ex it to us overnight (I even included our Fed-Ex account number, so they wouldn't have to deal with the shipping charges). I call this morning to check on the status, and the dude doing ILL told me that maybe he could send it out on Monday, but he's too busy to guarantee anything. Grrr. Was he even going to call to tell me that if I hadn't called?! I reiterated that I really need it by tomorrow, and could he please try to get it out today. He says, well, maybe he can get it out on Friday as a favor. WTF? I need it on Friday! So now I'm trying a library in Denver.


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