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I feel so free. Hooray! Though I'm already thinking ahead to plotting for more degrees and/or classes... I'm definitely taking some time off first. Truth be told, I'm pretty proud of myself for committing to the program and sticking with it 'til the end. I'm also proud that I managed to work full time, go to school, and still have a whirlwindy and happy personal life for the past 2 years. I'm somewhat surprised that I never gave up or put it on hold for a while- I used to be such a quitter when I was growing up; if I wasn't awesome at something right away I just stopped doing it (hence the reason why I'd love to start learning karate again- I can remember how to do a roundhouse kick and can count to three in Japanese...but if I had stuck with it, I'd totally be a black belt by now and could totally ass in a super-cool way). Man. Now I totally have to find a non-intimdating karate class. Totally.

In other news, I'm considering drastic measures to curb my spendaholic ways. I think I'm going to open a second bank account, one will be for bills/rent, the other for playing and drinkin'.
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I'm done!

I am a Master of Information Science.

Now for that degree in gender studies...
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Presentation given, paper handed in: Done and Done.

Now give me a cookie!!!!
or some chicken

2 hours of sitting patiently commencing. The sweet sight of the light at the end of the tunnel is upon me.

Brief Rant

Apr. 8th, 2004 08:57 pm
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I swear to god. If I ever teach grad school, anyone who asks a "single space or double space" question automatically fails. That's it.
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Sometimes overhearing the conversations of Simmons' esteemed undergrads causes actual physical pain.

On that note.... 5 more weeks!!! 5 more weeks!!!! Until I gradumatate!
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I'm making the executive decision that I will not be in class past 8:00 tonight. That's that.

Rebecca Gates is playing the Middle East tonight. The Spinanes were/are among my favorite bands, but I'd be going in the hopes of hearing Hawiian Baby, one of the best rainy day songs ever, and would be sorely disappointed if she didn't play it (which is likely, as artists get all weird about not playing songs from their former bands. sheesh. artists)
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Here I am, at Simmons, again. All these quickie classes are making me feel like a real grad student, what with the sitting in class all day. Today we talk about SPYING.

So this morning I went to the Social Law library to finish my homework for the class I'm skipping tonight, and got handed some major hassle by security. The library is in the same building as the Suffolk County court, so I can understand the need to check people and whatnot; but when the little 4'11" redhead going to the library sets off the metal detector with her punk rock belt, let's not make it a four alarm security issue.
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A 2 hour video on genetically modified food is a waste of my time.

*bangs head on desk*

For the love of all that's holy, will someone please come and kidnap me out of this class? I'll give you tree-fiddy for it. And a cookie. Room 101. Main Campus Building.

*bangs head again*

EDIT: but wait, I'd like to add that the most valuable thing I learned today is that one of the girls who sits next to me is totally a punk rock/indie rock chick who also dj-ed a radio show in college (and is also from Maine). So the most important things I've learned this week are: 1) there are more fun and interesting fellow librarians than I had previously thought (waves at [livejournal.com profile] dezzikitty from Management class, who is also of the interesting librarian persuasion); and 2) I value my personal life far too much to ever make gobs of money working for The Man, unless The Man offers excellent vacation packages and encourages lunch breaks.
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Seriously, how do we get out of here?!

Am tempted to fake a seizure to avoid listening to yet another librarian vaguely discuss their job. Have decided that the corporate life is not for me, as I do indeed want a life of my own other than Work.

Can I go back to my regularly scheduled life now?

UPDATE: Am so exhausted that I'm not sure I'll make it past 10 tonight... will make valient effort for fun, but am ready to sleep right now. If you were thinking of coming out, I'd suggest calling first. Blargh!
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Am so tired. Am also so very sick of talking about libraries. The good thing about this class (aside from getting me closer to graduating) is that I've learned that there are more interesting fellow students than I had previously thought. So that's good. The girl who sits next to me muttered something yesterday about wanting to stick a sharp stick in her eye after a particularly boring presentation, which was exactly what I was thinking.

So tonight: Love Night at the Common Ground. 9-ish or so. Yay!
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Field Trip, Field Trip! Ok, yesterday's class was fairly unbearable, but Drew promises that the rest of the week will be super sweet. Besides, it's a week I'm not working, so that's gotta count for something. Today I don't even have to go in to Simmons, we're going on a field trip. Visiting some consulting place in the Hancock building, getting free lunch, and then visiting some other place. I even finished my paper that's due Wed. last night, while watching the exciting first few episodes of Six Feet Under season 2 with the ADot. I love that show much! I don't even really know why, exactly, as many of the characters piss me off (and we definitely yelled at the screen a whole lot), but it's just so entertaining. It's really the first show since Buffy ended that's captured my full attention. Well, besides cartoons.

I'm thinking more about what I want to do with my life, and am torn between the sweet schedule of academic libraries, and the brutal but fiscally rewarding demands of corporate libraries. I think I'm drawn to the corporate side, but am leaning toward wanting to stay in law firms if I can. I figure if I end up stuffing my head full of this law stuff, it might as well go to some use. What I really want is to lord over my own little library, and am not sure which ranks it would be easier to rise through in a quick and timely way.

So yeah, I'd do the weekend recap, but you can just read it at [livejournal.com profile] eye_abstains.

Tonight I'm going to watch Drew play darts, and then we'll hit up karaoke night.
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Oh my lord. Please save me.

Class started at 9:30 and not 9, so I nearly had a million coronaries on the T as it was really spectacularly slow this morning, only to find out that I wasn't late anyway. There's a girl in my class who looks, sounds and acts like a 20 year old version of the head of Historical Collections at Baker. Am currently not sure how I'm going to make it through the week with sanity intact (or without throwing ninja stars at said girl).

This weekend was awesome, though, more on that later.
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So it turned out that my class last night was cancelled, as our teacher has pneumonia. I feel bad for the poor lady, that sucks, but am also kind of glad I didn't miss anything important, as the class was going to be on case law and I probably shouldn't have missed it had it happened. But instead I bought shoes and expensive lotions, and went over to Tenille's. She made me yummy dinner and we lolled about watching tv and chatting. I just don't understand the appeal of Survivor at all. Of course, to go along with the week I've been having, I thought I was getting on the 86 bus to get out to her place, but instead got on the 66 and didn't realize it until I was in Allston and confused. Then I had to jump on the 57 bus, and ran into a friend's ex-boyfriend who I hadn't seen in ages, so it was nice to catch up.
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Am very seriously considering skipping class tonight, as my usual Thursday headache is already vision-blurringly in effect. Hmmm. The only problem is that I know I'm skipping the last week of March, so I'm hesitant to use up my one other skip day before the weather gets better... but I know there's also a week in April that we don't have class because the prof will be at a conference, so that's like a freebie. To skip or not skip, that is the question.
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I have one word for you all today:


Ok, and a sentence: Seriously, how do we get out of here?

So last night's class was long, but, and I hate to admit it, I learned quite a lot, and really needed to learn 100% of what she covered. So I am chock full of knowledge. Fear my knowledge, for I can look up Supreme Court Records.
Also, Tenille gave me a ride to Harvard Square after class, making the commute home so pleasingly pleasant.

So, um, what's going on tonight? Rather, would anyone like for something to be going on tonight, and would you like to make that something a something we can do together?
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So, um, it helps to have the wireless card in the router if you want the internet to work.


It might be good to realize that before getting the RCN guy out to your home. But the guy, being nice, said we won't be charged. Hooray.

I may have also semi-solved my Simmons issue... we'll see how it actually shakes out, but after talking with my professor, she basically told me to use whatever sources I have available and to not worry if they're not exactly the same as hers at BU, thus making it possible to avoid hauling out to BU to do homework every week. It's a compromise I can live with, especially since Simmons was making it a federal case to drop a class and switch into another at this point.
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I promise this semester I won't rant as much about Simmons as last. I promise. But please let me get one thing out:

The ladies who work in the computer lab have just got to get those sticks out of their asses. Seriously. We're all in this crappy little boat together, people.

That said, lemme know if you all are still out & about after 9 (and, hey, maybe they'll let me out early... a girl can hope).
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Nothin' like getting a "you're defaulting on your student loans" letter.

Simmons!!!! (shakes fist)

It's taken care of now. Everything Simmons touches turns to The Suck.

And class starts tonight.
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I was going to go out last night, but well, a night of playing Mario Kart and snuggling with [livejournal.com profile] eye_abstains was so comfy that I got lazy. Better luck next time.

Yaay. Tonight I drink beer with librarians. And I did better in my class than I thought I would.
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Seriously, how do we get out of here?

Can't...take...any more...class. We seriously can't talk about interviews for 3 hours, can we? Oh yes. Yes we can. If I don't get out early I'm going to lose it.


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