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I have just learned that there is an Institute for Mummies and Icemen, and I feel just a little like I have wasted my life on librarianship when I could be working in an institute for mummies. Oh well. I'm sure that requires more work and effort than I ever wanted to put into my education. Librarianing is perfect for the lazy scholar, learn just enough about everything to get by but not having to actually do terrible things like writing dissertations. I kind of also wish I had been a spy, but not like a danger-spy, more like a working-from-the-safety-of-a-computer spy. Those exist, right? Guess I'd better get working on that novel I'm never going to write!

Anyway, it's been forever since I've written here. We're having a lovely summer full of enrichment and adventure (read: we are not home very often and are very overbooked). Last weekend we went up to Storyland in NH. The mountains are so gorgeous, I love going up there for a little weekend getaway in the summer. West was delightful most of the time and was filled with whimsy at the park.

Finally, this blog about making food in books (with a heavy Harry Potter focus) is awesome and totally relevant to the interests of the... five people? who might be reading this. Come back to LJ, everyone! Facebook isn't the same and LJ is so lonely!
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Dave Holmes, a former MTV V-Jay, has awesome series of nostalgia blog posts. It's like falling down a rabbit hole of 80s and 90s memories.
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You guys, this is the greatest internet time suck ever. The Nostalgia Machine.

Man, the mid-90s were weird years.
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Really enjoying OverlyHonestMethods: #overlyhonestmethods - Imgur
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This parenting blog post really resonates with me. Mostly, I'm linking to it so I can find it again, but I suspect a few of you might enjoy it as well.
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I have really been enjoying these Crash Course world history videos. John Green is a YA author (an awesome one, I actually spoke to a stranger on the train because she was reading The Fault in Our Stars and I couldn't help but say OMG that is an amazing book).

Also thisis pretty much how making dinner in my house goes, too, sans the grapefruit juice and with a little soupcon of whining or crying.
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Last night for the first time ever I cooked fish for dinner. And I consumed a reasonable number of bites of said fish. I cooked up some baked tilapia over roasted tomatoes, olives, and capers, with some roasted potatoes on the side. It was not terrible, but it was not enjoyable. The fish didn't really taste like anything, but I remain not a fan of the texture. I really can't see myself ever saying "that was a tasty piece of fish, which I am happy to have consumed," but I'm going to try to incorporate it slightly more often in our dinner rotations because Drew likes it and it's healthy.

Also, this news story and this one about finding Richard III's remains under a British parking lot is pretty cool. And they used genealogy DNA to back up the find.

I've made some wicked awesome headways into my genealogy research, though a lot of that was finding other people's research, which I need to back up on my own with source documents, but still, I have some lines traced all the way back to the late 1500s in France. Turns out the French Canadians are super easy to research. The Irish I am just stalled out on, though.
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I needed some good laughs this week.

46 reasons why my three year old might be freaking out

Movie titles where the word heart is replaced with butt. This had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt.

Best autocorrects of 2012 (nsfw language) I laughed so hard reading this that I scared West.

This week I explained Christmas stockings to West, that Santa leaves treats in our stockings for us. A little while later he brought me my rain boot filled with toys and said "here Mommy, it's treats from Santa." Adorable.

We have added Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Handy Manny to our cartoon rotation, so nice to watch anything other than Fireman Sam. West now runs around pretending to be "Captain Hooks."
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I am dying of the hilarity that is Honest Toddler.
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This morning West said "Where's my tiger? Oh, it's at the toy store." *giggle* He's also been having some epic meltdowns in the mornings lately, which are compounded by my impatience in trying to get everything ready for work/daycare so we can get out the door and I can make my train on time. I wish I were a more patient mom. Among what I am sure are many scarring-for-life failings, that must be at the top. I should work on that, but to be honest, patience is a virtue I've never had, so I'm not going to hold up any high hopes that it'll change any time soon.

Discovered this blog through someone liking it on FB (think it was [livejournal.com profile] kayranord)- a mom blog I can relate to! It's not filled with precious crafts and organic canned vegetables perfectly mason jarred and other things I am just never going to get my act together to do/be interested in. Awesome.
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Ahhhhhh!!!! Why do I insist on reading Metafilter threads about spiders??? OMG. Two posts in two days and I can't stop reading every horrifying story, and sometimes clicking on pictures that I need to unsee. Nature is horrible. And now the UK is marginally ruined for me, as I just learned about the UK's house spiders that are WAY TOO BIG. I can never live outside of New England. Sweet, sweet winter, killing the nasty critters.
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I really should know better, but I just can't look away from things like this Reddit thread about creepy things kids say. I just know Drew is going to train West to say some seriously scary stuff to me.
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A good article by Ashley Judd about misogyny. Worth a read!
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Ha ha. Apparently Sunday night was a fluke, we were back to usual last night.

Wanted to mention that after all my wailing and gnashing of teeth about Xmas, we managed to finish up shopping on Saturday, and all in all it ended up being not that bad. I'm psyched that we did about 90% of our shopping locally in downtown Salem stores!

Metafilter brought me an awesome new conspiracy theory: were the Middle Ages made up as a historical conspiracy? It is pretty crackpot but kind of a fun read.

We've been watching a pretty sweet documentary about the British monarchy on Netflix. I highly recommend it if you want some history to watch while we all turn into couch potatoes during the winter.
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I had a bee in my bonnet on Sunday to go jogging, so when West took a nap I went for a couple of spins around the Common. I haven't jogged since before I was pregnant. Ouch. Everything hurts. It did feel pretty nice at the time, though.

Sometimes I like to browse around HomeExchange.com and dream about switching homes with someone in Sweden or Italy... or Spain or Ireland... or anywhere.... for a week vacation. It seems like such a cool idea. I think we need to be pet-less for it to be a possibility, though the site claims that some people are ok with pets.

Also- Breaking Dawn I was just too hilarious. I actually loved the cheesiness of the first few movies, but this one is over the top bad. I will still be excited for the last movie. And for Hunger Games!!
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A couple of links for you:

Generation X Doesn't Want to Hear It

Parenting with Crappy Pictures (pretty close to what I imagine Hyperbole & A Half would be like if she had kids)
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Wow. I am not crafty at all, but would consider becoming crafty to make something like these amazing Jedi and Star Trek baby activity books ("quiet books," I guess they're called, though I've never heard that phrase before). So awesome!
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Ha ha ha! Oh, Davis Square LJ. I rarely check you, but you never let me down. There's some new Turil insanity. She does not patronize the Somerville Theater because it discriminates against children by not letting them into R rated movies after 6 pm. That's prejudice, yo.


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