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So I guess we've reached the point in our car's life where it just falls apart? In the last 3 weeks we've had to get the mass air flow sensor replaced twice. Today, driving home from the mechanic that just replaced the sensor again, the car sounded weirdly loud. The muffler had detached from... whatever holds mufflers onto cars. Completely coincidentally and not related to the mechanic fixing the damn sensor. WTF, car. We still have a couple of years left on the loan, so I think we're stuck with it until something really catastrophic breaks, but I am now seeing some of the wisdom of possibly leasing in the future. Even though leasing seems like a scam and I'd prefer to own a car at the end of making payments for 5 years.
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I have just learned that there is an Institute for Mummies and Icemen, and I feel just a little like I have wasted my life on librarianship when I could be working in an institute for mummies. Oh well. I'm sure that requires more work and effort than I ever wanted to put into my education. Librarianing is perfect for the lazy scholar, learn just enough about everything to get by but not having to actually do terrible things like writing dissertations. I kind of also wish I had been a spy, but not like a danger-spy, more like a working-from-the-safety-of-a-computer spy. Those exist, right? Guess I'd better get working on that novel I'm never going to write!

Anyway, it's been forever since I've written here. We're having a lovely summer full of enrichment and adventure (read: we are not home very often and are very overbooked). Last weekend we went up to Storyland in NH. The mountains are so gorgeous, I love going up there for a little weekend getaway in the summer. West was delightful most of the time and was filled with whimsy at the park.

Finally, this blog about making food in books (with a heavy Harry Potter focus) is awesome and totally relevant to the interests of the... five people? who might be reading this. Come back to LJ, everyone! Facebook isn't the same and LJ is so lonely!
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Writing out some thank you cards tonight, I am reaching the bottom of my usual stash of cards. And, behold, I pulled out from the very bottom a card that I have apparently been carrying around with me since 1996. It is an edited draft of a thank you card I must have sent to the people who interviewed me for my college admissions applications. Like the Harvard alum to whom I claimed I had an abridged version of Ulysses. Sadly for me, the book I was thinking of was the Odyssey. James Joyce's Ulysses has yet to be abridged, and I am still yet to have read a word of it. I'm not even sure I've actually read any kind of version of the Odyssey. Gaze upon the glory of the card I needed to practice because two sentences is too difficult for someone applying to 13 colleges to remember. I am particularly tickled by the placeholder of "so + so" for someone's name, and the fact that upon editing I needed to remind myself of my full adult sounding name. Just in case I'd forget, I guess. 
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I... clearly have an online commerce problem. I just discovered Fortune Cookie Soap, which looks a lot like Lush at a lower cost. Plus, they have subscription boxes, $20 for a quarterly box of soapy products. I just really like mystery boxes of goodies delivered to me. So of course I signed up.

Today it was actually sunny and nice enough after I picked West up from daycare, we got to make a stop at the playground for a bit before heading home. He actually departed from the playground with no tantrums. Then he ate dinner with no arguments and took a bath with no fussing, and during the bath he actually declared his need to do a #2 and successfully did it ON THE ACTUAL TOILET. OMG. Seriously, I am, like, overcome with joy about how well this evening has gone. I mean, my bar is set pretty low at this point, but I'll take what I can get. I am going to do the dishes, eat some ice cream, and catch up on The Americans.
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I think I prefer insomnia over the Unisom hangover. Urf. There is not enough coffee in the world to help me this morning. On the plus side, I got the best night's sleep I've had in a while last night.

So the lightbulb that makes our tv work finally blew out yesterday. I could not be happier that if it was that close to going, it waited until Drew got home from ComicCon. I would have been absolutely bereft without it while he was gone. Because I started watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix and it is AMAZING. Also, Teen Wolf. Send help. It's tumblr's fault.
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You know what's nice? Private car service to/from the airport. OMG I felt like a movie star. Went down to our DC office yesterday and came back yesterday evening. I think I'm still exhausted from all the travel.

Ok, so [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo recommended a book to me, and she never fails to knock it out of the park when she recommends books. Divergent is totatlly going to be the next Hunger Games. Action! Dystopia! Romance! It is pretty much everything I want in a book, and the writing is actually good!
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Thanks to Pandora on the iPad I am rediscovering the joys of listening to music while mindlessly surfing the interwebs. Nice! Also I apparently really like Tegan and Sara.

Got some new shoes for work to stop looking like a frump with falling apart shoes. They are heels ($20 on amazon!) and people, I have forgotten how to walk in heels! It has been a few years of flat shoes due to baby and I have lost my lady skills.
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We didn't really intend to start toilet training until well in Year Two. Seriously, if diapers weren't so expensive and if pre-school didn't require it, I wouldn't give a hoot about when the kid becomes toilet trained, because there is something about wiping a butt on the toilet that seems grosser than wiping a butt on a changing table. Anyway, we'd kind of started talking about the potty just to get the idea in his head. Now he's starting to get insistent about wanting to sit on the potty. We had one sort-of success, in that he was on the potty and some poop came out, but, uh, it didn't land in the toilet (it was not very much, luckily). So yay for him being interested in the potty. Sigh for having to actually put thought and effort into this endeavor right now. Also, toddler butts are tiny and toilet seat holes are massive.

On the way upstairs this morning West was actually wrangling himself up on two feet using the bannister for balance, saying "ok self" at each step. OMG, this child cracks me up with his adorableness.

In technology news, I took the leap last night and ordered a pre-paid Virgin Mobile Android phone from Amazon. Once it shows up I'll activate it and get on their $35/month unlimited text & data (with 300 phone minutes), no contract plan. Technology I can afford!
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Reading a dinosaur book to West the other night, I discovered that there are a crap ton of new dinosaurs I've never heard of. What?! Look at this guy, he has a unicorn horn on his head! Crazy. I have a feeling I'm going to be learning more about the world than I otherwise would have without a kid.
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OMG, you guys. I just discovered that dorgis exist. They are a cross between corgis and dachshunds, my two favorite kinds of dogs. I want to cuddle stubby little doggies! Though I remain unconvinced about picking up turds every day and going out for walks in subzero weather. We have a few years yet before the dog issue comes to the table, by then I will probably be so used to turds that it won't be an issue.
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Ahhh, nap time. Dishes washed, laundry going, and meat sauce for tonight's lasagna completed. And he's still sleeping?!

It has been a while since I've done cupcake reviews. Here you go!

Cakes for Occasions in Danvers turns out some surprisingly delicious cupcakes. I say surprisingly because their Yelp reviews are kind of all over the map, so I went in skeptical. But there was a Groupon for a dozen for, like, $12, so the price was right for a trial. I'm not sure how much they cost normally, which is going to be the tipping point for whether this becomes a mainstay cupcakery for obtaining a dozen. My favorite cupcakery is way too expensive to buy a dozen unless it's a really special party, so I'm hoping this place is Lyndell's level of cheapness. Anyway, great moist cake with just the right crumb, tasty frosting, just the right size (on the smaller side for gourmet cupcakes, but not ludicrously tiny like Kick Ass Cupcakes).

Coven in Salem has also really stepped up their cupcake game. They are a bit pricey and are huge, so I hold myself back from chowing down too often. But around St. Patrick's Day they had Guiness cupcakes with Bailey's frosting, and OMG, those cupcakes were amazing. In fact, Coven now ties with Beverly's Cupcake Cafe for Most Favorite Cupcakes In the World.

Kind of surprised that so businesses actually close for Easter. Tried to go to Market Basket this morning but was denied.

Oh, and The League on FX turns out to be a really funny show. It does not look funny at all from the previews, but we gave it a shot and have been in stitches.
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Well, 10 years in Massachusetts, I suppose my luck could only last so long. I've been called to jury duty. Crossing my fingers that "can't physically get there in time after dropping son at daycare in the morning" will count as a good enough reason to transfer me. From Lawrence to the courthouse that is actually a few blocks away from home. I didn't even know Lawrence was in my county!

I also got a ticket at the train station parking lot today, though I paid by phone (as I do, oh, every morning).

Bah. The Kelty backpack kiddo carrier my dad bought us showed up today, though! And our little peanut was super cute all evening.
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These two blog posts are really resonating with me.

I don't like that I've become exactly that cliche of talking so much about the baby, the lack of sleep, the poop. But my life is pretty dominated by that right now. I get an hour on the train each day for "me time" to read/nap/catch up on podcasts, and if I'm lucky I get maybe an hour at the end of the day before falling asleep at 9:30. I feel bad talking baby stuff so much, though, because I know it's one of those things that people without kids don't like talking about (though, really, I don't mind listening to people talk about their pets, and that seems to be pretty equivalent; if it's something that's interesting to my friends then I'm interested in hearing about it). Anyway. Sorry to all of you that are bored with baby talk, hang in there with me and I hope to become more interesting when I can sleep through the night.

I have all this working mom guilt, and it's not so much that I want to do everything perfectly, it's just that I don't want to mess something up so drastically that I ruin West's chances of living a happy, healthy life. I'd like to also retain my own life, my own individuality that's not wrapped up in being A Mom, because if we do our job right then in 18 or so years he's going to be off living his life and we'll need to be not completely subsumed into an identity of only being parents. If that makes sense? I don't think I'm doing a terribly good job at that aspect of things right now, but I hope it will get easier with time.

Also, Christina Hendricks is in Boston today filming around Fanueil Hall.
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Operating on little sleep with Turkey in the Straw stuck firmly in my head.

Why does he only sleep well on nights when I'm awake half the night of my own accord?!

Starting to compile a mental list of Nice Weather Fun Time Activities. I so want to go to a maple sugar shack (maybe save this for when the kiddo is a few years older). And the zoo! And museums (Bank of America cards now get you in the MFA for free one weekend a month).

Slightly frustrated that all the good baby fun time stuff is scheduled on weekday mornings. No weekend library story time? Almost all the mommy & me music classes are for stay at home moms? Geez, I know they need activities to get out of the house, but working moms want to do enrichment activities, too!
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Phrase I am so, so sick of: congress critter. OMG, stop it, internet!

There is a truck commercial that drives Drew & I bonkers, but now that I've noticed it I can't get its jingle out of my head. And I mishear the jingle as "bus stop living" instead of "push the limit," which makes me giggle every time it echoes through my brain.

I'm currently a pretty interesting book on baby brain development. It's more heavily scientific than I'd expected, but a surprisingly engaging read. I'm remembering vast stores of stuff I learned when I was on track to be a neuroscience major. Neurons and cells are pretty neat. It's kind of strange to think back that Immunology was one of the best classes I took in college, along with PoMo Lit and various gender classes.
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Dear T, every year around this time we find ourselves in a season called winter. Please figure out how to run trains despite this annual hassle. Also, if you could plow your lots such that a quarter of the parking spots aren't lost to snowbanks, that would be sweet. Though I don't mind saving my $4/day and parking near daycare, I'd rather pay for the convenience of parking at the station if I could.

Train was so epically late this morning I decided to just chalk half an hour of my morning off to vacation time and stop at Starbucks on my way in for a soy chai latte. It has gone a long way to making this morning less grar-inducing.
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Thanks a lot, This American Life. If you're going to title a program "Unconditional Love" could you provide some prozac with it if your first story is about Harlow and those sad baby monkeys? I can't stand hearing about the monkeys sadly cuddling up to fake monkey mommies! In the opening blurb they talk about how in olden times (I'm guessing before the 50s or 60s) doctors used to tell parents that they shouldn't hold their babies too much or give them too much affection. They were told that kissing your kid more than once a year could be bad for them.

Last night West was just absolutely delighted by bouncing around on my knee to a poorly do-doo'd rendition of Fraggle Rock. And then by Drew boogying him to the Ducktales theme on youtube. I will do whatever goofy things it takes to get that look of pure baby joy.

Also, NPR uncovers private prison corporation was deeply involved in the formation and passing of the Arizona immigration law.
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Argh, MBTA! "Express train right behind this [egregiously late] one" does not equal "local train coming in 10 minutes." OMG, massive train fail this morning.

Salem in October is so awesome, I'm loving it. One sad thing, though- the local independent book store is closing on Nov. 1. It's a bummer to not have a bookstore in easy walking distance, but to be honest, their selection was kind of crap and they never had anything I was looking for or browsing for. My Borders coupons unfortunately made Borders a wiser choice for my wallet, and the Kindle solves both money and travel problems so handily. Still, it's too bad to see a local business go under, I can't imagine they'll find a buyer this week, and I can't see another book store coming into downtown Salem any time soon (or ever).

Baby West continues to be adorable. He peed on his face this morning and had managed to pee through his clothes by the time we got to daycare. So much pee! I had a hard time getting his huge noggin through the head hole in his shirt this morning, so I think tonight it's time to get serious about digging out some 6 month-sized clothes and laundering them. The kid has a ginormous head. If anyone is curious, the formula situation at daycare appears to be working well. I pump once a day at lunch time and send him with one bottle a day of the good stuff. He seems to be growing just fine, so I am totally over the anti-formula mindset (I swear, some people react like you're giving your baby crack if you use formula). Edited to add: And it looks like we'll be taking a baby sign language class in Salem in February!

Finally, I am totally loving Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, and 30Rock this season. Supernatural continues to be rather lukewarm (though they appear to have finally received a music budget again- yay for The Gambler!). The Office is not as meh as last season (Timothy Olyphant guest appearance!!).
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Oh man. I entered a drawing a few months ago from some sketchy booth that was set up on the Essex Street pedestrian way. I just got a notice that I totally won one of several sweet prizes. Googling shows that to get a potential $500 payoff I'll have to attend an annoying timeshare presentation. I'm tempted to do it... I can say no all day long to a timeshare (ha, suckers don't know that my ideal vacation is getting hassled by a narrowboat in rainy England, not sitting on a beach in sunshine). Is an afternoon of my time worth $500, is the question. Or do I risk totally winning the "Mercedes Benz" which may actually be just a matchbox car instead of the cash?


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