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Oh, hey, yesterday I paid off the balance on my last credit card from the Years of Bad Credit Decisions. I am no longer paying for cigarettes and booze from before 2004! I still need to win the lottery to pay off my student loan, but I now have zero credit card debt.

While I'm on the topic of money, I finally broke down and started shopping at Market Basket, and holy crap, the money I am saving! My mind has been blown. And their produce doesn't rot as quickly as Stop & Shop's! And they actually staff all their cash registers with both cashers and baggers! It's like a whole new world of grocery shopping. You have to be willing to be ninja-like in your navigation around exponentially more people in the way, but I will accept that to get savings.
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So five years ago I had a problem. A seemingly insurmountable problem. I had run up one of my credit cards to the limit- $12,000. Seriously. Today that balance is now $0. Woooo!

I still have a really small cc that I'm almost done paying off, and will have student loans until I retire, but I am no longer paying off my youthful indiscretions of cigarette cartons, rental cars, clothes, and booze.

Also, if you are looking for something to read on the internet, may I recommend Michael Palin's online New Europe travel book.
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So it turns out that when I took a preliminary stab at this year's taxes last month I must have futzed up the math, because I finally got 'em completed last night, and we're actually getting a bit of cash back from both the feds and the state. Even though I understand the idea that it's better to owe than to get a refund, since the government basically gets to earn interest off your money all year, I'd still rather get something back than owe.

Yesterday was another round of [livejournal.com profile] komos's excellent Iron Chef Challenge. I made up a batch of Caribbean pork chili that I hear came out tasty. I couldn't stand the sight of it after working on it for hours on Saturday, but I'm really glad it was well-received. For all that I was excited to fry up some plantains to go with it, the end result of said fried plantains was that it was too much effort for not enough taste.

Kung-fu tonight! I've been a bad girl and for all of Feb. I only made it once a week, so this week I need to step it up again.
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Good thing: Seeing that not only did you remember to mail your New Yorker renewal in, but they've already cashed the check, so you can cross that off your list of Things To Pay For In The Near Future. Mild freak out about money avoided.

Bad thing: Seeing a CNN breaking news alert that Smarmy Jerk won the Judiciary Committee's approval for the Supreme Court.

Good thing: Um... totally getting our car on Thursday. That's a very good thing. I think we may have to arrange a trip out to the People's Pint next month, weather-permitting, just because we can.

This entry is really just an excuse to show off my awesome Mr. Show icon. It makes me giggle.
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Owie. I got a flu shot today and my arm is ouchy. But I'll take a few hours of ouchy over a few days of flu.

So yesterday was Free Money Day. Got my bonus at work (yay!), and came home to a surprise refund check from the student loan that was paid off (double yay!). I'm feeling a little more secure, or at least, less likely to freak out, about the impending holiday wallet-suck.

So last night I did my volunteering, and then got home and made cookies. Cookies! For those of you with Cooking Light, the maple-spice cookies are really good (I did 'em without the walnuts, but I'm sure they're good with them, too).
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Ugh, Atlantic Ave. is freakin' Waterworld today. I am soggy.

So, yesterday I picked up my wedding dress from the cleaners, and nearly had a heart attack from how much it cost. Is it normal for it cost $130 to clean a dress? WTF, if I had known it would cost that much I would have just let it sit in my closet with grass stains, it's not like I'm going to be wearing it out ever again. I'm convinced that the minute anything has the word "wedding" attached, dollar signs light up in people's eyes. Rawwwr. So I had my semi-quarterly freak out about money last night, as is my wont, and I think I've decided that I need to put one of my student loans back into forbearance for a year (where it can join the grad school student loan, which I'm not touching until the credit cards are paid off). Debt totally sucks.

But, to end the entry on a high note- Friday I get free sushi. Free! Sushi! I mean, vegetable sushi! Who doesn't like the sound of that?!
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Wow. This is so totally my day, I am almost dancing in the office from all the worry that has just been lifted off my shoulders.

First, due to my, um, foresight (or inability to remember when I've paid bills), turns out I paid my student loan bill twice in March, and since then I've been pre-paying for each upcoming month. The upshot being that I don't have to pay that bill this month!

Then, due to my firm's unbelievable awesomeness, I just received a sweet bonus check!

Holy crap!


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