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I had a bee in my bonnet on Sunday to go jogging, so when West took a nap I went for a couple of spins around the Common. I haven't jogged since before I was pregnant. Ouch. Everything hurts. It did feel pretty nice at the time, though.

Sometimes I like to browse around HomeExchange.com and dream about switching homes with someone in Sweden or Italy... or Spain or Ireland... or anywhere.... for a week vacation. It seems like such a cool idea. I think we need to be pet-less for it to be a possibility, though the site claims that some people are ok with pets.

Also- Breaking Dawn I was just too hilarious. I actually loved the cheesiness of the first few movies, but this one is over the top bad. I will still be excited for the last movie. And for Hunger Games!!
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WAHT. That's a typo, but it actually conveys my thought on this news, so I'm keeping it. They are rebooting Buffy without Joss. Craziness. I don't know who they think is actually going to watch this movie. I haven't kept up with the season 8 comic, I should really pick up the issues I've missed for some holiday reading.

Short week this week- I get out early on Wed., and West has his 4 month doctor appointment on Monday, so I have 5 and a half solid days with the little guy. The timing is very good because tonight I am having a bit of an emotional breakdown about not spending enough time with our baby. It didn't help that the train was stupid late this morning so I had to stay later at work and got home around 5:45, which is just way too late. Though walking through Boston at dusk with all the buildings lit up and trees strung with holiday lights was a really nice. Why is it so hard to try to have it all? Also, I am incompetent with kids and don't really know how to play with babies. Shaking toys in front of him is not working. I need a checklist of fun games babies like. And like, a step by step instructional video.
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9 months is an inconceivably long time for an impatient control freak. Cut for the squeamish )

Also, I am totally psyched to see Eclipse this weekend!!
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On a lighter note: YES.
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Woe. The Dunkin Donuts triple chocolate muffin was only on sale in February. That thing was like crack. I guess I will have my usual morning snack of cottage cheese and wheat crackers, but a chocolate muffin would be so much better.

Also, the New Moon dvd comes out on March 20th, and Eclipse hits theaters June 30th!
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WHAT. There are talks in the works for a remake of the 80s classic Mannequin. Is nothing sacred anymore?? I would so not put it past them to remake the Goonies. Hollywood has no shame.
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I won a free personal training session today at the gym. Score! I'd been thinking about buying a session, but have been too cheap to do so. I know this is their way of trying to hard sell you into more, but you can't hard sell someone who has no money! Or you can, but it is not going to work on the girl.

NaNoWriMo update- 22K words, last night I banged out almost 3K in a frenzy of trying to get to my plot. I am really enjoying the process again this year, I really like the structure of having to get something done every day. Though that is also a bit of a curse, because I find myself needlessly drawing out some scenes that are utterly useless because I worry that I'll run out of story before I get to the 50,000 word mark. So there will be a lot of editing to do eventually. But tonight I have to commence with the actual adventure! portion of the story and cease wanking on about music. In my imagination, Neutral Milk Hotel has gotten back together.

Also- I am giddy like a little girl for New Moon.
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We had a pretty successfully awesome weekend.

Friday night we went to see Rob Riggle, Eugene Mirman, the Upright Citizen's Brigade, and a few others with [livejournal.com profile] starflow and [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent. Eugene Mirman never fails to entertain, and Rob Riggle was way funnier than I expected (I like to set my expectations low because otherwise I get a big Disappointment Face and get pouty).

Saturday I spent the day cleaning/running errands before the arrival of [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo and [livejournal.com profile] incandes_flower for Sparkletastic Twilight. Oh, Twilight, you never fail to entertain me. I did not have to set my expectations low for this because I knew it would be awesome.

Sunday had an awesome brunch with the aforementioned ladies and [livejournal.com profile] mrs_muffin and [livejournal.com profile] aquarianna6. Yay, brunch! Then Drew & I walked from our house to Marblehead, found a fun little bar in Marblehead where we had a couple beers, and then walked back to Salem. It was a lot of walking. It was too nice a day outside to not spend hours walking, though. I am getting excited to get out and do a lot of hiking this summer! I also want to explore interesting old timey stuff around New England. Summer fun! I insist on having summer fun this summer, last summer was lame.
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We've been watching a lot of Netflix streaming on demand stuff lately, which I am totally loving. Having it come through the xbox to the tv is fantastic. So for those of you who do Netflix, I have some suggestions for you!

First: Jesus Camp. OMG. I just can not understand fundamentalism/evangelicalism at all. Seriously, the stuff in this movie is nigh on child abuse. I've been reading a book with sort of a similar bent, and I'm interested in learning more about the history of this movement, but honestly, it is so crazy cakes to me, I can't get my head around it. First, the frequent use of Jesus' name weirds me out. Second, the emphasis on "being saved" and not on "being a good person" or good works is so incompatible with my 18 years of Catholic schooling, it just does not make sense to me. I mean, I don't ascribe to any religion, but I have some kind of personal belief structure that assumes that trying to be a good person is more important than what you say you believe. Even Catholic school religion classes taught that just because someone didn't believe in Jesus they could still get into heaven (or whatever they believe in instead of heaven...). Fundamentalism just seems so mean and unloving, and I'm not sure what the point of religion is if it doesn't make you happy. Also, if you believe that much in god, wouldn't you think that he/she/it has enough to deal with, that maybe asking god to bless your photocopier and powerpoint slides and all the chairs in a room is really friggin' annoying? Maybe you should save your blessings for things that actually matter? Anyway, it's an interesting documentary, but I spent most of it yelling at the tv.

Second: Michael Palin's (from Monty Python) travel documentaries. Around the World in 80 Days and Pole to Pole. They were filmed in 1989 and 1991, so not only are they interesting in a travel sense, but also interesting in a recent history sense. The 1991 one especially, he goes to the USSR right before it crumbled, and he's in South Africa a few months after apartheid ended. It's all very interesting.

Third: British comedy! The Vicar of Dibley is surprisingly really funny. Not Black Books level of hilarity, because few things could be as funny as Bernard Black, but still, good comedy. Also, Waiting for God is funnier than I'd expected a comedy about an old folks home to be. Finally, Little Britain is funny enough, though it's very hit-or-miss and some of it is not funny at all. But the funny stuff is really funny.
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This blog makes me long for England. Shut up, I love British food. I want to go back!

Also, Stella is coming to Boston Dec. 11. Michael Ian Black! David Wain! That other guy! We have our tickets already.

Also, I am over 35K words on my NaNo story. Productivity! I suppose if I get to the end of my story and need to pad to get up to 50K I can always add more make-out scenes. Make-out scenes!

If you weren't aware, I am way, way too excited to see Twilight on Saturday. Sparkly vampires!

Finally, last night we were discussing the infinity of space and it blew my freakin' mind.
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Voted! That was a long line, I waited for almost an hour this morning.

Amazon is incredible, I drunkenly ordered Reality Bites and Singles Friday night, and they showed up yesterday! Now I just need to get Empire Records and Can't Hardly Wait to complete my collection of the best 90s movies evar.

I am cautiously optimistic about today, and will be refreshing 538.com and CNN all day.
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My latest song obsession: Geraldine, by Glasvegas. I love that guitar sound and want more of it! Why do Scots make such great music?

Tonight: seeing The Wedding Present at the Middle East. [livejournal.com profile] incandes_flower is my indie rock hero as usual for getting me out to more shows.

This weekend was perfectly fantastic. Friday night involved boxed sangria and silliness with the aforementioned incandes_flower and [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo. Saturday we saw Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, which was absolutely adorable, and later went to an awesome birthday party. Yesterday we spent the day at the ren fair with [livejournal.com profile] dr_alycat and [livejournal.com profile] cook_ting, and it was tons of fun. I wish I could be a professional tiger handler.
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Fox News this morning on the Sarah Palin pregnancy news: "I hope people focus on the issues, this is a private matter." Fox News on the stupid local high school "pregnancy pact" a few months ago: "OMG fire the principal teenage girls are pregnant!" Let's not talk about how irresponsible abstinence only "education" is. Also, they keep showing videos of the pretty lady nominee shooting comically huge guns.

Fair and balanced my ass.

In other news, Hamlet 2 is even funnier than I hoped it would be. That movie is hilarious and I highly recommend it.
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Well I spent most of my weekend consuming media in various ways. And driving to and from New Hampshire- I love driving, especially when no one else is in the car so I can turn my iPod up and caterwaul away to my "emo rock" playlist. Oh, Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance! *ahem*

Anyway, so I spent a good portion of the weekend reading the Twilight series, which I swear must be laced with crack because ohmygod it is so entertaining. I am on the last book in the series, and am kind of sad knowing there won't be more.

Also, finally saw Mamma Mia, which is a total cheese fest, but involved Colin Firth singing and dancing. We spent a good chunk of yesterday watching this British comedy show Black Books- so, so hilarious. I think I hurt myself laughing at some points. And Step Up 2 The Streets is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds like it would be.

Finally, I call shenanigans on the weather. What is up with the rain this summer? It is dreary and needs to cut it out. I'm also desperately in need of more time off, and am really looking forward to the fall when we at least get a few more long weekends. These long weeks are getting to me.
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This panda is the cutest thing ever. So cute!

Tonight: early showing of the X-Files movie (5:30, Boston Common). If anyone is up for some later in the night Friday night stuff, we would likely be up for some socializing post-movie.

I can't believe the summer is over half over- I feel like I've barely done anything summery!

Also, the Athenaeum has a neat exhibit going on now, and I really want to find time to head over there to check it out.
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Whew. With Drew away for the weekend I wanted to keep myself busy, and I sure succeeded in that. Friday night grabbed dinner at Audobon Circle with some folks- that place has a great back patio and wasn't super crowded with sports types, even though it's near Fenway and there was a home game that night. Score! After that saw Hellboy 2, which was sufficiently entertaining.

Saturday was a lovely bridal shower, and then tasty Thai dinner at the new Thai Dish location. Then [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo and I had a totally awesome slumber party with movies and sangria and ice cream. It was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday night. Also, Definitely Maybe is, like, the most perfect movie. 90s nostalgia? Check. New York City depicted exactly as I always dreamed it would be for fabulous 20-somethings? Check. Heart warming love story? Check. I will be purchasing that movie for future re-viewing.

Today I've been getting a ton of chores done, and now that I'm finished what I wanted to get done today, I find myself still puttering around unable to sit still. It is time for reading now, not cleaning! But I managed to get groceries, do laundry (myself, not wash-dry-fold), get the car washed, cleaned the trash out of the inside of the car, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the buns' cages, semi-cleaned the bedroom, and picked up a bunch of miscellaneous crap that was lying around. Busy day! Also, I need to get off the internet and must stop reading about banks collapsing and the pile of crap our economy is in.
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First, Harold & Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay: I was kind of disappointed. Possibly only because I have been looking forward to this movie SO MUCH since a trailer first appeared on the internet. I felt like the humor was less clever and subtle. But then again, I am talking about Harold & Kumar, and I'm not sure how subtle the comedy really was in the first one. Christopher Meloni's cameo should have been longer. But it was funny. Not as funny as Strange Wilderness.

Second, Saturday was packed full with an amazing engagement party for two very lovely people, and a Metafilter meetup that was tons of fun. Meeting new people is fun! I spent some quality time with Miss T-Po yesterday watching Coupling (the British one), and it was entertaining.

And now, I have a librarian rant. But I'll cut it for you! librarian rant! )
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Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are currently filming a movie just a few streets away from my work! This weekend they will be in Rockport!

I need to see some celebrities. I... have some questions about the amount of life I currently have. But it excites me. Sandra I don't care about, but Ryan Reynolds. He's Van Wilder. And he was in Blade: Trinity. C'mon.
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Ok, last week for, like, two days there were girl scouts in the T station shilling cookies. And they were kind of loud and obnoxious, as little girls in groups tend to be, so I ignored them. But now I needs me some peanut butter chocolate girl scout cookies. And there are no girl scouts to be found. I actually went onto the web site and entered my information into their cookie finder database. I have no pride left.

And it reminds me of

this (TSFW, too stupid for work )
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Saturday afternoon I spent 2.5 hours at kung-fu, part of which was taken up by my level 2 test. I passed! I didn't do as awesome as I had hoped, but I passed, and am now officially Level 2. Yay!

Also, Michael Clayton was a freakin' awesome movie.

Today: dim sum and more kung-fu tonight.


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