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Last night for the first time ever I cooked fish for dinner. And I consumed a reasonable number of bites of said fish. I cooked up some baked tilapia over roasted tomatoes, olives, and capers, with some roasted potatoes on the side. It was not terrible, but it was not enjoyable. The fish didn't really taste like anything, but I remain not a fan of the texture. I really can't see myself ever saying "that was a tasty piece of fish, which I am happy to have consumed," but I'm going to try to incorporate it slightly more often in our dinner rotations because Drew likes it and it's healthy.

Also, this news story and this one about finding Richard III's remains under a British parking lot is pretty cool. And they used genealogy DNA to back up the find.

I've made some wicked awesome headways into my genealogy research, though a lot of that was finding other people's research, which I need to back up on my own with source documents, but still, I have some lines traced all the way back to the late 1500s in France. Turns out the French Canadians are super easy to research. The Irish I am just stalled out on, though.
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You guys, I am totally obsessed with ancestry.com. Drew gave me an international subscription for Christmas, and I'm home on a vacation day, it's going to be hard to pry myself off the couch for the shopping I'm supposed to be doing. This is everything I love about librarianing and history all mashed together. I do wish old timey people had easier to read handwriting, why bother writing these records if they are impossible to read, Quebec I'm lookin' at you!

I've been reading a book about the history of the Irish in Maine from 1830-1850, it's fascinating. Bangor, Maine was a thriving metropolis long ago. The first major wave of Irish immigrants came over into Canada and walked to Bangor down the Airline Road from New Brunswick when a cholera epidemic hit that part of Canada. I can't even fathom how difficult life must have been for those people. The census lists occupations, some of my Bangor ancestors were Teamsters, it was weird to stop and think "oh, that means they drove horse carts" since duh, truck driving didn't exist.
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Nerd Alert! Amber Benson will be doing a book signing at Cornerstone Books in Salem this Thursday evening. Event information.
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I think we are going to go to this totally kick ass haunted house tour next Friday (the 29th). Awesome!!!

I am considering whether this coming weekend might be a good time to explore this awesome book store. Or perhaps attempt some geocaching?

I am ready to get some Summer Fun underway!
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This weekend was so fantastic. Joss Whedon's talk on Friday was surprisingly illuminating and interesting. Saturday we threw a party that I hope was as much for everyone else as it was for me... despite the ill-advised drunken beer run in impractical shoes. Ow. Spilling a 30 pack of PBR on the street is embarrassing.

So the Kindle is making it really too easy to purchase crap books. I just tore through a fluffy chick lit mystery book (Janet Evanovich's One for the Money) and already bought the sequel because it was there and it took like a minute to download it. And now I think I've been sucked into a series that is going to turn my brain into mush. I need to figure out how to get Project Gutenberg books onto the Kindle so I can balance the candy books with actual literature.
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Oh god. I so totally want to attend the Gilded Age Weekend this weekend in Lenox. Victorian reenactment! Port! Seriously!

I set the story I'm writing in 1872, so this would be like research. I think this is a good way to spend a Saturday.
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I have discovered a new source of reading pleasure that combines my love of history with my love of gossip- old diaries. Currently reading the 1872-1874 journal of Alice Stone Blackwell, and it is way more absorbing than I thought it would be. She's 14, living in Dorchester, and so far has spent most of the journal mooning over a girl in her school (often taking one of her servants out on night-time horse rides to the girl's house to look try to catch a glimpse of the girl through her window), and going into Boston to get books from the library. She recounts an argument with a schoolmate of her who doesn't support the women's movement because she doesn't want to vote.

I also learned that in 1872, the Boston Public Library was the largest free circulating library in the entire world. Neat! OMG, history is so cool.
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What's that you say? You want Metafilter meta-wankery about meta-wankery in fandom (with a big article that talks a lot about Supernatural, I only skimmed the article but believe it contains no spoilers, it's about a con). Well, then, here you go.

Along the lines of feminist ranting, I was reminded while re-tagging old entries earlier today of the time back in L-town that I tried to start a chapter of Riot Grrrl. I put up posters around town! I think it was in connection with my awesome thesis about punk girls and... psychology. The only person who ever called me wanting to join was a skinhead named Howard who had just gotten out of jail. Hee. Oh, memories.
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Is it wrong that I really wish I had $750 laying around so I could go to PaleyFest to see a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion? NERD!

Also, for Wire fans: What Do Real Thugs Think of the Wire Part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

Tenillypo found those, so credit to her. Spoilers for Season 5 of The Wire (for episodes that have already aired, not future spoilers).

I voted this morning, being a good civic-duty-er. Edwards was my horse in this race, and I'm disappointed he's out of the picture, though I hope for VP-dom for him. After waffling with strong amounts of indecision on my two remaining candidates, I took one last look at the "issues" on Clinton and Obama's web sites and went to fill in the blanks on a ballot. I went with Obama, because while I'm not convinced that he could govern right off the bat the way Hillary could, I do believe he will honestly try and that he'll put a really good-faith effort into sticking with the view/ideas he has expressed. A lot of my support for Hillary really stemmed from my reaction to her nay-sayers and critics, because I truly think a lot of the flak she's gotten has been misogynistic, and that really bothers me. But she's espoused views that are too centrist/conservative for my taste. I actually don't think she truly believes some of the middle of the road things she says she does, but all I have to go on is what she says and how she's acted in the Senate, and that doesn't warm the cockles of my commie lefty little heart. So that's that. Secret ballot my ass, I have a blog! My voting record, let me show you!
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It smells like bacon in my building, and right now there is nothing I want more than a BLT. While I could walk down the street and get one, I'm being a good doobie and eating my homemade cooking light chili. No bacon for me.

So, another thing that I kinda want is to maybe go to King Richard's Fair. I've never been to a ren fair (fayre?) before, and it sounds rather amusing. Would anyone else be interested in the nerd fest?
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I used to enjoy doing my taxes because I was poor enough and paying back enough student loans to get a sizable sum back. Now we are in just the right tax bracket to get screwed. Not even screwed by the feds, who will give us a tiny morsel back, but screwed by Taxachusetts, who just spent god knows how much public fundage today chasing through the city of Boston removing the menace of Aqua Teen Hunger Force advertising. Da Moon Rulez #1!

Bah. Massachusetts just dimmed my love of paperwork and filling in boxes on worksheets, those bastards.
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Ugh. So this weekend I succumbed to cooties. What had been an unpleasant cold suddenly turned into an inferno of pain in my ear Saturday morning, so I trundled down to the doctor and got some antibiotics. I then comforted myself by using birthday funds to get a shiny new iPod. It plays videos and everything. It's name is Rumpletumskin.

There were a few parties in there, and, um, yesterday I played Magic for the first time ever. [livejournal.com profile] mrs_muffin, I'm no longer allowed to gently mock the WoW, for lo, I really enjoyed the card game.
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Ok, so I may have gotten into the riesling. And I may be writing more fantastic Oz fanfic at the moment. But... Total Eclipse of the Heart is a totally majestic song.

I am such a nerd.

I did buy some good music this weekend... New Pornographers and an old Spinanes ep
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So NaNoWriMo is closing, and while I wasn't actually participating in it, and I didn't really have any intention of writing anything, my MetaFic Oz/Buffy/Veronica Mars/OC crossover story is over 12,000 words at the moment. And I haven't even gotten to half of the damn crossovers yet. I am having way too much fun with this. Even though my writing abilities kind of suck (and those of who were, um, fortunate enough to ever read my crappy college poetry know I'm never going to be a Pinsky or a Heaney in this lifetime or the next), I've been enjoying it. Of course, [livejournal.com profile] c_m_i's delightful additions to the text when I'm not looking are things of wonder. My brain is kind of one-track focused on the damn story of late, so apologies to anyone who has had to listen to me blather about it, while you've been thinking how quickly can I gnaw my arm off to get away from here?. I think I need to read some smarty-pants books on the side to keep my poor brain from atrophying completely. Then I'll bore you by talking about Derrida!

So that's that. I'm already getting psyched for the Brian Regan show on Saturday. Comedy!
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OMG, I have fallen into such extremes of dorkdom that there's just no hope for me now. Seriously. I have found Buffy/Oz crossover fanfic, and am so enamored with the idea that I'm going to have to write my own. I'm a pretty crappy creative writer, but I'm hoping the awesomeness of this concept can pull me into passably-good writerdom. So, yes, now I'm going to write fanfic. Dear god.

And...well... that segues into what my weekend was like. Friday night we headed to the Second Circle for the ressurection of cheap Friday nights with friends, food, booze, and HBO. Last night [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo came over to watch the rest of Oz season 5 with Drew & I. 5 hours of Oz. See? With the problem and the obsession and all? So now I guess we have to make some sort of blood sacrifice to get HBO to actually release season 6 on dvd, or at least on On Demand.

Today I made some Cooking Light cupcakes, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, did laundry, and did grocery shopping. Wow. I'm going to ignore the fact that I've become a stereotype domestic goddess. But I really like making cupcakes, and, well, the other stuff just needed to be done, and I like getting stuff done.
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How did I just spend an hour customizing my silly LJ? The scarier thing is that I looked up at a clock that we haven't turned back yet, and thought I had wasted 2 hours doing this. I am such a nerd. Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo for my awesome banner, she's such a great Photoshop artist. =)
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Oh lordy. I just caved and bought the 100 LJ icons. It's mildly irksome that we have to pay every year for these things, but my inner fan girl demands to express herself in teeny-tiny pictures.

Off to an indie rock show tonight with [livejournal.com profile] incandes_flower and company!
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Last night I discovered Oz fanfic.

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Pardon me while I completely geek out for a moment: I've been appointed to the Law Librarian Recruitment Committee for the American Association of Law Librarians. I feel like such a grown-up now. This is sweet, as I've been interested in "career development" and "professional growth" lately. I'd love to know how people find the time to do stuff, though. Ideally, I'd like to be able to throw myself into some professional activitites and network or whatever it is that adulty librarians do. I'd like to have some personal growth stuff to do, like taking classes and volunteering to help homeless people (though I'm still a little burnt by the homeless people, maybe they'll be nicer to me when I don't get paid to help them). But I also really need just plain socializing time to hang out with people. All that, working 35 hours a week, hitting the gym after work to stay in some semblance of shape, and cooking dinner at home to be healthy. There is no time! I'm also back on my law school kick, though that will absolutely have to wait until a time when I work somewhere that will pay for my tuition.

Yesterday I heard the most beautiful radio transition ever: Mogwai into Built to Spill. Which made my day, it was just breathtaking how well the two songs worked together. It also comforts me to know that the kids these days are still actually listening to music I would be playing on my hypothetical radio show (I'm reading the WMFO email list now, and I promise, promise, promise that when they have sign ups for the summer I'm going to get on that train).


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