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FYI metro-Boston folks, boil your water. I'm really thankful that Salem is not in the MWRA and thus we are unaffected!
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This and the "keep the government out of my Medicare" people make my head explode.

I don't really have much to say about the health care debate (though I use the word debate loosely) because it is just so common sense and so obvious that we need change, that I... just don't know what to say. Just today I had to reschedule an appointment for my yearly doctor appointment, the one I've been waiting months for, because the doctor is taking vacation on my previously scheduled appointment day. And that's relatively "gold plated" health care I've got. Nah, our system is just fine.
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Robert Reich has called it: We’re in a depression. At this point, I honestly don’t know how the economy is going to right itself. How bad does it have to get before the government stops handing money over to companies and just starts making up jobs for people?

Meanwhile, there’s an interesting piece over at the New Yorker on potential international torture charges for some of the Bushies.
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So the 4 week Treasury bond interest is at 0%? That is crazy.

In less important news, but amusingly dramatic shenanigans: Billy Corgan has officially gone off the deep end. I've been following news of the disastrous SP tour, and according to this recent interview, he's taking his toys and going home with a big middle finger thrust up.

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It's true that the way a lot of people listen to music has changed since the advent of mp3 players, I won't deny that. But to think that there's no place for an album anymore is a convenient cop out when the truth is it appears that the Pumpkins aren't capable of producing a cohesive, strong album anymore. Sure, there's a lot of crap out there, and plenty of people listen to a lot of terrible music, and lots of people listen to only singles they hear on the radio. That's always been the case. It was the case in the 90s, it will always be the case. Not everyone cares about music that much. But to think that no one cares about albums at all any more is foolish. Just because the last Pumpkins album received a tepid reception at best doesn't mean that everyone is stupid for not recognizing its inherent genius, it means the album itself is flawed.
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Here's an interesting article about how our current economic meltdown is actually more like the Panic of 1873 and not the Great Depression.

And hey, Iceland's economy seems to be completely melting down.

Soi I'm not all doom & gloom, here is a funny comic for you.


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