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I took West to a Hillary Clinton rally (and Elizabeth Warren was there, too! Their first joint appearance since June!) on Monday. I figured I'd give the run-down of the day here for posterity's sake.

We got there around 8:30, "doors" were at 10:30 ("doors" being security check started then, because it was outside), and it was supposed to start at 12:30. It didn't start until 1:00 (if not after that, I didn't check the actual time, but it started super late).

It was a gorgeous day, and the couple of hours of waiting before we went through security were not bad at all. The guy in front of us in line eventually had his daughter join him, she was four, so she and West goofed around and played together in line. They ended up standing next to us at the actual rally, too, and West and the girl drew pictures together during that long wait, too.

We were so close to the stage! We were right up at the barrier, and were in front of where everyone walked up onto the stage. I'm going to append a couple of pictures I found online of the rally that show us!

It ended around 2:15. I didn't want us to have to pee during the rally, so we ended up being completely parched and hungry by the end. I gave West a peanut butter sandwich at 10:15, because I wasn't sure if they'd let any food in (turned out they did, but we were so squished in that there wasn't enough room to attempt to eat anything), and we shared a bottle of water before going through security, because they didn't let any liquids in. It was surprisingly hot in the sun, so by the end we were so hot and thirsty, and West was losing it. He was great for so much of the day, but he became a total bummer exactly when the event actually started, and he was pouting and flopping all over me and trying to sleep through the speeches. He perked up after it was done and I got some food and water into his face, and he said it was awesome.

Anyway, it was pretty exciting. There was such a happy excited air about the whole event, and everyone was so psyched to be there, it was awesome. Totally worth it, totally worth pulling him out of school. How many times are you going to be that up close to the next President of the United States?

Pictures if you click 'em. I drew crazy conspiracy theorist arrows on them to point out where we are- West wore my hoodie on his head to block the sun.

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I just want to say that I am super pleased today about how the election went. Elizabeth Warren is our senator!!!! I am so excited to have been able to play a tiny part in helping that dream come true. Maine finally stood up and became awesome with Question 1. Even our embattled Congressman, John Tierney, pulled off a win (I sincerely thought the tea party Repub would snag that one). I voted a tax increase for myself (adopting the Community Preservation Act in Salem) because I like living in a nice place. I firmly believe that community and society require personal buy-in (monetarily and philosophically) to function, and that we all benefit when we contribute to the public good. Also, har har, some of the whining on my FB today is hilarious- hardcore right wingers crying that they are going to move to Canada. Ha ha. I would actually love to see them try that.
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Wait, what?! Michele Bachmann was a IRS attorney before she got into politics?! Yet another crack political piece by Rolling Stone: link. I'm officially a bit worried about the next presidential election season.
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This is insane. There's a bill in Michigan that would allow the governor to declare a city or town to be in a fiscal emergency, he can then appoint an "emergency fiscal manager" to go in and override local governments. They could dismiss elected officials, cancel contracts, and even dissolve the local government entirely. Here's an article about it. Rachel Maddow's coverage of the story from last night's episode is pretty mind-blowing.
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Reading a MeFi thread on the most recent political shenanigans in South Dakota- a bill that would expand the definition of "justifiable homicide" to include homicide for the protection of unborn children. Debate is on as to whether this would categorize the murder of abortion providers as justifiable homicide.

One comment in particular is so good I have to share it here:

"Well, then this bill has done a tiny smidgen of good, if it woke you up. Much as I hope the astonishing number of bills targeting not only abortion, but contraception, women's health, and programs fighting violence against women wake up other liberal but sheltered types to the fact that women are being attacked, en masse, by Republicans. They have declared all out war on us, on our rights, on our freedom.

And I don't care, anymore, about people who sincerely want to save babies, because they have decided that the way to do so is not to fix things that actually kill babies (lack of healthcare, malnutrition, pollution) but to declare women's reproductive organs, and, by extension, her whole person, state property.

I don't care what people's motivations are if the end result of their actions is that women become chattel. If my every decision must be governed by the potential effects it will have on a potential fetus, in order to avoid criminal charges, then I am no longer free. A woman's reproductive years last from about age 12 to age 50; is every woman to become the property of the state for that period of her life? Because that's what's being proposed."

Sometimes it feels like we teeter way too close to the edge of A Handmaid's Tale.
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Wow, it's been a while since I've posted.

First, politics. I can't believe now is when the Democrats decide to grow a spine. Like the caving in to Republicans on the tax cuts (I refuse to call them "the Bush tax cuts" because I am so sick of hearing that phrase) was never a foregone conclusion. According to the NYT, there's some muttering about a Democrat challenge to Obama in the next primary. Also, it irks me that the news insists on calling him "Mr. Obama," which I know is generally a NYT convention, but I don't recall hearing "Mr. Bush" for the previous 8 years, I heard a whole lot more "President Bush." Anyway. Grar.

Also, I am reading a totally entertaining book. Fluffy historical thriller/romance for the win!

So my days are going by in a blur lately. Here's the basic structure of every weekday:

Wake up between 5:00/5:20. Feed bunnies while Drew changes the first diaper of the morning. Put West on activity mat, eat breakfast while hanging out with him. Feed baby. Shower. Pack bottles, change of clothes, daycare accoutrements, pack lunch and whatever else I need for the day. Change diaper, dress baby for day, sing goofily and play peekaboo. Feed baby. Trundle baby into car seat. Drop off at daycare at 7:30 on the nose. Pull into commuter rail station just as a train is leaving, wait for next train. Get to work at 8:45. Half hour lunch break at noon- spend 20 minutes of it pumping. Leave at 4:15, walk as fast as my little legs can go to make the 4:45 train home. Get home around 5:30, feed baby who is usually on the verge of total hunger breakdown (Drew picks him up from daycare at 4:00, deals with daily screaming baby meltdown, then entertains baby into adorable baby laughter). Make dinner while West either plays in living room or sits in kitchen listening to me narrate the dinner-making (vocab building!), eat dinner (usually interrupted as soon as I take a bite by West deciding it's time for more breakdown, one of us holds him while the other eats, then switch off). Play with West. Bedtime ritual begins around 7:00/7:30 (bath on some days, change diaper, put jammies on, stories, feed, bed, hope he doesn't flip out upon touching the mattress). Drew does dishes while I get West settled to sleep. Wash bottles and pump pieces. Make lunch for next day, set coffee up for auto brewing next am. Possibly do a load of baby laundry. By then it's usually about 9:00. Collapse on couch for some tv, give up on being awake, go to bed. Get up several times in the night to feed the baby. Being working parents is exhausting!
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Thanks a lot, This American Life. If you're going to title a program "Unconditional Love" could you provide some prozac with it if your first story is about Harlow and those sad baby monkeys? I can't stand hearing about the monkeys sadly cuddling up to fake monkey mommies! In the opening blurb they talk about how in olden times (I'm guessing before the 50s or 60s) doctors used to tell parents that they shouldn't hold their babies too much or give them too much affection. They were told that kissing your kid more than once a year could be bad for them.

Last night West was just absolutely delighted by bouncing around on my knee to a poorly do-doo'd rendition of Fraggle Rock. And then by Drew boogying him to the Ducktales theme on youtube. I will do whatever goofy things it takes to get that look of pure baby joy.

Also, NPR uncovers private prison corporation was deeply involved in the formation and passing of the Arizona immigration law.
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Wow, way to go, Maine Republicans.

Also, last night I set up a LibraryThing account for the little one. Library nerd! And why is The Giving Tree so sad?! Seriously, I can't even look at that book without crying.
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America: Keepin' It Classy.

This photo from today's Tea Party demonstration in Boston features a sign reading "Civil War 2012? You Betcha."

I made the mistake of reading some of the comments on one of the stories in the Globe online and someone seriously posted the following: The funniest thing about liberals, is that they still believe the community organizer Obama is more experienced than the former govenor Palin. I mean... what?! So the person who quit being governor is more experienced than the person who is currently the sitting president?? ZOMG. I had to stop reading the comments after that broke my brain.
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I can't stop reading about Teabagger craziness, though it's making my head explode. And serious-fucking-ly, Sarah Palin?
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[livejournal.com profile] tenillypo got me hooked on NPR's book reviews, and this one for a book by Jennifer Love Hewitt is hilarious.

Also, totally psyched about the health care bill passing. It's not perfect, but at this point I'm pretty into settling for something that is better than nothing. I will just continue to sigh longingly for a single payer system that we'll never see in my lifetime.

Also, it is too bad that Rachel Maddow isn't running for Scott Brown's seat (link thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent!)
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Wow. I'm reading my way through a really interesting Metafilter thread that is mind-bogglingly infuriating. I just... can't begin to fathom where libertarians are coming from. Sure, I get cranky around now when I realize we owe money on our taxes and it hurts to cut that check. But it's money that technically should have been taken from our pay all year, to contribute to the civilized society we live in. I seriously wish the teabaggers and rightwing Christian nutjobs would just find a state and secede. Fine. Build a friggin' wall around their little government free paradise and leave us alone. Until they completely turn into Idiocracy and anyone left with half a brain comes crying to us that maybe paying taxes for things like roads and schools and clean water and trash pickup are not so bad. Just because your salary is quantified in pre-tax dollars does not mean "Uncle Sam is taking your money," you are just counting money as yours when it's not technically yours to begin with. Grah.
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Oh, politics. How I didn't miss the blood boiling rage you produce. We watched the MA senate debate last night, and I've got to say, Capuano would have been such a stronger opponent up there against the Republican blowhard. Coakley is just so meh and came off pretty wishy-washy. I seriously do not even want to imagine the Republican crowing that will happen if a Repub. takes Ted Kennedy's seat.
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Oh for crying out loud.

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Godamnit, why is the White House obsessed with Olympia Snowe? Republicans have no interest in being bi-partisan, why are the Democrats even bothering now? Argh.

You know, I knew from way back in the primaries that Obama is not leftist. Not really at all. Which makes my head explode even more when I read crap like this (sorry for the Salon ads that are required). Argh. This country is completely batshit insane when Obama is considered commie-pink-lefty.

That is all.
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I was going to rant about the dismal state of affairs in this country, but... I just don't have a good rant in me. I'm just so disgusted with everything that is going on these days, and would love for the wingnut righters to take just one day off so I can ignore them for a little while.

Instead of depresso ranting, I give you a blog that just made me lose it with giggles Crappy Taxidermy (I have only looked at 1.5 pages, I make no sfw promises and if you're squeamish about taxidermized animals then this is not for you. That said, it's friggin' hilarious.

Finally, I am beyond excited for tonight's live performance of The Nightman Cometh. Supposedly there will also be a showing of a season 5 episode and some other stuff. I just hope it gets out at a reasonable hour (i.e. before the Red Sox game ends).
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In a way, this Washington Post op-ed makes me feel a little bit better about the state of current events. Also, it makes me feel worse, because clearly we are never going to be rid of the crazies.
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Robert Reich has called it: We’re in a depression. At this point, I honestly don’t know how the economy is going to right itself. How bad does it have to get before the government stops handing money over to companies and just starts making up jobs for people?

Meanwhile, there’s an interesting piece over at the New Yorker on potential international torture charges for some of the Bushies.
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Cupcake + Obama! My work rules.


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