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Salem love! Today was the day SalemFive camps out at the train station and hands out cider & donuts. Reasons to love Salem: Free cider & donuts (once a year, but still), walking distance beaches, downtown that [imho] surpasses Davis Square for fun/shopping/good eats & drinks, Halloween!, festivals and events year round, people watching, harbor cruises, awesome free [for us] museum, parks & playgrounds everywhere. I seriously love our city.
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Achievement unlocked: walking backwards!

Friday evening we took the little dude to see Santa descend from the roof of the Hawthorne Hotel via fire truck ladder. The truck was way more exciting for him than Santa. The free hot cocoa from 62 on Wharf was more exciting for me than the truck. I seriously love Salem so much.

We have a tree up in the living room, but I think it'll go undecorated this year. The first thing West did with it was pull on it, causing it to nearly topple over. We have a weight on the tree stand, but I think there's still a chance the tree could be toddler-ized, so I guess it'll be unadorned and light-less.
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Super excited that Salem is getting our own local, independently owned version of Lush- Scrub. Awesome!

I've been trying to be better about patronizing our local shops since we lost the two baby stores and bookstore in town. The baby stores were priced so out of my league, and I don't care that much about organic living or fancy Swedish baby products, but it was nice that they were there. So I've been making an effort to shop at the local toy store even though it's kind of pricey.
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Argh, MBTA! "Express train right behind this [egregiously late] one" does not equal "local train coming in 10 minutes." OMG, massive train fail this morning.

Salem in October is so awesome, I'm loving it. One sad thing, though- the local independent book store is closing on Nov. 1. It's a bummer to not have a bookstore in easy walking distance, but to be honest, their selection was kind of crap and they never had anything I was looking for or browsing for. My Borders coupons unfortunately made Borders a wiser choice for my wallet, and the Kindle solves both money and travel problems so handily. Still, it's too bad to see a local business go under, I can't imagine they'll find a buyer this week, and I can't see another book store coming into downtown Salem any time soon (or ever).

Baby West continues to be adorable. He peed on his face this morning and had managed to pee through his clothes by the time we got to daycare. So much pee! I had a hard time getting his huge noggin through the head hole in his shirt this morning, so I think tonight it's time to get serious about digging out some 6 month-sized clothes and laundering them. The kid has a ginormous head. If anyone is curious, the formula situation at daycare appears to be working well. I pump once a day at lunch time and send him with one bottle a day of the good stuff. He seems to be growing just fine, so I am totally over the anti-formula mindset (I swear, some people react like you're giving your baby crack if you use formula). Edited to add: And it looks like we'll be taking a baby sign language class in Salem in February!

Finally, I am totally loving Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, and 30Rock this season. Supernatural continues to be rather lukewarm (though they appear to have finally received a music budget again- yay for The Gambler!). The Office is not as meh as last season (Timothy Olyphant guest appearance!!).
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Nerd Alert! Amber Benson will be doing a book signing at Cornerstone Books in Salem this Thursday evening. Event information.
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Salem is so awesome.

We have a new foodie-centric restaurant serving tapas and other local/organic foods, as well as what looks like an impressive cocktails/classic cocktails drinks list. The bartender very nicely made me a ginger ale and white peach puree drink that was supremely tasty. This place seems pretty up to par with Eastern Standard. We had tapas there Friday night and liked the atmosphere so much we went back for drinks on Saturday.

There's a new dessert bar slowly opening. They've done a soft open, so we were able to go in and sample some baked goods (tasty! but they were out of cupcakes... this entire weekend was a shut-out on my hopes of new cupcakes, thanks to Brighton's Cherry Bomb not being open yet). Looks like they'll be doing sort of a half bar/cafe and half high-end, foofy groceries sort of deal. Their dairy case featured some Richardson's milk, so I'm hoping that they stock up on some good local cheeses and possibly some bread.

Coming soon we've got a toy store opening in downtown.

Can I just say how insanely happy Salem makes me? Because it does.
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Man. The one Mexican food place in Salem has closed, due to lack of business that can pretty much be blamed on the gigantic Tavern on the Square that moved in just down the block from it. It was tasty Mexican food, if a bit too overpriced, and it was a small local business. I hate to get all Davis Square-y "fresh local foods!" but damn, it saddens me to see a unique local business go under. That Mexican place was where we got lunch the day we closed on our house (is that right? maybe it was the day we looked at the house... it was something to do with buying the house), but we never went back, despite thinking "oh we should go back there sometime." It's not like Tavern on the Square is Bennigan's or anything, but Tavern is not part of the small & local vibe that really attracted us to Salem in the first place. And I'm worried, because reading comments in the Salem News (and I know, comments on newspaper articles on the internet are pretty much a wasteland), people are predicting that a couple other local bar/restaurants are close to going under, because of the new Tavern.

Oh my god, I totally feel like a taxpayer. I've never actually loved the city I've lived in before, but I feel such warm fuzzies for Salem, and I really want it to keep the attractions that made us move there. We definitely haven't been going out nearly as much as we used to these days, so I suppose we need to start spending our dinner & drinks money more wisely and spread it around to the places I want to see staying open (I will absolutely die if Gulu-Gulu closes). I also really need to make an effort to buy at the local bookstore, but I'll admit I'm extremely guilty of wanting what I want when I want it, and if it's not stocked at the Cornerstone, I go to Borders. And the Kindle is making even my Borders spending dwindle to peanuts.

God, I am hyped up on coffee and chatty today.
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We went to an amazingly fun wedding in Maine this weekend. Consequently, I lost my entire Sunday to the throes of a mighty Boones Farm hangover. I seriously need to get a better internal "you are done drinking now" monitor. But the wedding was a blast- you can't go wrong with beer, bbq, good friends, a red bus with a busdriver who let us drink on board, and a dj that complied with my excited request for Everything I Do (I Do It For You). Good times.

On Friday last week our local bank handed out free cider and donuts at the commuter rail station. I really love living in Salem. There was a parade last Thursday to kick off October, and we caught most of it from the comfort of the Lobster Shanty, where we have now attained regular status. I am going to be happy about being a regular without giving too much thought to the shambley state of most of the other regulars.

Finally, I give props to [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent for recommending The Bugle, because this podcast is a fine way to spend half a commute.
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So this was a busy long weekend. We officially bought a house on Friday, after many headaches and stress. But it is worth it! We got our first Salem parking ticket during our closing.

We've started cleaning/fixing the place up, and exploring the food and drink offerings of Salem. I think this place is going to be our new favorite place ever. Belgian beers! Good vibe! Cheese plates!

And today, thanks to the cajoling of [livejournal.com profile] starflow and [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent, today I ran a 5k! And it was actually fun! Ok, so I did have to break down and do some walking in bits, but I ran more than I thought I would. Yay! What a pleasant surprise, especially considering the terrible night's sleep I got last night because I had 5k-related nightmares all night (yes, I was really anxious and worried about it, even though as Drew pointed out, all I had to do was move for 5 kilometers without stopping, and when you put it that way, it sounds silly to be scared of it).
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Well well. To make up for the crappiness that has been February, today was actually a banner day. Got tickets to see The National in May. We went up to Salem to poke around and get a lay of the land, and while there three marvelous things happened. One: Went to a couple of bookstores with the vague hope of finding a book that I have been hotly anticipating for a year. Since it's not supposed to hit shelves until March 1, I was prepared for disappointment. But lo! One store had it on shelf early. Then we found a cupcakery in Beverly that has amazing cupcakes. Like, better than Lyndell's. And it was supposed to close at 2:00, but somehow was still open when we got there a bit past 3:00. These cupcakes are so good, seriously you guys. And then, on our way back to Somerville, the radio played a brand new My Chemical Romance song (shut up, I love them). Finally, we topped our day with a Metafilter meet-up and the Cinematic Titanic show at the Somerville Theater. Success!


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