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Woe! We are now done with the Arbitron ratings. No more meter wearing, no more $25 checks every month. It's been a year and a half, I've gotten so used to wearing my meter and looking for it when I lose it and checking my pockets to make sure it's there. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted! I really liked making my tv watching count for something. But Vampire Diaries continues on, meter or not, thank goodness. Bring me some more vampires and witches in 1994 for *reasons*. Also, the newest Raven Boys series book is sooooo good. Also, Drew is reading a book with West right now and West is kinda getting some of the words, or at least the letters. It's hella cutes.
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OMG, I am making tyrannasaurus arms of excitement! Casting has begun for the Outlander series on Starz! They have cast Jamie Fraser and it actually appears to be a good choice! My thirteen year old self is very happy that this book is finally going to appear on tv.

Speaking of books, I tore through The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer in like two days and I can't shut up about it. That book was so good.
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I think I prefer insomnia over the Unisom hangover. Urf. There is not enough coffee in the world to help me this morning. On the plus side, I got the best night's sleep I've had in a while last night.

So the lightbulb that makes our tv work finally blew out yesterday. I could not be happier that if it was that close to going, it waited until Drew got home from ComicCon. I would have been absolutely bereft without it while he was gone. Because I started watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix and it is AMAZING. Also, Teen Wolf. Send help. It's tumblr's fault.
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Couple of cute West things:

Last night at dinner he tried to grab my cell phone and said "yoink" while doing so. Ha!

Yesterday I asked him if he knew how much I love him and he said "this much" while giving me a big hug. Awwww.

Today we took him to Boston Common for a swan boat ride, a peak at the subway, and then, uh, lunch at the Pru food court, 'cause by that time I just wanted lunch to be fast & easy so we could get back to the car before tired toddler meltdown hit (and hey, there's a Chacarero at the Pru now, so I got a tasty Chilean sandwich). I love that it's summer and all, but damn I could do without the oppressive heat we've been having.

Also, I am now obsessed with the show Scandal on ABC.
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YES! An IT Crowd special is going to be filmed this month! This is almost as exciting as new Arrested Development.
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Tonight West told me "Mom, you're the best cooker I've ever seen."

He proceeded to refuse to eat dinner until I caved and put on some damn Fireman Sam so he would eat something other than a single rice cake for dinner. I hear some people have children who actually enjoy eating food. I'd like to trade for a night just to see what that's like.

I am so enjoying watching The Americans, that show is my new show obsession right now.
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West turned up the cute this evening. We made a pretend saxophone out of a set of building tubes and he was playing it, then waved at me and told me to walk by him. Then it clicked in my brain that he was pretending to be the saxophone playing masked guy who plays downtown all October (West was kind of obsessed with that guy). I asked him if that's who he was pretending to be and he was very happy I got it. The guy always waved at West when we walked by. So cute!

Also, I have been watching a lot of Homeland, what a good show!! Also, my final verdict on Girls is that the show is super awesome.
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I started watching Girls last night (even though I should have been writing for Metafilter's JanNoWriMo, OMG writing is hard), it's better than I expected it to be. Very cringey and kind of giving me early 20s flashback hives, but it's pretty entertaining.
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Ha ha. Apparently Sunday night was a fluke, we were back to usual last night.

Wanted to mention that after all my wailing and gnashing of teeth about Xmas, we managed to finish up shopping on Saturday, and all in all it ended up being not that bad. I'm psyched that we did about 90% of our shopping locally in downtown Salem stores!

Metafilter brought me an awesome new conspiracy theory: were the Middle Ages made up as a historical conspiracy? It is pretty crackpot but kind of a fun read.

We've been watching a pretty sweet documentary about the British monarchy on Netflix. I highly recommend it if you want some history to watch while we all turn into couch potatoes during the winter.
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Ahhh, nap time. Dishes washed, laundry going, and meat sauce for tonight's lasagna completed. And he's still sleeping?!

It has been a while since I've done cupcake reviews. Here you go!

Cakes for Occasions in Danvers turns out some surprisingly delicious cupcakes. I say surprisingly because their Yelp reviews are kind of all over the map, so I went in skeptical. But there was a Groupon for a dozen for, like, $12, so the price was right for a trial. I'm not sure how much they cost normally, which is going to be the tipping point for whether this becomes a mainstay cupcakery for obtaining a dozen. My favorite cupcakery is way too expensive to buy a dozen unless it's a really special party, so I'm hoping this place is Lyndell's level of cheapness. Anyway, great moist cake with just the right crumb, tasty frosting, just the right size (on the smaller side for gourmet cupcakes, but not ludicrously tiny like Kick Ass Cupcakes).

Coven in Salem has also really stepped up their cupcake game. They are a bit pricey and are huge, so I hold myself back from chowing down too often. But around St. Patrick's Day they had Guiness cupcakes with Bailey's frosting, and OMG, those cupcakes were amazing. In fact, Coven now ties with Beverly's Cupcake Cafe for Most Favorite Cupcakes In the World.

Kind of surprised that so businesses actually close for Easter. Tried to go to Market Basket this morning but was denied.

Oh, and The League on FX turns out to be a really funny show. It does not look funny at all from the previews, but we gave it a shot and have been in stitches.
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Ok, seriously, you guys need to be watching Adventure Time. It is awesome.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: this horse is wack with poo brain

Also: West can clap!
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Argh, MBTA! "Express train right behind this [egregiously late] one" does not equal "local train coming in 10 minutes." OMG, massive train fail this morning.

Salem in October is so awesome, I'm loving it. One sad thing, though- the local independent book store is closing on Nov. 1. It's a bummer to not have a bookstore in easy walking distance, but to be honest, their selection was kind of crap and they never had anything I was looking for or browsing for. My Borders coupons unfortunately made Borders a wiser choice for my wallet, and the Kindle solves both money and travel problems so handily. Still, it's too bad to see a local business go under, I can't imagine they'll find a buyer this week, and I can't see another book store coming into downtown Salem any time soon (or ever).

Baby West continues to be adorable. He peed on his face this morning and had managed to pee through his clothes by the time we got to daycare. So much pee! I had a hard time getting his huge noggin through the head hole in his shirt this morning, so I think tonight it's time to get serious about digging out some 6 month-sized clothes and laundering them. The kid has a ginormous head. If anyone is curious, the formula situation at daycare appears to be working well. I pump once a day at lunch time and send him with one bottle a day of the good stuff. He seems to be growing just fine, so I am totally over the anti-formula mindset (I swear, some people react like you're giving your baby crack if you use formula). Edited to add: And it looks like we'll be taking a baby sign language class in Salem in February!

Finally, I am totally loving Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, and 30Rock this season. Supernatural continues to be rather lukewarm (though they appear to have finally received a music budget again- yay for The Gambler!). The Office is not as meh as last season (Timothy Olyphant guest appearance!!).
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Ok, so this feminist blog entry about Liz Lemon made the Metafilter rounds last week and I am just now catching up to it. Something about the entire tone of how that lady writes sets my teeth on edge, but I have some points to pick about her actual content.

cut because this got long )

Oh, and while I'm talking about 30Rock: The guy who played Wesley Snipes also played a Volturi in New Moon! And OMG, any show that can throw out an obscure Nirvana reference (Floyd deBarber) is gold.
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Oh joy. I just had a thought that some tikka masala would be delicious. And this weekend I successfully ate Thai food and contemplated a roast beef sandwich without feeling ill. I am still not ready to get back on the beef wagon, but I may be almost out of the woods of food aversions! You have no idea how happy this makes me, being repulsed by food is just not on.

Also, OMG I can't wait for the Super Bowl. Not for the football, food, or ads... for Bunny Cheerleaders on Puppy Bowl. It's like they read my mind!
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Vampire Diaries: I friggin' love this show!
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NaNoWriMo is coming up in less than a week! Argh. I have competing story ideas in my head and am totally not sure what I want to focus on. I need to make a list of all the things I like to think about and pick just one or two (for instance, I am only allowed two of the following elements: time travel, spies, historical mysteries, Nick Hornby-esque music ramblings, ghosts, capers, 90s nostalgia). Actually, seeing that written out like that, I'm thinking that I could definitely write 50,000 words involving the badassery of all those things.

We had a really great weekend, suckiness of the HarvestFest in Salem aside (the company of friends was fabulous, it was just the crowds and the lack of enough proper food that was the problem). Salem is totally awesome right now, and not just because of the booths set up to give me delicious fried foods and hot apple cider. We are also in the home stretch of trying to get ready for an epic Halloween party. Or at least, it better be epic given the lengths I am going to on themed foods.

Finally, a brief tangent into tv: White Collar on USA is totally adorable. It does feel a bit like a show that's trying very hard for our approval, but that works ok for me. Funny, endearing, and caper-ific. I'm watching Skins from Netflix, and it is superb. British teenagers with loads of angst. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been striking out more than hitting these days, but I'm holding out hope they'll hit a mid-season stride.
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There is a word I am trying to think of, and it's driving me crazy that I can't remember it. It's right on the tip of my tongue, and it's a word I use often enough that my inability to come up with it is giving me a serious case of the Mondays. If you can think of a word that starts with "p" and means something to the effect that information in a book (or website) can only be found there because it is information created by that publisher or author (think something like expensive Standard & Poors analyst reports and stuff like that)... I will give you a cookie.

In other news, we had a weekend, and it feels like it went by way too quickly. Friday night we went to Christopher's for a Metafilter meet-up. It was a huge group and the space was really cramped, but it was good people, good conversations, and lots of fun. Saturday we went up to Portland (The Lost Bear Bar, I think, which has a great beer selection) for a second meetup, which was also a ton of fun. I really like meeting new people. Yesterday turned out to be a gorgeous day to do some walking for [livejournal.com profile] incandes_flower's work with the arthritis foundation.

This week's goal: get srzs bizness about writing. I do not want to get to NaNo time and be exactly where I am right now. Theoretically, if I can get enough of current story done before then, I can try to open up a whole new project for NaNo. But I have to get this story out of my head first. Of course, distracting me from this goal is shiny new television that's starting up now. Though I think only Thursday nights are really affected by this, as I have a full 2 hour block of brain cell killing tv to watch on Thursdays. And really, only one hour of it will actively kill brain cells (Vampire Diaries, I am looking at you). Yes, I will be watching Joel McHale on Community.
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Alright, I did not believe everyone who told us this before, but Leverage is totally awesome. Coming from loving what I've seen of the British show Hustle (which is the show Leverage is based on), I was expecting it to be kind of CSI-boring. But it is funny and exciting and charming. Yay, new show! Oh, Netflix streaming on demand, you rule my world.


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