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Ugh, I know I shouldn't, but every once in a while I drop back in to see what craziness is going on in [livejournal.com profile] davis_square, and get my blood pressure pumped up with the inevitable dumbassery going on in there. Dumpster diving... you know, I don't care if people want to do that themselves, as nasty as I think it is, but the dude who very proudly proclaimed that they dumpster dived and brought the retrieved goods to homeless shelters.... just... dude. If you care that much about feeding homeless people, don't give them food you picked out of a trash bag. Please. Homeless people have dignity, too. I bet the people running the shelter would be pissed as all get out to find out that donated food has been plucked from the trash, I'm sure that violates the sanitary code.

In good Davis Square news, there is a new cupcakery opening soon. Cupcakes!

Also, today I will most likely be voted in as the new chair of the Union List Committee for the Association of Boston Law Librarians. I say most likely because I'm the only person nominated for the job, and I think I'm the only person on the committee, but you never know, some librarian may just start a throw-down with me at the meeting.

ETA: The Tiki Room is closed?! Noooooooo! But-- this summer I am doing this. Tiki Tour!
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So, a little more detail on NYC, though Drew hit the highlights of our many wonders of serendipity.

For lo, the hotel was not where/what I thought it was, but it was super cheap and had comfy beds, and that's all that matters. So on Thursday we arrived in the city, checked in, then headed down to Chelsea to attempt to find the club. It turned out to be in a converted church, which was a great venue to see a show, not such a great venue to try to find, as it was devoid of signage and addressage. And what on earth is up with New York's casual disregard for street numbers making any kind of sense? I don't know how a street ends with number 121 and picks up a block over with number 20 (and this is all West, not going West-to-East or vice-versa, which I could understand). So we found the club, realized that our Must Get To Show panic was for naught, as the ticket time was the door time, and found ourselves some absolutely delicious Mexican food at a little hole in the wall place. Seriously, the best enchiladalas I've ever had. Yum yum. So then the show, Architecture was fantastic, there were lots of high school kids.

Saturday we wandered, ducked into a bookstore to kill time during a torrential downpour, and then met up with our walking tour in the Lower East Side. The tour was entertaining and interesting, and was a good way to see parts of the city we otherwise wouldn't have ventured into. After that we headed on a semi-wild goose chase to find Waikiki Wally's. Got a teensy tiny bit lost and ended up stumbling onto The Library Bar. It turned out to be lucky we did, as we killed time there, figured out that the tiki bar was about a block away, and still managed to show up for tiki time about 15 minutes before the place opened. Go me. But we tikied, we headed back uptown for some comic books, dinner, and beer, and collapsed for sleep and listening to high school kids in the room next door play poker until 6am, at which point they kindly called us (for the 7th time that night) and informed us they were going to McDonald's. We informed them that we weren't their friends.

Sunday involved aforementioned cupcakes, walking from the Upper West Side to the Village, wandering around there exploring and hanging about, then visiting Vol de Nuit. That place was spectacular, and well worth the very weird opening time. What bar opens at 4:00 on a Saurday? Anyway, we then headed back towards our hotel, drank some more, grabbed some pizza, and hotel-ified.

Yesterday morning we walked around for a couple of hours, through the park and through a huge street fair, then drove home through sunny and un-trafficy Connecticut, which was not Teh Suck this time.

Yay!! I *heart* New York.

Off to kung-fu, here's hoping I didn't fall too far out of shape this weekend.
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Undoubtedly, the highlight of last night's Sleater-Kinney show was their cover of Danzig's "Mother." Priceless. Their new material just doesn't have the same energy as the old stuff. I like it, but it's not as much of an adrenaline rush as the old stuff was. I also really miss hearing songs from Call the Doctor.

Alright, I'm going to quickly recap our honeymoon, but for those of who don't read [livejournal.com profile] eye_abstains, you should check in on his journal once in a while, as he has all the pictures and will be writing more entertaining entries with them than I will.

The trip )
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Such a lovely weekend. I could close my eyes and pretend it was the middle of summer. Friday night we tikied ([livejournal.com profile] dirtymikesell, the Tiki Room is just not the same without you!), then headed to Jillian's. We had pool-playing intentions, but never actually got around to playing, as sitting and talking was already a boatload of fun. Drinking and talking is a good activity.

Saturday Drew & I stayed in, as we were out late Friday and were feeling lazy. I did manage to head out to the Brighton Petco and Starmarket for groceries, and can report that the Star there is cheaper than the one in Porter Square. It also has a better selection and is less crowded. Now I need to decide if it's worth the $9.50 to take a Zipcar out an extra hour each week for groceries and just go there from now on. The one in Porter has been an absolute zoo of late. Though farmers' market season will soon be here, and I can do all my veggie shopping there, so it may become a moot point.

Yesterday I met up with [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo for lunch, and tried some new chicken salad that did not make it onto The List. My quest continues. Did some laundry, ran some errands. You would think all that running around would have tuckered me out, but sleep was elusive and annoyingly hard to come by last night. I also downloaded the Arcade Fire album that all the indie kids got their panties in a twitch about last year, and I must say, it is a fine slab of indie rock. I'd even say it's the best thing I've heard in a while.
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My favorite line thus far from the new Daily Show book: "If 'pro' is the opposite of 'con', then isn't Congress the opposite of progress? Or did we just fucking blow your mind?!?" Tee-hee.

This weekend was, as usual, pretty great. In fact, I haven't had a "do-over" weekend in quite some time. *knocks on wood* Thursday I sat through most of a baseball game with surprising patience, but they lost me by the 8th inning. Had the dorkiest fangirl moment ever when I saw Mary Lou Lord busking in Park St. station on the way home. It involved a lot of blushing, giggling, and failing to look cool. Friday I learned that I'm either as tall as a short dwarf or a tall hobbit. Thanks, Tolkien. Saturday I tikied until I was too tired to tiki anymore. The Tiki DanceTM, however, has jumped the shark. It'll come back when it becomes retro-kitsch.

I'm psyched for this week, as I have a free lunch tomorrow with the West reps who will thank me for my patronage and probably give me more free stuff. I'm also going to the Pearl Jam concert tomorrow night. Wednesday I'm heading to Nelinet all day for a class on electronic serials cataloging. We'll see how happy I am about that when I've been sitting there for a few hours learning more cataloging.
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Alright, folks, give a big welcome to [livejournal.com profile] tenillypo! Miss T. has finally joined our ranks, after years of cajoling from yours truly.

This weekend has already been mucho fun, and I'm about to go out Tiki-ing. TIKI TIKI TIKI!
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So this is what a Saturday really feels like...

Had a blast last night getting curry and then hitting the Tiki Room. I'm so glad you all could come out, I love the feeling of sitting at a huge table surrounded by such awesome peeps. I also love pina coladas. Sorry we jetted early, but I'm feeling so very rested and pleasant that I think it was well worth it to do so. Can I also say that I really hope this newfound feeling of financial security actually lasts, 'cause I really like that for the first time in my life I don't have to feel guilty about buying unnecessary extras at the grocery store, and may even be able to buy some unnecessary new cds.

Oh yeah, if you're interested in catching Anchorman for either the first or second time tomorrow, drop me a note so I know to include you on the planning.

Now I'm going to make pasta salad, chocolate banana bread and mango-banana frozen yogurt. I have a crapload of organic bananas to use up.
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So last night we attended a Red Sox game. I definitely had fun, but 9 innings is an awfully long time to sit still somewhere. Baseball should only be 7 innings, that's totally sittable. Towards the end I got a little bored, and wanted to walk a good way towards home since it was nice out, so we left a little early. Walked from Fenway to Central Square, which is a very healthy walk, and then got home in time for the Daily Show.

Tomorrow: Kowlooooooons!!!! Tiki tiki tiki!!!
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Looking spiffy sure is expensive. I'm thinking that I want to wear a jacket-type-thingy to my interview next week so I look all professional and stuff. This, of course, necessitates buying the jacket, a shirt to go under it, and a stylish non-frumpy skirt to go with it. I checked out H&M, which will probably be my best bet, and the one I want (the only jacket that doesn't look straight from the set of Miami Vice) will set me back about $50. Which doesn't sound bad considering that the very cute little numbers at Express are $160. I'll check the Gap, but am thinking H&M is going to be it.

I am very antsy to get out of here today. Luckily, I only have 2 more hours left.

Tiki last night was such a fabulous time! Yaay for tiki!!! Drew's sister got me a little tiki god wall hanging from the MFA. TIKI TIKI TIKI! Ahem. I am also totally psyched for the Butterknife show tomorrow, which kicks off a month of indie rock goodness for me.
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This is the plan for tonight: Karen, The A-Dot, Drew & I, and um... whoever else may be inclined to come by will tiki it up at the Tiki Room around 7. From there, either Alterna Rock night at Axis or sing along at Jake Ivory's. Call or drop an email if you're interested.
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Well, well, well. If the rumor is true, then a bunch of librarians are going to be getting trashed at The Tiki Room at the end of the semester. Now that, my friends, is something I am OK with.

In othe news- I am excited, as I have a Hot Date tonight.

Oh, and I rented a MINI car for holiday-time driving!! Now I can have secret spy adventures and careen down the highway while listening to German techno music.
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Tiki Bar! Tonight!

I have no details as of now and can't be online during work, so if you're interested call Drew or email me at my work email (can't call me, since Karen has my phone).

So busy! So much work!
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What a fantastic weekend. I am satisfied.
Friday- Got a group together for my first trip to Redbones, haven of many kinds of barbequed meats. I had called ahead to see if I could make a reservation for us, but no. So we got there and were told the wait would be about 20 minutes, which is apparantly not bad. So we wait and we wait and we wait and we wait. And waited some more. It was at least an hour and a half later when we finally sat down, after being accosted by some street musician who loves Strong Bad. We then trekked up to Rudy's where many kinds of tequila were consumed. It was verra nice.
Saturday- Ooooh, ok, grabbed some lunch with people and then saw Pirates of the Caribbean. So Great! Shiver me timbers! tee-hee. I loved it. I will probably see it again when it hits the Somerville Theater. So excellent. After that, people even agreed to hit up the Tiki Bar with me (thanks, guys!). Swoon. It was a totally awesome day. After the Tiki Bar we headed for Jillians, I wasn't expecting to stay so late, but the company was good and the beer was flowing. Suffice to say that Saturday was slathered in awesomeness.
Today- My roomie was gone by the time I got home, so I've been puttering about. Did an extra long workout, cleaned my bunny's cage, let her romp about in her new exercise pen (from which she still desires sweet freedom), made a stab at cleaning my shower, did laundry, remembered to return a movie all the way back in Porter Square (and brought it back On Time, which is most unusual for me), and now I'm just going to laze about as I prepare for a bona fide Big Day tomorrow. Few hours of work, then I'll be off to interview, phone interview, and interview again.
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Home Sweet Home
Sooo, a final log of what I did on my summer vacation.
Tuesday: went to Powell's, that place is Awesome. It's the biggest bookstore Ever, it pleased me greatly. Spent a bunch of time there perusing the Napoleanic War section looking for a book to bring back for [livejournal.com profile] eye_abstains. Mere and Jeremy showed me around downtown Portland. I have to say, after all the hype about how much I'd love the city, I found Portland to be a tad on the disappointing side. I was expecting something...different. I'm not sure what it was, and I bet if I had had more time to explore it I'd have liked it better. I really liked the theater-pubs, though. Saw Office Space in a really nice renovated theater and had a tasty beer while viewing said movie. What a great idea! Boston needs to get working on that.
Wednesday: The Long-Ass Drive. Wow. It was long. Left Portland at 11 am, got to Berkeley around 10-ish pm. It was very pretty through the mountains and whatnot. I would definitely like to drive the Pacific Coast Highway sometime and hit up some vineyards. So we got to Berkeley where Christine and Lucas were house-sitting for a professor. What a house. It was on a hill, the back porch looked out over the city and had a clear view to San Fran and the Golden Gate bridge. Sigh. I want that house.
Thursday: Putzed around Berkeley, then went to Davis and hung out drinkin' Pabst for most of the afternoon. I've made an important decision, folks: I don't like Pabst quite that much anymore. In fact, given a choice, I would probably opt for something other than PBR to drink. Gah! What have I become?!
Friday: Christine had to work for a bit, so we went back to Berkeley. Met up with Julia, another friend from Bates, and then headed off for San Francisco. I really, really wish I had thought to spend more time there because it was very, very cool. There was a big pride celebration going on to celebrate the Supreme Court's recent decision re: anti-sodomy laws in Texas, it was very nice to see all the rainbow flags and whatnot. Warmed my little heart. After much, much labor, we finally found TIKI PARADISE. It was all I hoped for and more. There was a lagoon with a rainstorm every 20 minutes, tiki huts galore, and tasty tropical drinks. Rode in a trolley. Explored the waterfront area. I saw sea lions!! We were going to find more bars, but by the time we got back to the area where we were staying we were tuckered out and just sat in our hotel room and drank.
So that was that. Spent all day Saturday on the plane. People don't usually talk to me when I'm travelling, but I was sitting next to a very chatty guy who told me stories about drugs, cops, being a dj in San Diego and astrophysics. It did actually make the ride go faster, which was nice. Our plane actually landed a half hour early, too! So I went home, changed and headed out with Tenille to [livejournal.com profile] ta_chuang's goodbye party. Would've stayed longer if it weren't for, you know, the whole being on a plane all day thing.
All in all, a good time. It wasn't a very relaxing vacation, but I got to see some good friends and some interesting places, and that's what matters.
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So I think I'll be making my poor friends come pilgrammage with me to this place sometime next week:
Tiki Tiki Tiki

*shakes head*

Sometimes....I think I'm a little weird.

So I'm getting more excited for the trip, though I wish I weren't sick and had more money. But they're all just as broke as I am, so I think we'll be just fine with our sweet Pabsts and not much else.

Addendum: First, I am so needing this book
And then I must, someday, do a Tiki Road Trip. Maybe someday...maybe someday.
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Get your tiki on! I can promise that I will do the tiki dance, though it will only be an anticipatory tiki dance and thus will not performed in the middle of the bar (get me drunk enough at Rock Bottom and I may just do it there...but you didn't hear that from me). Given that Friday night will involve somewhat cheap Rock Bottom goodness, I'm thinking that Saturday might be a good night to do dinner at the Tiki Room. A little more low-key than last week, as my funds are being stretched thin, but still, it will be Fun. I promise. Yeah.
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I seriously need to get to started on homework soon. But first:
Class all day Friday, all day Saturday. Ick. But 'tis done now. Just 2 little papers, and I'll have a coupla credits. Not too shabby.
The tiki bar met all my expectations and then some. There was even a [lackluster] waterfall! And fake flames coming out of tiki statues! It was tiki-rific. I did a scaled-down version of my tiki dance, because I was not quite drunk enough to do the $5 worth of tiki dancing in the middle of the bar. Let's see...who all was there... Meg, Allastair, Tenille, Dot, Alan, Catherine, [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent, [livejournal.com profile] dirtymikesell, [livejournal.com profile] eye_abstains, [livejournal.com profile] jawalter, [livejournal.com profile] ms_ntropy...I feel like I'm forgetting someone but I think that covers everyone. Went to Jillian's after for some pool and stuff. It was a pretty good night, with some, um, hitches along the way, but all in all it pleased me greatly. So greatly, in fact, that it must be done again, and soon. For lo, the fabulous and terrific [livejournal.com profile] ta_chuang could not attend the greatness of tiki night, and I've been told he would like to exprience said tiki-rific-ness. So stay tuned, folks, Tiki Take 2 will be coming soon (it kind of has to be soon, as I'm heading out to the west coast for the last week of June). And you can't go to tiki night without me, 'cause who else will do the completely humiliating utterly adorable Tiki Dance TM??
Ok, enough. Must...do...homework.
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TIKI! tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki

that's my tiki song. it has a dance. I will do the tiki dance later.

so excited!!!!!! wheeeeeee. *heart* tiki.
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All of my little heart's desires have now come true. For there is nothing better than a tiki bar. It's on Lansdowne St., but no matter, it's Tiki!
Alright, Saturday night, scorpion bowls (or at least just one, I don't need to spend an entire night there but a little bit would make me soo happy). Who's with me?
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tiki bar!!!! tiki bar!!!!! so excited!

ahem. so after being obnoxious and gloating about not getting the cold that's going around... i've got it. curses! i shake my tiny fist.


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