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wildflowersoul ([personal profile] wildflowersoul) wrote2015-12-25 09:57 am
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It's 9:45 and every present in the house has been unwrapped, including those that required long skype sessions with the grandparents for unwrapping. West was up at 5:30, which isn't that bad because that's exactly when he usually wakes up. This was super successful Christmas season. I pulled off a hail mary gingerbread man cookie baking session last night so we could put out cookies for Santa. Took West to the mall Santa last weekend at the last minute. He told Santa he wanted the Gold Power Ranger, which was totally different from what he'd been saying all month (he'd been all about getting a Transformer before this). So I did a last minute Amazon power ranger purchase, and it was so worth it because he was so excited. He's been pretty charming and excited about everything all morning. We watched Muppets Christmas Carol a couple of nights ago and he actually liked it. I'm pretty pleased that it's been a totally whimsical and fun Christmas season. Now I need a five hour nap.

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