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Argh, MBTA! "Express train right behind this [egregiously late] one" does not equal "local train coming in 10 minutes." OMG, massive train fail this morning.

Salem in October is so awesome, I'm loving it. One sad thing, though- the local independent book store is closing on Nov. 1. It's a bummer to not have a bookstore in easy walking distance, but to be honest, their selection was kind of crap and they never had anything I was looking for or browsing for. My Borders coupons unfortunately made Borders a wiser choice for my wallet, and the Kindle solves both money and travel problems so handily. Still, it's too bad to see a local business go under, I can't imagine they'll find a buyer this week, and I can't see another book store coming into downtown Salem any time soon (or ever).

Baby West continues to be adorable. He peed on his face this morning and had managed to pee through his clothes by the time we got to daycare. So much pee! I had a hard time getting his huge noggin through the head hole in his shirt this morning, so I think tonight it's time to get serious about digging out some 6 month-sized clothes and laundering them. The kid has a ginormous head. If anyone is curious, the formula situation at daycare appears to be working well. I pump once a day at lunch time and send him with one bottle a day of the good stuff. He seems to be growing just fine, so I am totally over the anti-formula mindset (I swear, some people react like you're giving your baby crack if you use formula). Edited to add: And it looks like we'll be taking a baby sign language class in Salem in February!

Finally, I am totally loving Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, and 30Rock this season. Supernatural continues to be rather lukewarm (though they appear to have finally received a music budget again- yay for The Gambler!). The Office is not as meh as last season (Timothy Olyphant guest appearance!!).
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