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Hey kids, [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent has some wedding pics up on his LJ, and [livejournal.com profile] komos has one up, if you're interested in seeing a record of the shindig.

As a side note, Drew has managed to turn Sam's Pizza, a Lewiston, Maine chain of mediocre pizza and sub restuarants into the most hilarious thing I've ever heard. Even funnier than taking out the trash.

So yesterday I spent my day in a seminar at Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, where I was comforted by the knowledge that I already knew pretty much everything there is to know about doing legal research in MA. Tonight, there will be dinner, cleaning our place, and packing. I'm planning on taking a few hours off tomorrow morning before heading into work to finish packing/getting the bunnies set up for their sitters/getting keys to people who need 'em. But things are pretty much set, and soon we will be on our way to England for our canal cruise!! And pasties! I am obsessed with pasties.
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Wowza. We're married! Before I write a whole bunch, I just have to get schmoopy for a second, bear with me. I used to be so staunchly anti-marriage (archaic institution, don't need a piece of paper to prove my love, nobody ties Jenny down, blah blah blah), and didn't think this wedding thing would be a big deal, but sharing a day with our family and friends that was dedicated to our love was so emotionally powerful. I get the whole wedding thing now. It is just so wonderful to have a big party and see almost all of the people you love gathered in one place. /end sap.

Friday was pretty stressful, as people who were coming to town then had a myriad of issues with the lovely Maine Turnpike, which continued to suck ass after it hassled us on Thursday. The tent company messed up an electrical wire for the septic system, leading to a wonderful septic tank crisis. But the rehearsal dinner went fabulously well.

The event went off almost without hitches, and those that happened were minor and/or funny. My bridesmaids ([livejournal.com profile] tenillypo, [livejournal.com profile] doplar, [livejournal.com profile] incandes_flower and [livejournal.com profile] mrs_muffin) deserve huge props for saving me from the giant spider that was crawling up my dress when I was walking down the aisle. Not to mention huge props for everything else they did all weekend, from calming me down to lacing up my dress. The guys ([livejournal.com profile] komos, [livejournal.com profile] jawalter, [livejournal.com profile] cosmicserpent, and OT, who may have an LJ of which I'm unaware) did an awesome job doing their groomsmenly stuff as well. There were toasts that almost made me cry, there was dancing, there were cupcakes, and there was an after party that was so much fun I was sad to leave, but by 1 am, I was too exhausted to continue. [livejournal.com profile] spacedthekeys did a fantastic job dj-ing. There was special beer thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bushidokelt, [livejournal.com profile] komos and Josh. Honestly, I was so overwhelmed with feeling so much love and happiness, I couldn't have asked for a better time. I know there are lots of folks I'm not naming by LJ names, too, you are all wonderful and fantastic too!

The Ware Street Inn was super cute, and they made us heart-shaped blueberry pancakes this morning. I suppose since we had such a hellish time getting up to Maine, it had to be bookended by a hellish time coming back. The trip back was almost good, if a little long, but when were about a mile away from home, we were side-swiped by some jerk who wasn't paying attention to the road because of his kids in the backseat. I went to pick up an accident report form from the Somerville police and the police guy I talked to was so mean to me that he made me cry. So now I have to get the report filled out, get several copies of it, and deal with Thrifty in the morning when I return the car, who I fully expect to hassle me to no end about this. I haven't been in a car accident since high school, and I get in one the day after our wedding. Dumb luck.
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It's 5:30 AM, and I can't sleep. Argh. I'm anticipating a crash around 2:00, which will hopefully give me about an hour for a nap. This is lame. Oh, and last night's drive up here? Hell. We left at 6:00, got to my dad's around 11:30. The traffic getting out of the metro Boston was bad, as I expected. But then we got to the Maine Turnpike, and lo, there was "an incident" and they closed a portion of it off, routing all the traffic off onto Route 1 (Route 1 in Maine is a 1 lane road, sometimes 2 for a few miles, that meanders through coastal Maine towns, complete with traffic lights of various kinds). We got onto Route 1 around York, got back onto the Turnpike at Saco, and spent the time on Route 1 experiencing tortures of traffic that I imagine are only known to those who live around LA. So not cool.

Never fear, though, the Turnpike is open now and not going to be that bad for you folks. That was a special welcome to Maine kick in the pants for us. here is the story about why it was closed off. Apparantly it involved a highspeed chase, guns, and, um, death.

So now I am killing time and trying to make myself sleepy so that I'm not a zombie later, but I imagine tonight I'll be heading straight to bed when we get back from dinner. For anyone who still needs directions ([livejournal.com profile] tenillypo in particular) I'll give you a call around 11-ish, if that's cool.


May. 31st, 2005 05:45 pm
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Yikes. So we've been planning on walking "down the aisle" to the String Quartet Tribute to Nirvana version of All Apologies. Only it turns out we can't find a frickin' mp3 of it on the 'net at all. However, we don't have any file sharing programs, so we're wondering if any of you kind folks out there have a file sharing program you could use to see if you can find this song for us. We'd be forever grateful! Here's a link to the album on Amazon so you can see the info about it: click. Of course, since we're leaving on Thursday it's also way too late for us to buy it on Amazon.

Also, of course, turns out my dress definitely was not bustle-ified. I just pulled the stressed out bride routine (aka Bridezilla Cries), and they should get it done for me by 5:00 Thursday, so I can grab it on my way out of town. 'Course, it'll cost me extra. Gah!!!!!
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The new Sleater-Kinney record is so good! Drew picked it up for us last night. I like the Sonic Youth-esque jamminess, which is apropos because S-K and the Youth are the only bands that I've loved since high school who are still putting out great music. The abstractness of the lyrics will take a little getting used to, though, I'm not sure how I feel about "The Fox."

Ok, so a question for [livejournal.com profile] mrs_muffin and [livejournal.com profile] kayranord (and anyone else, too, but you two are the only people I know who had Maggies): I asked the seamstress who hemmed my dress to add whatever is needed to bustle the train up. I tried the dress on last night, and lo, it appears there's nothing for bustling. There is one loop on the inside of the train, but I think that's more for hanging up the train so it doesn't drag in the closet. So, um, what should I be looking for? When I call the seamstress to complain, I want to know what it is she was supposed to have done so I can explain better than saying "the hooky things for the bustle." As an aside: AARRRRRGGGH. I paid $155 and she didn't even do something I specifically asked her to, after taking at least a week longer to get it done than she originally promised? WTF, I am not some wide-eyed little girl wanting to be a pretty princess, I am an adult, and I want the damn job done right. *ahem* I'm glad I actually checked it out now, instead of waiting to bring it up to Maine.
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So, it's really easy to get married in Maine, I guess. I was expecting to have to show some sort of proof of identification, a passport, social security card, or something. But we just signed the papers for the license and that was that. When we got back in the car, the radio was playing my favorite Arcade Fire song. Then it played I Wanna Be Yr Joey Ramone by Sleater-Kinney. It was a beautiful moment. XM Satellite radio now rocks my world.

We stopped at the den for lunch, the lady whose daughter I used to work with remembered me and gave me a hug. It's nice to be remembered. I tried to stop by the libes to say hi to Brenda, but she wasn't there. So we mosied up to Monmouth, filled out our papers, and after about 10 minutes were on our way. We wound our through the back roads to Freeport (which is actually faster than the highway anyway), and shopped. I found a dress for the rehearsal, Drew found a bunch of clothes and shoes. I stil haven't found shoes. Now that the Parade of Shoes in Downtown Crossing closed, I am at a loss. Anyone know of a Parade in the area that's open? We then went down to Portland for a leisurely dinner and walked around a bit. It ended up taking so long to get back here, though, that we called it a night when we got in.

I've already done my grocery shopping this morning. Yes, already. It's actually quite pleasant to do so at 7:30 in the morning, despite being bleary-eyed and unshowered.

PS- Neil Hamburger is tonight!!! It will be awesome. I take no responsibility for anyone's enjoyment of it, though. Be warned: he is so unfunny that he is hilarious. But consider yourself warned.
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More for my reference than because I think it'll interest any of you: crap I have to do in the next month )

So aside from Friday night's little "adventure," this weekend was great. Sat. night we trekked to Brookline for [livejournal.com profile] gatz's birthday. Yesterday I had a really long girls' brunch. It's been way to long since I've seen those folks, must be social with them more often. Oh, and the new Family Guy episode totally rocked. I'm very unsure about American Dad, it just doesn't quite hit my funnybone the right way.
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This wedding planning thing is kind of fun, I get things done and feel all accomplished. Justice of the Peace has been contacted. I thought we could avoid going all the way up to Monmouth when we go sometime in May to get our license, but we have to go meet with the JP then, too. Her standard ceremony is 10 minutes. Sweeeet. I've made appointments for all my ladies to get their hair prettified. Things are just falling into place!

Oh, and this little news item is lovely:

Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum introduced legislation that would prohibit the National Weather Service from providing information or services that compete with private sector companies. Private weather businesses are upset about the free or low-cost "specialized data and forecasts" that the agency offers the public.

I didn't realize the frickin weather was a big-business interest now!
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Big sigh of relaxation.

I feel like I didn't really have a weekend, but I did, and it was busy. )
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Awesome, I am so taking care of business. Found out that we can pick up our marriage license anywhere in Maine, and the JP can mail it back to them when the wedding is done. This is good, because we need to take a day off to hit Freeport for shoes, and can just pick up the license then. I also called to reserve our sound equipment, and it's cheaper than I expected. It's $75/day, but I think we'll have to pick it up on Friday and probably have my dad return it on Monday. Still, that's not too bank-breaking.

Yay! I'm getting psyched for my upcoming trip to L-town this weekend, too. I believe there will some 'RBC visiting in my future...
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So, do I trust the little old Italian woman down the street with altering my wedding dress, for the sake of easiness and less hassle, or should I truck my dress over to Brunhilda? Bridesmaids (and others), I need advice! The little old lady has probably been seamstressing for years, but then again, my luck with little old Italian folks as of late hasn't been too stellar.
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Our wedding invitations arrived today. It's very surreal to see one's name on a wedding invitation. Especially when one was the president and founder of the "No Marriage Club," and used to rail against the institution of marriage.

My weekend went down as [livejournal.com profile] eye_abstains describes it, except instead of geeking to computer games yesterday I was running errands, reading the stack of Cook's Illustrateds that [livejournal.com profile] aquarianna6 lent me, and baking cookies. I'm also reading The Blind Assassin, but it's not nearly as good as the last 2 Atwood books I've read. Oh, I'm also reading Word Freak, about competitive Scrabble players, and it's good, but also not completely engrossing. Of course, I'm also in the middle of a handful of history books that I've been distracted away from.

I did our taxes this weekend, and am very pleased to see that I can expect large sums of money shortly. Yay for large sums of money!
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Oh yeah- we ordered our invitations yesterday. Yay!
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I'm back. With Big News. So for those of you who don't read Drew's journal, just go
here, as he wrote it up better than I could.

I'll give you a hint, though: I've got a new ring on my finger with which to fiddle.


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